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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       H-O-U therapy
       H. Kristal
       H2 antagonists
       H2 blockers
       H2 receptors
       haemoglobin levels
       haemolytic uraemic syndrome
       Haemophilus influenzae
       Haemophilus influenzae b vaccine
       Haemophilus influenzae type b
       Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine
       Haemophilus influenzae virus
       haemorrhagic disease of the newborn
       haemorrhagic stroke
       haemorrhagic stroke risk
       hair cells
       hair colourants
       hair colouring
       hair conditioner
       hair dye
       hair dyes
       hair growth
       hair lice
       hair loss
       hair regrowth
       hair removal
       hair straighteners
       hair transplants
       Hal Huggins
       halal/kosher meat
       Hale Clinic
       halogen lamps
       hammer toes
       hand lacerations
       hand-arm vibration syndrome
       handicapped children
       hangover cures
       Hans Larsen
       Hans Selye
       Harald Gaier
       hard cheese
       hard water
       hardening of the arteries
       Hashimoto disease
       Hashimoto's disease
       Hashimoto;s disease
       Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
       hatha yoga
       Hay diet
       hay fever
       hazardous landfills
       hazardous waste landfills
       HDL-to-LDL ratio
       head injuries
       head injury
       Head lice
       head lice treatments
       head size
       head-and-neck surgery
       healed foci
       healing foods
       healing over distance/time
       health alert
       health and safety
       health beliefs
       health benefits
       Health Canada
       health claims
       health effects
       health factors
       health fraud
       Health Freedom Movement
       health hazard
       health hazards
       health kinesiology
       health laws
       Health Minister John Hutton
       health myths
       health professionals
       Health Professionals’ Follow-up Study
       health resolutions
       health risk
       health risks
       health service
       health services
       health testing
       health tests
       health warning
       healthcare laws
       healthcare priorities
       healthcare problem
       healthfood shops
       healthy diet
       healthy lifestyle
       Healthy living
       healthy teeth
       hearing disorders
       hearing loss
       hearing problems
       Heart and Estrogen/Progestin Replacement Study
       heart attack
       heart attack prevention
       heart attack risk
       heart attack/failure
       heart attack/stroke
       heart attack/stroke risk
       heart attacks
       heart auscultation
       heart bypass
       heart conditions
       heart damage
       heart defects
       heart disease
       heart disease factors
       heart disease prevention
       heart disease risk
       heart disease risk factors
       heart disease-related deaths
       heart disorders
       heart drugs
       heart effects
       heart failure
       heart function
       heart health
       heart muscle damage
       heart patients
       heart problems
       heart protection
       Heart Protection Study
       Heart Protection Study Collaborative Group
       heart rhythm
       heart risk
       heart sounds
       heart surgery
       heart transplants
       heart valve disease
       heart-attack risk
       heart-disease prevention
       heart-lung transplants
       heart-rhythm disorders
       heartbeat irregularities
       heat shock proteins
       heat therapy
       heat treatment
       heath tests
       heathy lifestyle
       heavy bleeding
       heavy metal toxicity
       heavy metals
       heel spurs
       Helicobacter pylori
       Helicobacter pylori infection
       helminth worms
       hemp cream
       hemp oil
       HEPA filter
       Hepar Sulph
       Hepatitis A
       hepatitis B
       hepatitis B jab
       hepatitis B vaccine
       hepatitis C
       hepatitis treatments
       hepatitis vaccine
       hepatitis virus
       HER-2 protein
       herb tablets
       herba agastachis
       herbal combination remedies
       herbal creams
       herbal detox
       herbal eardrops
       herbal medicine
       herbal medicines
       herbal ointments
       herbal plasters
       herbal remedies
       herbal remedy suppliers
       herbal teas
       herbal tonics
       herbal treatments
       herd immunity
       hereditary diseases
       Hermesetas Gold Choice
       hernia repair
       herpes infection
       herpes infections
       herpes simplex
       herpes simplex virus
       herpes simplex virus type 1
       herpes zoster
       herpesvirus infection
       herpesvirus infections
       Herxheimer’s reaction
       heterocyclic amines
       hiatus hernia
       Hib and DTP vaccines
       Hib vaccine
       hidden carcinogens
       hidden hazards
       high blood pressure
       high body temperature
       high body temperatures
       high cerebrospinal-fluid pressure
       high cholesterol
       high cholesterol level
       high density lipoprotein
       high heeled shoes
       high protein diet
       high pulse rate
       high temperature
       high-/intermediate-risk operations
       high-/intermediate-risk patients
       high-calorie diets
       high-carbohydrate diet
       high-density lipoprotein
       high-dose supplementation
       high-dose supplements
       high-dose vitamin C
       high-dose vitamin/mineral supplements
       high-dose vitamins
       high-dose zinc
       high-fat diet
       high-fat diets
       high-fibre diet
       high-fibre foods
       high-fibre low-sugar diet
       high-glycaemic-index diet
       high-glycaemic-index foods
       high-heeled shoes
       high-protein diet
       high-risk drugs
       high-risk families
       high-risk groups
       high-risk surgery
       high-sulphur fuels
       higher education
       highly active antiretroviral treatment
       highly-active antiretroviral therapy
       hip fracture
       hip fractures
       hip operation
       hip replacement
       hip replacement procedures
       hip replacement surgery
       hip replacements
       hip spica casts
       hip/knee replacement surgery
       Hippocratic oath
       Hispanic population
       HIV risk
       HIV testing
       HIV/AIDS testing
       Hodgkin's disease
       Hodgkin’s disease
       Hodgkin’s disease risk
       Hoffmann-La Roche
       holiday backup
       holistic dentistry
       holistic dentists
       holistic remedies
       home birth
       home births
       home pregnancy kits
       home-grown food
       Homeland Security Act
       homemade cleaners
       homeopathic nosodes
       homeopathic remedies
       homoeopathic Chlorine
       homoeopathic diagnosis
       homoeopathic immunotherapy
       homoeopathic Iodum
       homoeopathic nosodes
       homoeopathic remedies
       homoeopathic vaccines
       homoeostatic soil organisms
       homozygous hereditary haemochromatosis
       honey and lemon
       Hopi ear candles
       hormonal balance
       hormonal imbalance
       hormonal imbalances
       hormone blockers
       hormone creams
       hormone replacement
       hormone replacement drugs
       hormone replacement therapy
       hormone replacement treatment
       hormone supplements
       hormone therapy
       hormone-level saliva test
       hormone-replacement therapy
       hormone-sensitive tumours
       horse chestnut
       horse dander
       hospital births
       hospital blacklist
       hospital consultants
       hospital consultants' social position
       hospital deaths
       hospital doctors
       hospital errors
       hospital horrors
       hospital hygiene
       hospital infections
       hospital league tables
       hospital maternity units
       hospital practices
       hospital procedures
       hospital protocols
       hospital safety
       hospital services
       hospital treatment
       hospital-acquired diseases
       hospital-acquired disorders
       hospital-acquired infections
       hospital-related deaths
       hospital-related diseases
       hot areas
       hot compresses
       hot feet
       hot flashes
       hot flushes
       hot showers
       hot tub
       house dust mites
       housedust mites
       household bleach
       household cleaners
       household emissions
       household pollutants
       HPV-16 vaccine
       HRT Cake
       Huang Qin
       human chorionic gonadotrophin
       human chorionic gonadotropin
       Human Design System
       Human Genome Project
       human growth hormone
       human growth hormones
       human papillomavirus
       human rights
       human tissue plasminogen activator
       Hungarian painted eggs
       huperzine A
       Hursdrex Ltd
       hyaluronic acid
       hydrochloric acid
       hydrocolloidal bandages
       hydrocolloidal dressings
       hydrocolonic ultrasound
       Hydrocotyle umbellata
       hydrogen peroxide
       hydrogenated fats
       hydrogenated oils
       hydroxychloroquine sulfate
       hydroxycitric acid
       hygiene hypothesis
       hyoscyamine sulfate
       hyperactive children
       Hyperactive Children's Support Group
       hyperactivity and attention-deficity disorder
       hyperbaric oxygen
       hyperbaric oxygen therapy
       hyperkinetic disorder
       hypersensitivity reactions
       hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy
       hyperventilation anxiety syndrome
       hypervitaminosis A
       hysteria-based epidemics
       hysterical women

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