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Medicial Mistakes?
How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
from 46,000 to 78,000
from 78,000 to 132,000
from 132,000 to 210,000
from 210,000 to 440,000

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       T cells
       T.L. Cleave
       T3/T4 supplementation
       Tachi Yamada
       Taenia solium
       tai chi
       tail-bone pain
       tailbone pain
       talking therapies
       tampon safety
       Tanacetum parthenium
       TAP Pharmaceutical Products
       tap water
       tapping therapy
       tardive dyskinesia
       targeted patients
       targeted radiation
       taste loss
       tea tree
       tea tree oil
       tea-tree mouth rinse
       tea-tree oil
       teabag compress
       teaching hospitals
       teenage suicide
       teeth whitening
       tegaserod maleate
       telephone triage
       television viewing
       temporal ateritis
       temporal lobe epilepsy
       temporary weight loss
       temporary/permanent stomas
       temporomandibular joint
       temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome
       temporomandibular joints
       temporomanibular joint syndrome
       tender joints
       tension headache
       tension headaches
       Teresa Hale
       terminal breast cancer
       terminal cancer patients
       terminal diseases
       terminal illness
       testicular cancer
       testicular cysts
       testosterone inhibitor
       testosterone patch
       testosterone replacement therapy
       tetanus jab
       tetanus shot
       tetanus vaccine
       Texas Medication Algorithm Project
       The Alliance For Natural Health
       The Amish
       The Art of Seeing
       The Arthritis Manual
       The Asthma Manual
       The Cancer File
       The Field
       The Fragrant Pharmacy
       The Gel
       the hygiene hypothesis
       The Independent newspaper
       The Medicines Compendium
       The Mind of Your Newborn Baby
       The Nutrition Solution
       the Pill
       The Saccharin e Disease
       The Secrets of Longevity
       The Sunday Times newspaper
       The WDDTY Cancer Handbook
       The Women’s Environmental Network
       therapeutic doses
       therapeutic touch
       Theratronics Laboratory
       thermal imaging
       thiazide diuretics
       thinking positive
       Thinning eyebrows
       Thomas Cleave
       Thomas Edison
       Thomas Lumley
       thoracic outlet syndrome
       Thought Field Therapy
       throat swabs
       thrombolytic drugs
       Thrombosis Research Institute
       thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
       thunder god vine
       thymus extract
       thymus gland
       thyroid cancer
       thyroid deficiency
       thyroid disorder
       thyroid disorders
       thyroid dysfunction
       thyroid extracts
       thyroid function
       thyroid hormones
       thyroid problems
       thyroid remedies
       thyroid stimulating hormone
       thyroid tablets
       thyroid treatment
       thyroid treatments
       Thyroid UK
       thyrotrophin-releasing hormone
       thyroxine sodium
       Tibetan medicine
       tic-related disorders
       tick bites
       tick removal
       tienchi or sanchi ginseng
       Tiger Balm
       tight foreskin
       timber-frame windows
       tinea cruris
       tinnitus retraining therapy
       Tints of Nature
       tissue adhesives
       tissue debris
       tissue healing
       tissue sampling
       tissue transplantation
       tissue type plasminogen activator
       tissue-core biopsy
       Titanium implants
       titanium tooth implants
       tobacco company ethics
       tobacco industry
       tobacco industry advertising
       tobacco industry lawsuits
       tocolytic drugs
       tomato juice
       tomato sauce
       tongue sensation
       tongue ulcers
       Tony Matthews
       Tooth abscess
       tooth damage
       tooth decay
       tooth erosion
       tooth extraction
       tooth fillings
       tooth loss
       tooth meridians
       tooth whitening
       Toothpaste whiteners
       TOPAS test
       topical corticosteroids
       topical lotions
       topical NSAIDs
       topical steroids
       topical treatment
       topical treatments
       Torn ligaments
       torn muscle
       torsades de pointes
       total hip replacements
       Tourette syndrome
       Tourette's syndrome
       Tourette’s syndrome
       towel wraps
       toxic chemicals
       toxic drugs
       toxic emotions
       toxic epidermal necrolysis
       toxic ingredients
       toxic metals
       toxic nerve agents
       toxic overload
       toxic reactions
       toxic shock syndrome
       toxic side-effects
       toxic toiletries
       toxin-free cosmetics
       trace elements
       trace minerals
       trading standards
       Tradition Folk Medicine
       traditional medicines
       Traditional Chinese Medicine
       traditional cooking fats
       traditional fats
       Traditional Herbal Directive
       Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive
       traditional Indian medicine
       traditional medicine
       traditional remedies
       traditional shoyu
       traffic exhaust
       tranexamic acid
       tranquilliser side-effects
       trans fats
       trans fatty acids
       Transcendental Meditation
       transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
       transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation
       transdermal oestrogen
       transdermal progesterone
       Transfer Factor Plus
       Transfer Factor ReCall
       transfusion transmitted virus
       transient ischaemic attacks
       transmitting antennae
       transmitting focus
       transmyocardial laser revascularisation
       Transparency International
       transplant survival
       transplant tissue
       transrectal ultrasound
       transrectal ultrasound scan
       transurethral prostatectomy
       transurethral resection
       traumatic births
       travel anxiety
       travel vaccines
       traveller's vaccines
       traveller’s amnesia
       treastment-related deaths
       treatment approaches
       treatment complications
       treatment delay
       treatment efficacy
       treatment mistakes
       treatment options
       treatment-related conditions
       treatment-related deaths
       treatment-related disease
       treatment-related diseases
       treatment-related disorders
       treatment-related side-effects
       trial design flaws
       trial funding
       trial participation
       tricyclic antidepressants
       tricyclic drugs
       trigeminal neuralgia
       Trigger finger
       trigger-point acupuncture
       Triphala extract
       triple jab
       triple test
       triple therapy
       trivial harm
       tropical oils
       troubled family life
       Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd
       tubal ligation
       tubal pregnancy
       tuberculosis testing
       tumour flares
       tumour necrosis factor
       tumour promoters
       tumour/cancer tissue
       turmeric powder
       TV sets
       twiddler’s syndrome
       twisted neck
       type 1 diabetes
       type 2 diabetes
       type A/B
       type C patient
       type I diabetes
       type II diabetes
       type of birth
       typhoid fever

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