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Breathing ?
Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
High blood pressure

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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586 records found for Letter D

       D & C
       D and C
       D and E
       daily activities
       daily defined dose
       dairy analogues
       dairy foods
       dairy products
       Daktarin Gold
       dan shen
       danger drugs
       danger to humanity
       dangerous driving
       dangerous drugs
       dangerous fashions
       dangerous side-effects
       DASH diet
       data analysis
       data collection
       data suppression
       David Chamberlain
       David Hefferon
       daycare facilities
       DDAVP Nasal Spray
       de Quervain’s stenosing tenovaginitis
       dead teeth
       dead tooth
       deadly nightshade
       death prevention
       death rate
       death rates
       death risk
       death sentence
       decaffeinated drinks
       deep brain stimulation
       deep cuts
       deep vein thrombosis
       definition of
       definition of disease
       definition of hypertension
       degenerative disease
       degenerative diseases
       deglycyrrhizinated liquorice
       delayed recall
       delayed speech
       delayed-onset muscle soreness
       demand switch
       dementia drugs
       demyelinating diseases
       dental amalgams
       dental anaesthesia
       dental braces
       dental care
       dental caries
       dental drills
       dental extractions
       dental fillings
       dental health
       dental hygiene
       dental implants
       dental malpractice
       dental plaque
       dental practices
       dental products
       dental restorative materials
       dental sealants
       dental side-effects
       dental surgery
       dental treatment
       deoxyribonucleic acid
       Department of Health
       depleted soil
       depleted soils
       depot medroxy progesterone
       designer fat
       detoxification programme
       developing countries
       developmental disabilities
       developmental disorders
       developmental problems
       Devil’s claw
       DHA deficiency
       di-(2-ethylhexyl) adipate
       di-isononyl phthlate
       diabetes drug
       diabetes prevention trial
       diabetic neuropathy
       diabetic patients
       diabetic retinopathy
       diabetic women
       diagnosis tests
       diagnostic blood tests
       diagnostic critieria
       diagnostic errors
       diagnostic imaging
       Diagnostic Manual
       diagnostic procedures
       diagnostic scanning technique
       diagnostic screening
       diagnostic screening test
       diagnostic screening tests
       diagnostic techniques
       diagnostic tests
       diamine oxidase
       diary products
       Didronel PMO
       diet against disease
       diet against infertility
       Diet Coke
       diet colas
       diet drinks
       diet pills
       diet vs exercise
       diet vs supplements
       diet-induced changes
       diet-related disorders
       Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension
       dietary calcium
       dietary causes
       dietary changes
       dietary deficiencies
       dietary factors
       dietary fads
       dietary fat
       dietary fats
       dietary fibre
       dietary fruits and vegetables
       dietary guidelines
       dietary nutrients
       dietary programmes
       dietary protein
       dietary salt
       dietary sugar
       Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act 1994
       Dietary Supplement Safety Act
       dietary supplements
       dietary treatment
       dietary treatments
       dietary vitamins
       dietary vitamins/minerals
       diethyl meta toluamide
       digestive disorders
       digestive enzymes
       digestive problems
       digestive/gut disorders
       digital biology
       digital image-processing
       digital infrared thermal imaging
       digital mobile phones
       digital rectal examination
       dilatation & curettage
       dilatation and curettage
       dilated pupils
       diode laser
       diphtheria booster
       directed intention
       disability benefits
       disc prolapse
       disc surgery
       discoloured teeth
       discoloured tooth
       discredited research
       disease associations
       disease definitions
       disease detecting/tracking
       disease detection
       disease development
       disease indicator
       disease management
       disease markers
       disease prevention
       disease progression
       disease remission
       disease risk
       disease risk reduction
       disease spreading
       disease susceptibility
       disease transmission
       disease vectors
       disease-modifying antirheumatic drug
       disease-related death
       diseased tissues
       dislocated sacroiliac
       disodium etridonate
       displaced lens
       disposable covers
       distant healing
       disturbed sleep
       diuretic drugs
       diverticular disease
       dizziness on standing
       dizzy spells
       DNA damage
       docosahexaenoic acid
       doctor-patient relationship
       doctor-patient relationships
       doctors drinking
       doctors prescribing habits
       doctors' ethics
       doctors' powers
       doctors' prescribing
       doctors’ training
       dog diseases
       dog disorders
       dog ownership
       dog vaccine
       doing nothing
       Dominance Factor
       Dong diet
       dong quai
       dopamine agonists
       dopamine antagonists
       dose-benefit assessment
       dose-benefit ratio
       double-barrel colostomy
       doubting Thomas
       Douglas Durand
       Down syndrome
       Down's syndrome
       Down's syndrome screening
       Down’s syndrome
       DPT vaccine
       Dr Allen Roses
       Dr Andrew Wakefield
       Dr Atkins
       Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield
       Dr Benjamin Feingold
       Dr Bjorn Overbye
       Dr Carl C. Pfeiffer
       Dr Christiane Northrup
       Dr Collin H. Dong
       Dr Damien Downing
       Dr David Zava
       Dr Edzard Ernst
       Dr F Batmanghelidj
       Dr Gillian McKeith
       Dr Harold Buttram
       Dr Harry W. Diehl
       Dr Hulda Clarke
       Dr James A. Duke
       Dr Jean Monro
       Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger
       Dr John Lee
       Dr John Lowe
       Dr John Roberts
       Dr Joseph J. Burrascano
       Dr Karl Horst Poehlmann
       Dr Kilmer McCully
       Dr Larry Dossey
       Dr Len Sands
       Dr Mark Geier
       Dr Mathias Rath
       Dr Michael Murray
       Dr Michel Montignac
       Dr Michel Odent
       Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
       Dr Patrick Kingsley
       Dr Paul Yanick
       Dr Peter D'Adamo
       Dr Peter Duesberg
       Dr Peter Lansjoen
       Dr Peter Mansfield
       Dr Philippa Darbre
       Dr Robert Buckman
       Dr Robert Hempleman
       Dr Robert Macindoe Adams
       Dr Robert Verkerk
       Dr Roger Callahan
       Dr Royal Raymond Rife
       Dr Russell Blaylock
       Dr Samuel Epstein
       Dr Sheila Bingham
       Dr Sidney Wolfe
       Dr Stanislas Burzynski
       Dr Stephen Byrnes
       Dr Vernon Coleman
       Dr Voll
       Dr William Harvey
       Dr William Kirkaldy-Willis
       dried apricots
       drink cans
       drug abuse
       drug abusers
       drug addiction
       drug additives
       drug adverse events
       drug adverse reactions
       drug alerts
       drug allergy
       drug causes
       drug cocktail
       drug cocktails
       drug company advertising
       drug company ethics
       drug company fraud
       drug company funding
       drug company marketing practices
       drug company practices
       drug company profits
       drug company secrecy
       drug company sponsorship
       drug company threats
       drug control
       drug costs
       drug dependence
       drug dependency
       drug effectiveness
       drug industry
       drug information
       drug interactions
       drug labelling
       drug licensing
       drug manufacturers’ practices
       drug misuse
       drug monitoring
       drug overdose
       drug overuse
       drug packaging insert
       drug prescriptions
       drug reactions
       drug regulations
       Drug regulators
       drug resistance
       drug safety
       drug side-effects
       drug tapering
       drug testing
       drug therapy
       drug treatments
       drug trial regulations
       drug trials
       drug warning
       drug withdrawal
       drug-food interactions
       drug-herb interactions
       drug-herbal interactions
       drug-induced psychosis
       drug-industry funding
       drug-licensing trials
       drug-nutrient interactions
       drug-related birth defects
       drug-related deaths
       drug-related disease
       drug-related disorders
       drug-resistant bacteria
       drug-resistant strains
       drug-resistant viruses
       drug-sponsored clinical trials
       drug-taking habits
       drugs approval process
       drugs controls
       drugs for children
       drugs industry
       drugs industry funding
       drugs information
       drugs labelling
       drugs monitoring
       drugs regulating
       drugs regulations
       drugs regulators
       drugs research
       drugs safety
       drugs watchdogs
       dry cough
       dry cracked feet
       dry eye
       dry eyes
       dry lips
       dry mouth
       dry skin
       dry skin-brushing
       dry surgery
       DTP plus Hib plus polio
       DTP vaccine
       dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
       dual-photon absorptiometry
       duct tape
       ductal carcinoma in situ
       duodenal ulcer
       duodenal ulcers
       Dupuytren’s contracture
       dying with dignity
       dynamic muscle training
       dysfunctional jaw joints

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