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Medicial Mistakes?
How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
from 46,000 to 78,000
from 78,000 to 132,000
from 132,000 to 210,000
from 210,000 to 440,000

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       P. aeruginosa
       P. D'Adamo
       p53 gene mutation
       pacemaker malfunction
       Padma 28
       paediatric AIDS
       paediatric drugs
       paediatric infections
       paediatric medicine
       Paget's disease
       Paget’s bone disease
       Paget’s disease
       Pagets disease
       pain assessment
       pain avoidance
       pain control
       pain relief
       pain responses
       pain thresholds
       painful blood vessels
       painful feet
       painful intercourse
       painful joints
       painful liver
       painful lumps
       painful orgasm
       painful periods
       painful procedures
       painkilling drugs
       Palindromic arthritis
       palliative care
       palm oil
       paludal fever
       Pan Pharmaceuticals
       Panax ginseng
       pancreas function
       pancreatic cancer
       pancreatic enzymes
       pancreatic function
       pandemic influenza
       panic agoraphobia
       panic attacks
       Pap smear
       Pap smear tests
       Pap smears
       papaya enzyme
       para amino benzoic acid
       para-amino benzoic acid
       paradoxical bronchospasm
       paradoxical effects
       paradoxical reactions
       paraffin gauze
       parasite infestation
       parasite removal
       parasitic infestation
       parasitic infestations
       parents' rights
       parents’ choice
       parents’ rights
       Parkinson's disease
       Parkinson's disease treatments
       Parkinson’s disease
       parkinsonian disease
       parotid tumour
       parsley and cornsilk tea
       Passiflora Lehning Drops
       passion flower
       Passion Radio
       passive smoking
       passive stress
       past events
       pasteurised milk
       PATCH study
       pathogen screening
       patient care
       patient compensation
       patient information
       patient monitoring
       patient monitoring system
       patient mortality rates
       patient recovery
       patient's attitude
       patient's records
       patient's rights
       patient-doctor relationship
       patient-group websites
       patients as supplicants
       patients information
       patients rights
       patients' attitude
       patients' information
       patients' records
       patients' responsibility
       patients' rights
       patients' support group
       patients' surveys
       patients’ information
       patients’ protection
       patients’ right
       patients’ rights
       Patrick Rattigan
       Paul Chek
       Paul Shattock
       Pawel Jastreboff
       peak flow monitors
       peanut butter
       peanut oil creams
       peeling skin
       pegylated interferon
       pelvic floor exercises
       pelvic floor muscles
       pelvic infections
       pelvic inflammatory disease
       pelvic irradiation
       pelvic lopsidedness
       pelvic muscles
       pelvic pain
       pelvic tilt
       penicillin resistance
       penile surgery
       penile zipper-entrapment syndrome
       penis cancer
       penis size
       pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids
       pentamidine isethionate
       pentosan polysulphate sodium
       People Against Cancer
       People Against Cancer Germany
       people’s rights
       peppermint oil
       peppermint tea
       peptic ulcer
       peptic ulcers
       perennial allergic rhinitis
       perennial daisy
       perennial rhinitis
       perfluorooctanic acid
       perforated oesophagus
       perilla seed oil
       perimenopausal symptoms
       perinatal complications
       perinatal death
       perinatal death rates
       perinatal deaths
       perinatal injuries
       perinatal mortality
       perineal lesions
       perineal tears
       perineum stretching
       period suppression
       periodontal disease
       periodontal infections
       peripheral blood circulation
       peripheral bone densitometry
       Peripheral neuropathy
       pernicious anaemia
       persistent cough
       persistent dry cough
       persistent dyspepsia
       personal liberties
       personal lubricants
       personal stereos
       personal-hygiene products
       personality disorders
       personality traits
       personality type
       pertussis and tetanus
       pertussis vaccine
       pertussis vaccinel
       Peruvian cat's claw
       pervasive refusal syndrome
       pesticide exposure
       pesticide poisoning
       pet allergies
       pet foods
       pet vaccines
       Petal Cleanse
       Petasites hybridus
       petroleum jelly
       pH of food
       pH of foods
       pH testing kits
       pharmaceutical companies
       pharmaceutical company practices
       Pharmaceutical Directive
       pharmaceutical drugs
       pharmaceutical industry
       pharmaceutical industry practices
       pharmacological alternatives
       pharyngeal trauma
       phase of life
       philosophy of medicine
       philosophy of nutrition
       phoney X-rays
       phosphate enemas
       phosphate fertilisers
       phosphatidyl serine
       phosphodiesterase-5 blocker
       photodynamic therapy
       photorefractive keratectomy
       physical abuse
       physical activity
       physical examination
       physical exercise
       physical suffering
       physical symptoms
       physical therapy
       physical/motor problems
       physician errors
       physician-patient relationship
       Physicians for Human Rights
       Physicians’ Desk Reference
       physiological effects
       phytic acid
       pig embryo cells
       pig’s blood
       pigment disorder
       pigment disorders
       pin-tract infection
       pine bark extract
       pinhole glasses
       pink eye
       Pippali Rasayana
       pituitary gland
       pituitary growth hormones
       placebo effect
       placebo-controlled clinical trials
       placental abruption
       planning applications
       planning law
       plant enzymes
       plant medicine
       plant medicines
       plant oestrogen
       plant oestrogens
       plant oils
       plant remedies
       plant sterols
       plant-based meals
       plant-derived products
       plantar fasciitis
       Plantar fascitis
       plantar warts
       plasma homocysteine
       plastic wrap
       platelet aggregation
       platelet disorders
       platelet donors
       platinum-based drugs
       pleurisy root
       Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia
       pneumonia prevention
       pneumonia vaccine
       poisonous plants
       Poisons Act 1972
       poisons survey
       polcystic ovarian syndrome
       police communications bands
       policeman’s heel
       polio outbreaks
       polio vaccine
       polio vaccines
       polyacrylic acid
       polychlorinated biphenols
       polychlorinated biphenyls
       polychlorinated dibenzofurans
       polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
       polycystic kidneys
       polycystic ovarian syndrome
       polycystic ovaries
       polycystic ovary syndrome
       Polycythemia vera
       polymer fume fever
       polymer polytetrafluoroethylene
       polymerase chain reaction test
       polymethyl methacrylate
       polymyalgia rheumatica
       polyunsaturated fats
       polyunsaturated fatty acids
       polyunsaturated vs saturated fats
       polyvinyl chloride
       pom-pom girls
       Pompholyx eczema
       poor posture
       porphyria and abnormal porphyrin enzyme testing
       PortaZone UV
       Porton Down
       positive affirmations
       positive attitude
       positive reports
       positive stress
       positive thinking
       positive thoughts
       positive-to-negative ion ratio
       post malarial neurological syndrome
       post mortem
       post polio syndrome
       post viral fatigue syndrome
       post-childbirth complications
       post-concussion syndrome
       post-herpetic neuralgia
       Post-mastectomy pain
       post-menopausal dryness
       post-polio syndrome
       post-surgical complications
       post-surgical management
       post-traumatic stress disorder
       postdural puncture headache
       posterior capsular rupture
       postmenopausal women
       postnatal care
       postnatal depression
       postnatal treatment
       postop complications
       postoperative complications
       postoperative effects
       postoperative healing
       postoperative therapy
       postoperative wound-healing
       postpartum depression
       postsurgical complications
       postsurgical recuperation
       pot-boiled coffee
       potassium depletion
       potassium in water
       potassium permanganate
       potassium-channel activator
       potassium-channel blockers
       potato peels
       powdered comfrey
       powdered ginger
       power frequency
       power lines
       power of suggestion
       power stations
       practitioners' attitudes
       praying mantis egg case
       pre-exercise routines
       pre-licensing clinical trials
       precautionary principle
       preconception care
       predictive accuracy
       preemptive strike
       pregnancy problems
       pregnancy termination
       pregnancy test
       pregnancy tests
       pregnancy weight gain
       pregnant women
       prelicensing clinical trials
       preliminary tests
       premature ageing
       premature babies
       premature birth
       premature births
       premature death
       premature deaths
       Premature liver spots
       premature puberty
       premenopausal women
       premenstrual dysphoric disorder
       premenstrual symptoms
       premenstrual syndrome
       premenstrual tension
       prenatal care
       prenatal exposure
       prenatal perineal massage
       prenatal pollution
       prenatal screening
       prenatal serum screening
       prenatal testing
       prenatal tests
       preoperative fasting
       preparing for hospital admission
       preputial adhesions
       prescribing cascade
       prescribing errors
       prescription drugs
       prescription medicines
       presenilin inhibitors
       President George W. Bush
       preterm babies
       preterm birth
       preterm births
       preterm delivery
       preterm labour
       preventable deaths
       preventative drugs
       preventative medicine
       preventing reinfection
       preventive medicine
       prickly heat
       prima una de gato
       primary care physicians
       primary care trusts
       primary open-angle glaucoma
       primary pulmonary hypertension
       Prisma lenses
       problem children
       procedure for prolapse and haemorrhoids
       procedure-related deaths
       procedure-related disability
       procedure-related disease
       procedure-related disorders
       processed carbohydrates
       processed food
       processed foods
       processed meat
       processed milk
       processed sugar
       processed sugars
       proctalgia fugax
       product claims
       product promotions
       product quality
       product recalls
       product safety
       product testing
       product-related deaths
       profession attitudes
       Professor Bruno Muller-Oerlinghausen
       Professor Gerry Trotter
       Professor Greg Atkins
       Professor Raman Bedi
       Professor Ranjit Chandra
       profit motive
       progesterone cream
       progesterone therapy
       progestogen-only pills
       progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy
       prohibited use
       prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disc
       Prolapsed uterus
       prolapsed womb
       proof of safety
       prophylactic drugs
       propylene glycol
       prostaglandin analogues
       prostaglandin injection
       prostate biopsy
       prostate cancer
       Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial
       prostate cancer risk
       prostate cancer screening
       prostate cancer treatments
       prostate disease
       prostate disorders
       prostate problems
       prostate removal
       prostate specific antigen
       prostate-specific antigen
       prostate-specific antigens
       prostatic pain
       prostatr cancer risk
       prosthetic disc
       protease inhibitors
       protective benefits
       protective claims
       protective effects
       protein restriction
       protein type
       protein types
       proteins and starches
       proteolytic enzymes
       protest march
       proton pump inhibitors
       proton-pump inhibitors
       provocation/neutralisation test
       PSA levels
       PSA screening
       PSA test
       PSA testing
       pseudobulbar affect
       pseudobulbar palsy
       pseudotumour cerebri
       psoralen plus ultraviolet A
       Psoriasis therapy
       psoriasis treatment
       psoriasis treatments
       psychiatric diagnosis
       psychiatric disorders
       psychiatric events
       psychiatric illness
       psychiatric labelling
       psychiatric patients
       psychiatric treatment
       psychoemotional conflict
       psychoemotional disorders
       psychological disorder
       psychological disorders
       psychological stress factors
       psychological symptoms
       psychological trauma
       psychosocial problems
       psychosomatic disorders
       psychotropic drugs
       pteroylmonoglutamic acid
       Public Citizen
       Public Citizen's Health Research Group
       public demonstrations
       public fear
       public funding
       public health
       public health and safety
       Public Health Laboratory Service
       public health warning
       public health warnings
       public information
       public misinformation
       public protest
       public protest movement
       public safety
       public scaremongering
       public transport
       public warnings
       pulmonary artery catheter
       pulmonary disease
       pulmonary embolism
       pulmonary oedema
       pulmonary-artery catheters
       pulse oximeter
       pulsed dye laser treatment
       pulsed radiowaves
       puncture wounds
       pustular psoriasis
       PVC windows
       pylori bug
       pyloric stenosis
       pyogenic granuloma
       pyogenic meningitis
       pyridoxal 5''-phosphate
       pyrrolizidine alkaloids

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