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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       G3 masts
       Gagnon Therapies
       gall bladder
       gallbladder disease
       gallbladder operations
       gallbladder problem
       gallbladder removal
       gallbladder surgery
       gallblader disease
       gallstone disease
       gallstone flushes
       gamete intrafallopian transfer
       gamma knife
       gamma-linoleic acid
       gamma-linolenic acid
       gamolenic acid
       ganglionic cysts
       garlic studies
       garlic supplements
       Gary Craig
       gas cookers
       gas permeable contact lenses
       gas stoves
       gas-permeable contact lenses
       gastic bleeding
       gastric acid
       gastric bleeding
       gastric problems
       gastric reflux
       gastric ulcers
       gastro-oesophageal reflux
       gastroesophageal reflux
       gastroesophageal reflux disease
       gastrointestinal bacteria
       gastrointestinal bleeding
       gastrointestinal disease
       gastrointestinal disorder
       gastrointestinal disorders
       gastrointestinal infection
       gastrointestinal infections
       gastrointestinal irritation
       gastrointestinal side-effects
       gastrointestinal toxicity
       gastrointestinal upsets
       gauze bandages
       GD Searle
       gender bias
       gender-biased conditions
       gene mutations
       gene therapy
       gene vaccines
       general anaesthesia
       general health
       General Medical Council
       General Practice Research Database
       general practitioners
       genetic abnormalities
       genetic defects
       genetic disorders
       genetic engineering
       genetic factors
       genetic footprints
       genetic immunisation
       genetic modification
       genetic mutations
       genetic predisposition
       genetic profiling
       genetic programming
       genetically modified
       genetically modified food
       genetically modified foods
       genital cysts
       genital herpes
       genital itching
       genital warts
       gentian violet
       geographical distribution
       geopathic stress
       George Goodheart
       George W. Bush
       George Watson
       Gerald Reaven
       geranium oil
       geriatric medicine
       germ phobia
       germ theory
       German chamomile
       Gershom Zajicek
       Gerson diet
       Gerson nutritional therapy
       Gerson therapy
       gestational period
       GI bleeding
       GI diet
       GI disorders
       GI foods
       GI index foods
       GI load
       GI tumours
       Gilbert's syndrome
       ginger root
       ginger root extract
       gingival hyperplasia
       Gingko biloba
       Ginkgo biloba
       Ginkgo biloba tincture
       giving birth
       glabellar lines
       glandular extracts
       glandular fever
       glandular tissue
       glass manufacturing
       Gleason score
       Glenn Harrold
       globe artichoke
       glucose intolerance
       glucose tolerance
       glucose tolerance test
       glucose/ insulin/potassium solution
       Glue ear
       glue ear operations
       gluey ear
       glutamic acid
       glutamine therapy
       glutathione levels
       gluten intolerance
       gluten products
       gluten replacement
       gluten sensitivity
       gluten tolerance
       gluten-free diet
       glycaemic index
       glycaemic index diet
       glycaemic index foods
       glycaemic response
       glycaemic-index diet
       glycaemic-index foods
       glycated proteins
       glycerine gels
       glyceryl trinitrate
       GM crop
       GM food
       GM foods
       GM potatoes
       goat's milk
       goat’s milk
       goat’s rue
       gold allergy
       gold-standard studies
       Goldmann applanation
       gonadotrophin releasing hormone agonists
       good fats
       good foods
       good vs bad fats
       gotu kola
       government controls
       government coverups
       government funding
       government health warnings
       government information
       government intervention
       government legislation
       government pay-outs
       government policy
       government poll
       government powers
       government regulations
       government response
       GP ethics
       GP guidelines
       GP licences
       GP practices
       GP prescribing practices
       GP regulations
       GP studies
       graded exercise
       graded exercise therapy
       graft life
       graft versus host disease
       grapefruit juice
       grapefruit seed
       grapefruit seed extract
       grapefruit-seed extract
       grapeseed extract
       grassroots protest
       Graves' disease
       Graves' ophthalmopathy
       greasy skin
       green cars
       green onions
       green papaya
       green tea
       green tea extracts
       green/black teas
       Grifola frondosa
       gritty eyes
       groin pain
       Group Action into Steroid Prescribing
       Group Against Steroid Prescriptions
       group B streptococci
       Growing pains
       growth hormone
       growth hormone drugs
       growth hormones
       growth inhibition
       growth problems
       growth retardation
       growth spurts
       GS Drops
       GSTM1/GSTT1 genes
       guar gum
       guided visualisation
       guidelines for drug use in children
       Guillain-Barre syndrome
       Guillain-Barré syndrome
       guinea pigs
       Gulf War
       gulf war syndrome
       gum boils
       gum damage
       gum disease
       gut bacterial fermentation
       gut bacterial overgrowth
       gut damage
       gut disorders
       gut flora
       gut inflammation
       gut pain
       gut parasites
       gut permeability test
       gut problems
       gym workouts
       Gymnema sylvestre
       gynaecological disorders
       gynaecological problems
       gynaecological procedures
       gypsy medicine

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