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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       ma huang
       macrobiotic diet
       macronutrient ratio
       macular degeneration
       macular oedema
       mad cow disease
       magic bullet
       magic bullets
       magnesium deficiency
       magnesium succinate
       magnesium sulfate
       magnesium sulphate
       magnesium supplements
       magnet therapy
       magnetic beads
       magnetic clay baths
       magnetic field
       magnetic field supplementation device
       magnetic field therapy
       magnetic fields
       magnetic radiation
       magnetic resonance angiography
       magnetic resonance imaging
       magnetic therapy
       Magpie Trial
       Mahonia aquifolium
       main killers
       Maitake D-fraction
       makeup products
       malabar tamarind
       male fertility
       male hormones
       male impotence
       male infertility
       male menopause
       male pattern baldness
       male sterilisation
       male-pattern baldness
       malignant melanoma
       malignant tumours
       Malmo Diet and Cancer Study
       malnourished children
       malpractice lawsuits
       mandarin oil
       manic attacks
       manipulative therapy
       manufacturing licence
       manuka honey
       MAO inhibitors
       marathon runners
       Marc Grossman
       marketing claims
       marketing practices
       Martin Goldstein
       Mary Enig
       masked allergy
       massage therapy
       massaging lumps
       mastectomy laws
       maternal age
       maternal deaths
       maternal depression
       maternity units
       Matthias Rath
       mauve factor
       Mayo Clinic
       McTimoney chiropractic
       McTimoney chiropractor
       me-too drugs
       measles vaccine
       measles virus
       measles-mumps-rubella vaccination
       measles-mumps-rubella vaccine
       meat extenders
       meat fat
       meat vs vegetables
       media bias
       media coverage
       media hype
       media tricks
       medical accidents
       Medical Act of 1983
       medical advice
       medical assumptions
       medical beliefs
       medical breakthrough
       medical compensation
       medical competence
       medical competency
       medical competency evaluations
       medical competency monitoring
       medical consequences
       medical education
       medical equipment
       medical errors
       medical ethics
       medical examinations
       medical fads
       medical fascism
       medical financial perks
       medical fraud
       medical guidelines
       medical hierarchy
       medical incompetence
       medical information
       medical insurance
       medical interventions
       medical jargon
       medical journals
       medical lawsuits
       medical legislation
       medical licensing
       medical lies
       medical litigation
       medical malpractice
       medical marketing
       medical mindset
       medical misconduct
       medical misdiagnosis
       medical misrepresentation
       medical mistakes
       medical misuse
       medical myths
       medical negligence
       medical notes
       medical overkill
       medical practices
       medical records
       Medical Research Council
       medical scares
       medical screening
       medical standards
       medical statistics
       medical student training
       medical studies
       medical terminology
       medical test
       medical tests
       medical training
       medical trials
       medical value
       medical x-rays
       Medicare patients
       medicated creams/ointments
       medication error
       medicinal fungi
       medicine as religion
       Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
       Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
       Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority
       medicines control
       Medicines Control Agency
       medicines controls
       Medicines Evaluation Agency
       medicines licence
       medicines profitability
       medicines safety
       medicolegal issues
       Mediterranean diet
       medium-firm mattress
       melanocortin agonists
       Melastoma malabatricum
       melatonin deficiency
       melatonin supplements
       memory boosters
       memory loss
       memory of water
       Meniere's disease
       Meniere's syndrome
       Meniere’s disease
       meningitis jabs
       meningitis vaccine
       meningitis virus
       meningococcal septicaemia
       menopausal symptoms
       menopausal women
       menopause symptoms
       menstrual cramping
       menstrual cycle
       menstrual cycles
       menstrual disorders
       menstrual problems
       mental activity
       mental alertness
       mental attitude
       mental clarity
       mental disoders
       mental disorder
       mental disorders
       mental function
       Mental Health
       Mental Health Act of 1983
       Mental Health Bill
       Mental Health laws
       mental health legislation
       mental health problems
       mental health screening
       mental health services
       mental healthcare
       mental illness
       mental perceptions
       mental problems
       mental retardation
       mental-health questionnaire
       mental/cognitive functioning
       mentally handicapped
       mercury detox
       mercury fillings
       mercury poisoning
       mercury sensitivity
       mercury toxicity
       Mercury-Free Dentistry
       mercury-free practitioners
       mercury-free vaccines
       Mercy Cream
       meridian pathways
       meridian points
       mesh surgery
       meta analysis
       metabolic changes
       metabolic defects
       metabolic diet
       metabolic disorders
       metabolic disturbance
       metabolic effects
       metabolic rehabilitation
       metabolic therapy
       metabolic typing
       metabolically tailored diet
       metal toxicity
       metal allergies
       metal allergy
       metal hazard
       metal in the mouth
       metal sensitivity
       metal toxicity
       metastatic lymph node cancer
       methanol poisoning
       methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
       Methyl Sulphonyl Methane
       methylene diphosphonate
       MGN3 supplements
       Michael Baum
       Michel Montignac
       Mickey Finn
       Micro Immune Therapy
       microbial enemies
       microcurrent electrical therapy
       microwave cooking
       microwave detectors
       microwave ovens
       microwave transmitter
       middle ear effusion
       migraine drugs
       migraine headache
       migraine headaches
       mild cognitive impairment
       mild depression
       mild salsa
       milk consumption
       milk intolerance
       milk proteins
       milk sugar
       milk thistle
       Million Women Study
       mind over matter
       mind technologies
       mind-altering drugs
       mind-body connection
       mind-body interaction
       mindfulness meditation
       mineral deficiencies
       mineral deficiency
       mineral imbalance
       mineral ratios
       mineral supplementation
       mineral supplements
       mineral uptake
       mineral waters
       mineral-deficient soils
       minor burns
       miracle cures
       misaligned joints
       missile attack
       mitral-valve prolapse
       mixed type
       MMR jab
       MMR vaccination
       MMR vaccine
       MMR vaccines
       mobile phone masts
       mobile phone rash
       mobile phones
       mobile-phone companies
       mobile-phone masts
       mobile-phone-mast emissions
       mobilisation techniques
       mobility problems
       modern farming methods
       modern technology
       modern-day priests
       mole removal
       molecular communication
       molluscom contagiosum
       Momordica charantia
       monkey experiments
       monoamine oxidase inhibitor
       monoamine oxidase inhibitors
       monoamine-oxidase inhibitors
       monoclonal antibody
       monolayer cytology
       monosodium glutamate
       monounsaturated fats
       monounsaturated fatty acids
       Montignac approach
       Montignac diet
       Montignac website
       mood disorders
       mood stabilisers
       mood swings
       moon face
       moorland ponies
       morning headaches
       morning sickness
       morning urine
       morning-sickness pill
       morphine use
       mortality rates
       mortality risk
       mosquito repellant
       mosquito repellents
       mother-baby bonding
       mother-baby contact
       mother-infant relationship
       mothers’ diets
       motion sickness
       motor defects
       motor neurone disease
       motor skills
       mottled teeth
       mould infection
       mouth bleeds
       mouth ulcers
       MSM supplements
       mucus membranes
       mullein flower
       multi allergy vaccine
       multidisciplinary healthcare
       multidrug treatments
       multiorgan reactions
       multiple births
       multiple chemical sensitivities
       multiple chemical sensitivity
       multiple drug-taking
       multiple medications
       multiple myeloma
       multiple pregnancy
       multiple schlerosis
       multiple sclerosis
       multiple sclerosis treatment
       multiple sclerrosis
       multiple vaccination
       multiple vaccines
       multivitamin supplement
       multivitamin/mineral supplements
       murder at work
       murder charge
       murrel fish medicine
       muscle atrophy
       muscle biopsy
       muscle cramps
       muscle degeneration
       muscle disease
       muscle disorders
       muscle function
       Muscle inflammation
       muscle injury
       muscle pain
       muscle pain/aches
       muscle paralysis
       muscle relaxants
       muscle strain
       muscle strength
       muscle wasting/weakness
       muscle weakness
       muscle/nerve function
       muscular dystrophy
       musculoskeletal disorders
       musculoskeletal injury
       musculoskeletal pain
       musculoskeletal trauma
       music therapy
       mustard oil
       muta varti
       mutated strains
       myalgic encephalitis
       myalgic encephalomyelitis
       Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
       Mycoplasma hominis
       Myelodysplastic syndrome
       myelographic contrast mediums
       myocardial infarction
       myofascial release

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