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 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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971 records found for Letter C

       C-reactive protein
       cabbage leaves
       cadmium toxicity
       caesarean birth
       caesarean birth rates
       caesarean births
       caesarean section
       caesarean sections
       caesium salts
       caffeinated drinks
       caffeine supplement
       Calc carb
       calcium antagonist
       calcium antagonists
       calcium antagonists/blockers
       calcium blockers
       calcium channel blocker
       calcium channel blockers
       calcium channel-blockers
       calcium claw
       calcium crystals
       calcium deficiency
       calcium deposition
       calcium deposits
       calcium inhibitors
       calcium supplements
       calcium uptake
       calcium-carbonate supplements
       calcium-channel blocker
       calcium-channel blockers
       Calculus renalis
       Calendula ointment
       Calendula tincture
       Cambridge diet
       camomile tea
       campaign funding
       Canada’s health watchdogs
       cancer awareness
       cancer causes
       cancer cell spread
       cancer cells
       cancer chemotherapy
       cancer cure
       cancer cures
       cancer death
       cancer deaths
       cancer detection
       cancer diagnosis
       cancer drug
       cancer drug treatments
       cancer metastasis
       cancer mortality
       cancer of lungs and chest
       cancer of oesophagus
       cancer of vocal cords
       cancer patients
       cancer patients' characteristics
       cancer personality
       cancer precursors
       cancer prevention
       cancer prevention/promoters
       cancer profile blood tests
       cancer radiotherapy
       cancer rates
       cancer recurrence testing
       cancer risk
       cancer risk factors
       cancer risk glycaemia
       cancer risks
       cancer screening
       cancer seeding
       cancer services
       cancer soul
       cancer spread
       cancer statistics
       cancer studies
       cancer surgery
       cancer survival
       cancer survivors
       cancer theories
       cancer therapy
       cancer treatment
       cancer treatments
       cancer trials
       cancer tumours
       cancer-causing drugs
       cancer-causing petfoods
       cancer-risk predictor
       Candida albicans
       Candida infections
       candida infestation
       Candida overgrowth
       candida symptoms
       Canesten AF spray
       canine health
       canned beverages
       canned drinks
       capillary support
       caprylic acid supplements
       car accidents
       car air bags
       carbamide peroxide
       carbohydrate type
       carbohydrate types
       carbon dioxide
       carbonated drinks
       carcinogenic chemicals
       carcinogenic exposure
       carcinoma in situ
       carcinomas in situ
       cardiac arrest
       cardiac arrhythmias
       cardiac death
       cardiac disease risk
       cardiac events
       cardiac pacemakers
       cardioprotective foods
       cardiopulmonary bypass procedures
       cardiopulmonary resuscitation
       cardiorespiratory problems
       cardiovascular disease
       cardiovascular disorders
       cardiovascular drugs
       cardiovascular events
       cardiovascular health
       cardiovascular problems
       cardiovascular repair
       cardiovascular symptoms
       caring grandmothers
       Carl Pfeiffer
       Caroline Pond
       carpal tunnel syndrome
       case reports
       case stories
       case studies
       case study
       cash incentives
       cast iron
       castor oil
       CAT scan
       CAT scans
       cat’s claw
       catalytic trace element therapy
       cataplasma amyli
       cataract prevention
       cataract surgery
       Catherine O’Driscoll
       cauliflower ear
       cause of death
       cause of disease
       cause of heart disease
       causes of death
       caveman diet
       Cawthorne-Cooksey physiotherapy
       cayenne pepper
       CDX-2 drugs
       Celgene Corp
       celiac disease
       cell communication
       cell differentiation
       cell DNA
       cell killing
       cell replication
       Cell Salt Ferr Phos
       cell salts
       Celtic sea salt
       Centella asiatica
       Centella ointment
       Center for Autism Research
       Centers for Disease Control
       Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
       central nervous system
       Central post stroke pain
       Centre for Human Dynamic Wholeness
       cereal-free diet
       cerebral haemorrhage
       cerebral infarction
       cerebral oedema
       cerebral palsy
       cerebral venous thrombosis
       cerebrospinal fluid
       cerebrovascular events
       Cervical cancer
       cervical cancer screening
       cervical examinations
       cervical infections
       cervical screening
       cervical smears
       cervix damage
       cetyl myristoleate
       chamomile tea
       changes in social circumstances
       chaos theory
       chapped lips
       charbroiled meats
       charity funding
       CHARM)-Alternative trial
       Charnley prostheses
       chaste berry
       chaste tree berry
       checks and balances
       chelation protocol
       chelation therapy
       chemical composition of food
       chemical imbalance
       chemical interactions
       chemical irritants
       chemical poisoning
       chemical sensitivities
       chemical sensitivity
       chemical toxicity
       chemotherapy deafness
       Chernobyl nuclear power plant
       chest infection
       chest infections
       chest pain
       chest problems
       chest symptoms
       chest X-rays
       chestnut seed extract
       chew gum
       chewing gum
       Chi Gong
       chi gong exercise
       chi kung
       chicken soup
       chickenpox outbreaks
       chickenpox vaccine
       child behaviour
       child care
       child learning difficulties
       child's convulsions
       childhood asthma
       childhood cancer
       childhood cancer risk
       childhood cancer screening
       childhood cancers
       childhood depression
       childhood diabetes
       childhood diseases
       childhood disorders
       childhood ear infections
       childhood fevers
       childhood infections
       childhood seizures
       childhood vaccination
       children at risk
       children in intensive care
       children less than 2 years
       children's drugs
       children's medicines
       children's prescriptions
       children's trial
       children’s drugs
       children’s treatments
       childrhood infections
       chilhood development
       chili peppers
       China Rubra
       Chinese food
       Chinese herbal medicine
       Chinese herbal remedies
       Chinese herbal remedy
       Chinese herbals
       Chinese herbals remedies
       Chinese herbs
       Chinese medicine
       Chinese ointment
       Chinese remedies
       Chinese studies
       Chlamydia pneumoniae
       chloral betaine
       Chlorella pyrenoidosa
       chlorinated water
       chlorine gas
       chlorine toxicity
       chlorogenic acid
       cholesterol guidelines
       cholesterol level
       cholesterol levels
       cholesterol measurements
       cholesterol screening
       cholesterol tests
       cholesterol-lowering drugs
       cholesterol-lowering foods
       cholesterol-lowering therapy
       cholesterol-lowering treatment
       chonic pain
       chorion villus sampling
       chorion villus testing
       chorionic villus sampling
       chorionic villus testing
       chromium supplements
       chronic back pain
       chronic backache
       chronic bronchitis
       chronic candidiasis
       chronic cold sores
       chronic conditions
       chronic diseases
       chronic ear infections
       chronic fatigue
       chronic fatigue syndrome
       chronic health problems
       chronic heart failure
       chronic inflammation
       chronic inflammation of eyelids and eyelashes
       chronic lead exposure
       chronic low-back pain
       chronic lower-back pain
       chronic neck pain
       chronic non life threatening diseases
       chronic otitis media with effusion
       chronic otitis media with effusions
       chronic pain
       chronic respiratory diseases
       chronic scornful scepticism
       chronic stress
       Chronic tiredness
       Churg-Strauss syndrome
       cider vinegar
       cider vinegar/glycerine
       cigarette smoking
       cinchona bark
       circadian rhythm
       Circle of Health
       circulation disorders
       circulatory disorders
       circulatory problems
       circumcision side effects
       CJD transmission
       clary sage
       class I antiarrhythmic drugs
       class-action lawsuits
       Claude Bernard
       cleaning products
       cleft lip and palate
       cliinical trials
       cling film
       clinical drug trials
       clinical guidelines
       clinical history
       clinical practice
       clinical signs
       clinical studies
       clinical trial
       clinical trial data
       clinical trial evidence
       clinical trials
       clitoral adhesions
       clogged arteries
       clomiphene citrate
       closed vs open surgery
       Clostridium botulinum toxin type A
       Clostridium difficile
       Clostridium sordellii
       clot-busting drugs
       clove-bud essential oil
       cluster of symptoms
       coal tar
       coal tar shampoo
       coated tongue
       cocaine addiction
       cochlear implants
       Cochrane Centre studies
       Cochrane Collaboration Stroke Review
       Cochrane Collaboration study
       coconut oil
       cod liver oil
       code of practice
       Codex Alimentarius Commission
       Codex restrictions
       coeliac disease
       coeliac diserase
       coenzyme Q10
       coenzyme Q10 therapy
       coffee consumption
       Coffee enemas
       cognitive behavioural therapy
       cognitive brain function
       cognitive function
       cognitive performance
       cognitive problems
       cognitive therapy
       cold extremities
       cold limbs
       cold sores
       cold-water fish
       cold/flu remedies
       colds and flu
       colds/flu remedy
       Coleus forskohlii
       colicky babies
       Colin McEvedy
       collateral blood flow
       collateral vessels
       colloidal silver
       colon cancer
       colon cancer risk
       colorectal adenomas
       colorectal cancer
       colour changes
       colour light therapy
       colour therapy
       combination drug therapy
       combination drugs
       combination pills
       combination prescription drugs
       combination therapy
       Combudoron Lotion/Ointment
       combustion gases
       comfrey poultice
       commercial interests
       Committee on Safety of Medicines
       common warts
       communication skills
       community care
       community support
       company malpractices
       complementary medicine
       complementary product manufacturers
       complementary therapies
       complex partial seizures
       complexity theory
       complications of surgery
       composite fillings
       compression bandages
       compression stockings
       compromised immune system
       compulsive shopping
       compulsive snacking
       compulsory immunisation
       compulsory medication
       compulsory supplementation
       compulsory vaccination
       compulsory vaccinations
       computed axial tomography
       computed tomography
       computed tomography scan
       computer games
       computer screens
       computer use
       COMT inhibitors
       conception problems
       conditioning alarms
       conductive keratoplasty
       conflict of interest
       conflicts of interest
       confounding factors
       congestive conditions
       congestive heart disease
       congestive heart failure
       conjugated linoleic acid
       connective tissue disease
       connective tissue disorders
       conscious sedation
       conservative treatment
       consultation process
       consumer information
       consumer protection
       consumer safety
       consumer's rights
       Consumers for Health Choice
       consumers' information
       consumers' rights
       consumers’ rights
       contact dermatitis
       contact lenses
       contact sports
       contact vaccinia
       contaminated dust
       contaminated food
       continuous oxygen
       Continuum concept
       contraceptive devices
       contraceptive drugs
       contraceptive methods
       contraceptive pill
       contraceptive pills
       contrast agents
       contrast media
       contrast medium
       contrast sensitivity
       controlled drugs
       controlled substances
       controlling pain
       Conveen Continence Guard
       conventional antipsychotics
       conventional drug treatments
       conventional medical practitioners
       conventional medicine
       conventional treatment
       conventional treatments
       conventional vs alternative medicine
       conversion formulas
       CONVINCE trial
       cooked egg yolk
       cooked foods
       cooked rye
       cooking oil
       cooking utensils
       coping mechanisms
       coping strategies
       copper-bottomed pans
       copper-salicylate supplements
       copy-cat drugs
       cord blood
       core body temperature
       Coriolus mushroom therapy
       corn oil
       cornea damage
       cornea sensitivity
       corneal burns
       corneal damage
       corneal disorders
       corneal infections
       corneal inflammation
       corneal transplant
       corneal ulcers
       coronary angioplasty
       coronary arterial-bypass grafting
       coronary artery bypass graft surgery
       coronary artery bypass grafting
       coronary artery bypass grafts
       coronary artery disease
       coronary artery surgery
       coronary bypass
       coronary bypass surgery
       coronary disease
       coronary disorders
       coronary heart disease
       coronary heart disease risk
       coronary thrombosis
       correct diagnosis
       correct procedure
       cosmetic procedures
       cosmetic surgery
       cosmetics industry
       cot death
       cot deaths
       cough and cold remedies
       cough medicines
       cough preparations
       cough suppressants
       Council for Responsible Nutrition
       counselling/support group
       counterfeit drugs
       country music
       court interventions
       coventional drugs
       cow's milk
       cow’s milk
       cow’s milk substitutes
       cows milk
       COX inhibitors
       COX-1 inhibitor
       COX-2 drugs
       COX-2 inhibitors
       Coxsackie A1 virus
       coxsackie virus
       cranberry extract
       cranberry juice
       cranial chiropractors
       cranial nerve VII
       cranial osteopathy
       craniosacral facial therapy
       craniosacral osteopathy
       craniosacral therapy
       creatine kinase
       creative visualisation
       creosote bush
       Crete islanders
       Creutzfeld Jakob disease
       Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
       Creutzfeldt Jakob disease
       Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
       cricopharyngeal spasm
       criminal conduct
       criminal violence
       Croaky voice
       Crohn's disease
       Crohn’s disease
       crop studies
       crossword puzzles
       crowded teeth
       CRP test
       cruciferous vegetables
       cruel treatment
       cruelty to animals
       crushed garlic
       crystal rock sticks
       CT colography
       CT scan
       CT scanning
       CT scans
       cuff sizes
       cultural attitudes
       cure by distraction
       cure rates
       curled fingers
       curved spine
       Cushing’s syndrome
       cutaneous acupuncture
       cycling injuries
       cyclist’s nipples
       cyclist’s vulva
       cyclosporin A
       cypress and lavender oils
       cypress oil
       cyproterone acetate
       cystic fibrosis
       cystic mastitis
       cystic nodular acne
       cytomegalovirus disease

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