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Medicial Mistakes?
How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
from 46,000 to 78,000
from 78,000 to 132,000
from 132,000 to 210,000
from 210,000 to 440,000

 What Doctors Don't Tell You
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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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607 records found for Letter B

       B complex vitamins
       B vitamins
       b-cell lymphoma
       B-complex vitamins
       B-mode Doppler ultrasound
       B12 Nuggets
       Ba'ath party
       baby blues
       baby drinks
       baby feeding
       baby foods
       baby formula
       baby formulas
       baby milk formula
       baby shampoo
       baby slings
       baby vaccines
       baby-bottle mouth
       Bach flower remedies
       Bach Rescue remedy
       Bacillus anthracis
       back belts
       back exercises
       back pain
       back pain relief
       back strain
       background radiation
       bacterial contamination
       bacterial endotoxins
       bacterial infection
       bacterial infections
       bacterial killing
       bacterial meningitis
       bacterial porphorine
       bacterial protection
       bacterial resistance
       bacterial vaginosis
       bad breath
       bad fats
       bad foods
       bad memories
       balance retraining exercises
       balanced diet
       balloon angioplasty
       balloon catheterisation
       banana skins
       banned drugs
       banned products
       banned substances
       barbecued meat
       barcode scanners
       barium enema
       Bartholin's glands
       Baryta Carb
       basal body temperature
       basal body temperature test
       basal cell carcinoma
       base stations
       basil oil
       Bates Association
       Bates Association for Vision Education
       Bates exercises
       Bates method
       Bathini Goud
       BBC programme
       BCG vaccine
       beating-heart bypass
       bed rest
       bed sores
       bed wetting
       bedstraw tea
       bee pollen
       bee products
       bee propolis
       Beers list
       behavioural disorders
       behavioural problems
       behavioural therapy
       behavioural traits
       Behcet’s disease
       Belinda Barnes
       Bell's palsy
       Bell’s palsy
       Bell’s palsy treatments
       belly dancing
       benign condition
       benign cysts
       benign genital cysts
       benign intracranial hypertension
       benign prostatic hyperplasia
       benign tumours
       Benjamin Rush
       benzalkonium chloride
       benzoic acid compound
       benzoyl peroxide
       Berberis tincture
       berry aneurysm
       beta 1
       beta agonists
       beta blockers
       beta carotene
       Beta vulgaris
       beta-agonist bronchodilators
       beta-blocker eyedrops
       beta-carotene supplements
       Beth Jacobs
       better outcomes
       biased advice
       biased data
       biased results
       bicarbonate of soda
       bicom practitioner
       bicycle injuries
       Bifido infantis
       bifidobacteria supplements
       bilberry extract
       bile acid drugs
       bile acid sequestrants
       bile duct damage
       bile duct injury
       bile pigment in blood
       bile-duct injury
       Biliary sludge
       Bio Photonic Scanner
       Bio-Fem Actigel
       bio-oxidative therapy
       biochemical imbalances
       biochemical individuality
       biochemical inefficiency
       biochemical tests
       biochemical warfare
       bioflow magnetic wrist band
       biological containment
       biological dentistry
       biological dentists
       biological detergents
       biological drugs
       bioresonance equipment
       bioresonance feedback
       bioresonance screening
       bioresonance therapy
       biotin deficiency
       biowarfare chemicals
       bipolar disorder
       bipolar disorders
       bird flu
       birth control
       birth control pills
       birth defects
       Birth Defects Foundation
       birth experiments
       birth spacing
       birth weight
       birth-control pill
       birthing pools
       bismuth iodoform paraffin paste
       bitter gourd
       bitter melon
       black box warnings
       black children
       black cohosh
       black cumin
       black pepper
       black tea
       black walnut
       black-box warning
       black-box warnings
       blackcurrant oil
       bladder and kidney cancer risk
       bladder cancer
       bladder disorders
       bladder infections
       bladder problems
       bladder prolapse
       bladder retraining
       bleached paper
       bleeding bladder
       bleeding risk
       bleeding ulcers
       Bloated abdomen
       blocked arteries
       blocked ears
       blocked Eustachian tubes
       Blocked fallopian tubes
       Blocked sinuses
       blood banks
       blood circulation
       blood clot
       blood clots
       blood counts
       blood diseases
       blood disorders
       blood donors
       blood glucose
       blood group
       blood in stools
       blood in urine
       blood loss
       blood patch
       blood platelet disorders
       blood platelet transfusion
       blood poisoning
       blood pressure
       blood pressure control
       blood pressure drugs
       blood pressure measurement
       blood pressure monitoring
       blood pressure screening
       blood products
       blood root tincture
       blood sugar
       blood sugar levels
       blood supplies
       blood test
       blood tests
       blood thinners
       blood toxicity
       blood transfusion
       blood transfusion risks
       blood transfusion safety
       blood transfusions
       blood type
       blood types
       blood vessel assessment
       blood vessel damage
       blood vessels
       blood-thinning drugs
       bloodshot eyes
       blow-drying feet
       blue light
       blueberry juice
       blunt needles
       blurred vision
       board games
       body casts
       body chemistry
       body dysmorphic disorder
       body fat
       body function
       body hair
       body manipulation
       body mass index
       body odour
       body piercing
       body response
       body temperature
       body temperature changes
       body weight
       body-mind connection
       Boeck’s disease
       bone atrophy
       bone cancer
       bone damage
       bone deformities
       bone density
       bone disease
       bone disorders
       bone fracture
       bone fractures
       bone grafts
       bone growth
       bone health
       bone infection
       bone loss
       bone marrow
       bone marrow aplasia
       bone marrow depletion
       bone marrow failure
       bone marrow suppression
       bone marrow transplant
       bone marrow transplantation
       bone marrow transplants
       bone mass
       bone mineral density
       bone mineral density tests
       bone replacement
       bone resorption
       bone scans
       bone strength
       bone tumour
       booster schedule
       booster seats
       borage oil
       borage seed oil
       Borrelia burdorferi
       Borrelia burgdorferi
       Bose-Einstein condensate
       Boswellia gum resin
       botox injections
       botox treatment
       botulinum toxin
       botulinum toxin A
       bovine products
       bovine somatotropin
       bovine spongiform encephalopathy
       bowel cancer
       bowel disease
       bowel disorders
       bowel flora
       bowel function
       Bowen Studies
       bowen technique
       boycott campaign
       brain abscess
       brain activity changes
       brain aneurysm
       brain balancing
       brain cancer
       brain chemicals
       brain damage
       brain diseases
       brain disorders
       brain effects
       brain fog
       brain injury
       brain motor control
       brain programming
       brain scans
       brain supplements
       brain symptoms
       brain tumour
       brain tumours
       brain/nervous system disorders
       Brandon Bays
       brassica vegetables
       breaking habits
       Breaking the Vicious Cycle
       breaking wind
       breakthrough bleeding
       breakthrough drugs
       breast and ovarian cancer
       breast cancer
       breast cancer risk
       breast cancer screening
       breast cancer surgery
       breast cancer survival
       breast cancer treatment
       breast cancer treatments
       breast cancer trials
       breast cancer; radiotherapy
       breast cysts
       breast enlargement
       breast implants
       breast milk
       breast pain
       breast screening
       breast tumours
       breast-conserving surgery
       breath control
       breath test
       breathing disorders
       breathing exercises
       breathing problems
       breech births
       brewer's yeast
       brewer’s yeast
       brewer’s yeast powder
       Brian Deer
       Brian Scott Peskin
       bribery charges
       brisk walking
       Bristol Cancer Help Centre
       Bristol programme
       British English
       British hospitals
       British Institute of Musculo-Skeletal Medicine
       British National Lymphoma Investigation
       brittle bones
       broad-spectrum antibiotics
       Broken veins
       bronchial asthma
       bronchial decongestants
       bronchial hyperresponsiveness
       brown cars
       brussels sprouts
       Bryan Hubbard
       bubble baths
       buffalo hump
       buffered aspirin
       bug buster
       buildup of salts in ear
       bull’s eye rash
       bull’s-eye rash
       burning sensations
       burns injuries
       burns treatments
       burrowing mites
       Bury blood pudding
       Buteyko breathing method
       Buteyko breathing reconditioning technique
       Buteyko breathing technique
       butterfly effect
       butterfly strips
       butyric acid
       buyer beware
       Buzzz Off
       Bypass Angioplasty Revascularization Investigation
       bypass surgery

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