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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       S-adenosyl methionine
       saccharine disease
       Saccharomyces boulardii
       sacral nerve
       sacral occipital technique
       sacro occipital technique
       Saddam Hussein's regime
       safe journalism
       safe upper limits
       safest cars
       safety alert
       safety belt injuries
       safety incident
       safety incidents
       safety levels
       safety limits
       safety records
       safety review
       safety seats
       safety warning
       safety warnings
       safflower oil
       salicylate-containing foods
       salicylic acid
       saline eye wash
       saline solution
       saliva pH
       saliva testing
       salivary stones
       Sally Clark
       Salmeterol Multicenter Asthma Research Trial
       salmeterol xinafoate
       salt intake
       Salvadora persica
       Salvia miltiorrhiza
       Sam Razali
       Sarakan toothpaste
       satellite dish
       saturated fats
       Saturday afternoon
       saw palmetto
       scanning laser ophthalmoscope
       scar rupture
       Scar tissue
       scarlet fever
       scarred children
       school days lost
       science reporting
       scientific fraud squad
       scientific studies
       scientific trial misconduct
       scientific validity
       scientific/medical publishing
       scooter injuries
       scopolamine hydrobromide
       screening studies
       screening tests
       scrotal pain
       scrotum support underwear
       seasonal affective disorder
       seat belt injuries
       seat belts
       sebaceous cysts
       seborrhoeic dermatitis
       Sebulex shampoo
       second opinions
       second pregnancy
       second-line treatment
       secondary growths
       secretory IgA
       secretory proteins
       Secrets of the Drug Industry
       Securidaca root
       sedative hypnotic
       seed germination
       seed oil
       seizure control
       selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
       selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors
       selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors
       selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
       selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
       selective serotonin uptake inhibitors
       selective serotonin-receptor agonist
       selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors
       selenium deficiency
       selenium sulphide
       self examination
       self-healing cancer
       self-help programmes
       self-help therapies
       self-hypnosis tapes
       selling techniques
       semen exposure
       senile dementia
       senior citizens
       senior citizens patient groups
       senior house officers
       sensations in the womb
       sensitive equipment
       sensitive people
       sensitivity reaction
       sensorineural deafness
       sensory loss
       septicaemic meningitis
       serious drug reactions
       serotonin inhibitors
       serotonin syndrome
       serum screening
       sesame oil
       severe acute respiratory syndrome
       severe headache
       sewing machines
       sex hormones
       sexual dysfunction
       sexual function
       sexually transmitted disease
       shaken babies
       shaken baby syndrome
       shallow cuts
       shared work
       shark cartilage
       shark liver oil
       shedding skin
       sheep dip
       shelf life
       Sherill Sellman
       shiitake mushroom extract
       shock wave lithotripsy
       short sightedness
       short-leg syndrome
       short-term drug trials
       short-term memory
       shortened tendons
       shortness of breath
       SHOT report
       SI units
       side effcts
       side effects
       side effects Down's syndrome
       side effrects
       Sidney Bush
       Sigma Tau
       signs and symptoms
       silicone breast implants
       silicone gel sheets
       silicone implants
       silicone sheets
       silver sulphadiazine
       silver-nitrate cautery
       simian immunodeficiency virus
       simian virus 40
       singing teachers
       single jabs
       single-photon absorptiometry
       Sitz baths
       Sjogren's syndrome
       skeletal changes
       skeletal development
       skeletal disorders
       skeletal fluorosis
       skiing goggles
       skin atrophy
       skin blisters
       skin cancer
       skin cancer prevention
       skin cancer risk
       skin changes
       skin conditions
       skin cream
       skin creams
       skin damage
       skin diseases
       skin disorder
       skin disorders
       skin eruptions
       skin growths
       skin infections
       skin irritation
       skin necrosis
       skin prick testing
       skin problems
       skin rash
       skin rashes
       skin reactions
       skin stretching
       skin tumour
       skin type
       skin ulcers
       skin-prick test
       skull x-rays
       slapped cheek disease
       sleep abnormalities
       sleep aids
       sleep deprivation
       sleep disordered breathing
       sleep disorders
       sleep disturbance
       sleep disturbances
       sleep patterns
       sleep/wake research
       sleeping difficulties
       sleeping pills
       slimming aid
       slimming aids
       slimming diets
       slimming drug
       slimming drugs
       slimming pills
       slipped disc
       slipped discs
       slippery elm
       slippery elm pill
       slow-acting antirheumatic drugs
       slow-acting disease
       SLS-free toothpaste
       SMA Gold
       SMA Nutrition
       small-for-dates babies
       smallpox vaccine
       smallpox vaccine side effects
       smart drugs
       smear campaign
       SmithKline Beecham
       smoking cessation
       smooth muscle cells
       snack foods
       snake oil
       soap irritation
       social interactions
       social networks
       social phobia
       social problems
       social services
       social supports
       Society for Companion Animal Studies
       socioeconomic factors
       sodium ascorbate
       sodium bicarbonate
       sodium cromoglycate
       sodium hypochlorite
       sodium intake
       sodium lauryl sulphate
       sodium nitrite
       sodium valproate
       soft drinks
       Soil Association survey
       soil organisms
       soil remineralisation
       Solae Company
       solar keratoses
       solar keratosis
       solar radiation
       Solgar’s Herbal Female tablets
       solid feeding
       solid tumours
       sorbitan trioleate
       Sorbus acuparia
       sore breasts
       sore throat
       sore throat treatments
       sore throats
       sound therapy
       South Vietnamese delicacy
       Sovereign Silver
       soy isoflavones
       soy milk
       soy oil
       soy products
       soy protein
       soy protein isolate
       soy supplements
       soy-based products
       soya bean breast implants
       soya health risks
       soya lecithin
       soya milk
       soya products
       soybean products
       spa baths
       spagyric formulation
       Spanish flu
       spasmodic torticollis
       special education
       special-needs school
       specialist counselling
       specialist units
       speech development
       speech disorders
       speech impediment
       speech therapy
       sperm count
       sperm counts
       sperm injection
       sperm quality
       spermatid injection
       spider veins
       spina bifida
       spinal adjustment
       spinal anaesthesia
       spinal bifida
       spinal curvature
       spinal fixation
       spinal fusion
       spinal injuries
       spinal injury
       spinal manipulation
       spinal surgery
       spinal tap
       spine alignment
       spiritual crisis
       spiritual healing
       spiritual leaders
       spiritual values
       Spleen 6
       spleen removal
       spongiform encephalopathy
       spontaneous abortion
       spontaneous remission
       spontaneous remission of disease
       sports injuries
       sports-drinks industry-sponsored trials
       sports-related deaths
       sports-related injuries
       squamous cell carcinoma
       SSRI antidepressants
       St John's wort
       St John’s wort
       staff shortages
       stainless steel
       standard headset
       standard treatment
       standardised dosages
       standards of care
       Staph aureus
       Staphylococcus aureus
       staple surgery
       star-rating scheme
       starch poultice
       starflower oil
       statin drugs
       statins in water supply
       statistical data
       statistical manipulation
       steam inhalation
       stem cell research
       stem cells
       sterile environments
       steroid combination
       steroid injections
       steroid safety
       steroid treatment
       Steve Connor report
       Stevens-Johnson syndrome
       stiff joints
       stimulant abuse
       stinging nettle
       stock cube
       stomach acid
       stomach acids
       stomach bleeding
       stomach bug
       stomach cancer
       stomach disorders
       stomach drugs
       stomach pain
       stomach ulcers
       Stone Age diet
       stone removal
       stopping smoking
       straightening teeth
       Strategic Health Authorities
       strenuous exercise
       streptococcal infections
       streptococcal infections
       Streptococcus mutans
       Streptococcus pneumoniae
       stress hormones
       stress management
       stress relief
       stress risk
       stress-related illness
       stress-vulnerable groups
       stress/urge incontinence
       stroke prevention
       stroke risk
       structural integrationist
       study design
       study funding
       study variables
       subarachnoid haemorrhage
       subatomic particles
       subjective criteria
       success rate
       success rates
       sudden death
       sudden death syndrome
       sudden infant death
       sudden infant death syndrom
       sudden infant death syndrome
       sudden infant deaths
       sudden unexplained deaths
       sugar consumption
       sugar pastes
       sugar products
       sugar substitutes
       sugar-free medicines
       sugar-related disorders
       sugar-sweetened drinks
       sugary drinks
       suicidal behaviour
       suicidal feelings
       suicidal patients
       suicidal tendencies
       suicidal thoughts
       suicide attempts
       suicide deaths
       suicide rate
       suicide rates
       suicide risk
       Sulphur 6C
       sun exposure
       Sun Pharmaceuticals
       sun protection
       sun protection factor
       Sun-damaged skin
       sunburn protection
       sunlight benefits
       Sunshine Project
       sunshine starvation
       Super GLA/DHA supplements
       Superimmunity for Kids
       superoxide dismutase
       supplement manufacturers
       supplement-related symptoms
       supplemental oxygen
       supplements campaign
       support group
       support groups
       support hose
       support network
       suppressed data
       suppressed feelings
       surgery-related deaths
       surgery-related disease
       surgery-related disorders
       surgery-related infection
       surgical ablation
       surgical biopsy
       surgical choices
       surgical complications
       surgical consequences
       surgical errors
       surgical implants
       surgical implements
       surgical instruments
       surgical intervention
       surgical interventions
       surgical mistakes
       surgical nerve decompression
       surgical practices
       surgical procedure
       surgical procedures
       surgical removal
       surgical risk
       surgical risk factors
       surgical risks
       surgical skill
       surgical sutures
       surgical techniques
       surgical treatment
       surgical treatments
       surveillance programmes
       survival benefit
       survival factors
       survival rates
       swallowing difficulty
       sweat test
       sweet almond oil
       sweet consumption
       sweet sumac
       swimming pools
       swine flu
       swine flu vaccine
       swollen ankles
       swollen genitals
       swollen knee
       swollen limbs
       symmetrical lesions
       symptom relief
       symptomatic pecking order
       syndrome X
       synovial fluid
       synovial sarcoma
       synthetic dressings
       synthetic fabrics
       synthetic folic acid
       synthetic hormones
       synthetic human insulin
       synthetic mesh
       synthetic oestrogen
       synthetic retinoids
       synthetic vitamins
       SynX Bar
       systemic candidiasis
       systemic disorders
       systemic lupus
       systemic lupus erythematosus
       systemic sclerosis
       systemic-cancer treatments
       systems theory
       systolic hypertension
       Syzigium Mother Tincture

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