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"The informed consumer is a safer consumer"
The acclaimed monthly publication, What Doctors Don't Tell You scientifically reviews both conventional and alternative medicine and tells you the truth about both. Below you can search over 5,000 articles by subject from 16 years of WDDTY archives, either alhabetically by subject or by keyword or phrase.

You may also access key WDDTY articles under "Informed Consumer", "Special Reports" and "Drug Safety" in the right hand column. Archives include 1991-2006.

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       abdominal exercise
       abdominal pain
       abdominal surgery
       abnormal bleeding
       abnormal heart rhythms
       abnormal sperm
       abnormal weight loss
       Absorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers Association
       absorbent pads
       ACE inhibitor
       ACE inhibitors
       acellular vaccine
       acellular vaccines
       acid reflux
       acid-alkali balance
       acid-alkali imbalance
       acid-alkaline balance
       acid-forming bacteria
       acne drug
       acne prevention
       acne rosacea
       acne rosea
       acne treatments
       acoustic therapy
       acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
       acrosome reaction
       actinic keratoses
       Action for Victims of Medical Accident
       Action on Smoking and Health
       activated charcoal
       active enzymes
       active holiday
       active holidays
       active management
       active stress
       Activity Pyramid
       Activity Pyramid exercise benefits
       Activity Pyramidexercise benefits
       acupuncture points
       acute bronchitis
       acute otitis media
       acute respiratory distress syndrome
       adaptive optics
       adaptogenic herbs
       Addison’s disease
       Adelle Davis
       adhesive capsulitis
       adolescent smokers
       adrenal extracts
       adrenal glands
       adrenal hormones
       adrenal stress
       adrenal support
       adrenal suppression
       adult female acne
       adverse drug reactions
       adverse effects
       adverse events
       Adverse Neural Tension Stretches
       adverse reactions
       adverse reactions reporting
       adverse-event reporting
       Advertising Standards Association
       aerobic exercise
       aerobic oxygen
       aerobiological research
       aflavin-enriched extract
       African herbal remedy
       age limits
       age-related conditions
       age-related condtions
       age-related disease
       age-related diseases
       age-related disorders
       age-related eye disease
       age-related macular degeneration
       age-related side-effects
       ageing eye
       aggressive behaviour
       aggressive treatment
       agnus castus
       air conditioning
       air fresheners
       air ionisers
       air pollutants
       air pollution
       air purifier
       air travel
       Air Traveller's Thrombosis study
       air-com system
       air-conditioned offices
       airborne diseases
       airline flights
       alcohol consumption
       alcohol intake
       alcohol sensitivity
       alcohol tolerance
       alcohol-based hand rub
       alcoholic drinks
       Aldous Huxley
       alendronic acid
       Alex Jack
       Alexander technique
       alfalfa sprouts
       alkaline phosphatase
       alkaline salts
       all-trans retinoic acid
       allegations against
       Allen Roses
       allergen exposure
       allergen transmission
       allergic reaction
       allergic reactions
       allergic response
       allergic responses
       allergic rhinitis
       allergic skin reactions
       Allergy & Environmental Medicine Hospital
       allergy shots
       allergy testing
       allergy tests
       allergy-related conditions
       ALLHAT trial
       Alliance for Natural Health
       Allium sativum
       allopathic medicine
       aloe blossom tea
       aloe gel
       aloe propolis cream
       aloe propolis cream/gel
       aloe vera
       aloe vera drinking gel
       aloe vera jelly
       aloe vera juice
       aloe vera spray
       aloe veral gel
       alosetron hydrochloride
       alpha blockers
       alpha-EEG syndrome
       alpha-fetoprotein test
       alpha-hydroxy acids
       alpha-linoleic acid
       alpha-linolenic acid
       alpha-lipoic acid
       alternative antibiotics/antivirals/antimicrobials
       alternative cancer treatments
       alternative cookware
       alternative first aid
       alternative household cleaners
       alternative laundry detergents
       alternative lifestyle
       alternative medicine
       alternative parenting
       alternative practitioner register
       alternative practitioners
       alternative remedies
       alternative therapies
       alternative therapy
       alternative toiletries
       alternative treatment
       alternative treatments
       alternative vs conventional practitioners
       alternative vs orthodox medicine
       alternative/complementary medicine
       alternatives to antibiotics
       alternatives to hepatitis B vaccine
       alternatives treatments
       aluminia ceramic
       aluminised plastic film
       aluminium ammonium sulphate
       aluminium foil
       aluminium sulphate
       Alzheimer's disease
       Alzheimer's disease treatment
       Alzheimer’s disease
       amalaki powder
       amalgam filling replacement
       amalgam fillings
       AMAS blood test
       AMAS test
       Ambrotose Glyconutrients. Bowel nosodes
       ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
       ambulatory monitoring
       Amelanchier alnifolia
       American Civil Liberties Union
       American College for Advancement in Medicine
       American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
       American Dental Association
       American footballers
       American Heart Association guidelines
       American Medical Association
       amino acid
       amino acid derivatives
       amino acids
       ammi visnaga
       AMP Ltd
       amphetamine-based stimulant
       amphotericin B
       amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
       anaemia colitis
       anaesthesia-related deaths
       anaesthetic creams
       anaesthetic machines
       anal fissure
       anal fissures
       anal/mouth ulcers
       analgesic use
       Ananda Prasad
       anaphylactic shock
       Anas barb
       Ancel Keys
       Andrew Wakefield
       androgen blockade
       androgen-deprivation therapy
       androgenetic alopecia
       anecdotal evidence
       angina and heart attack
       angiotensin blockers
       angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
       angiotensin II
       angiotensin II-receptor antagonist
       angiotensin II-receptor blockers
       angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
       angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors
       angiotensin-II receptor antagonists
       angiotensin-receptor blockers
       animal experiments
       animal fats
       animal insulin
       animal protein
       animal rights
       animal studies
       animal testing
       animal trials
       animal-to-human transmission
       aniseed tea
       ankle surgery
       ankylosing spondylitis
       Ann N. Martin
       Annona muricata
       anodised aluminium
       anorexia nervosa
       antenatal procedures
       anthroposophical medicine
       anti incontinence drug
       anti inflammatory drugs
       anti ulcer drugs
       anti-AIDS drugs
       anti-AIDS treatments
       anti-arrhythmic drugs
       anti-arthritis diet
       anti-asthma inhaler
       anti-cancer diet
       anti-cancer drugs
       anti-cancer remedy
       anti-cancer treatment
       anti-cancer treatment side-effects
       anti-cancer treatments
       anti-Candida diet
       anti-clotting agents
       anti-epileptic drug
       anti-fever folk remedies
       anti-fever medications
       anti-HIV drugs
       anti-inflammatory drugs
       Anti-malarial drugs
       anti-malignin antibody in serum
       anti-obesity drugs
       anti-rheumatic drugs
       anti-ulcer drugs
       anti-viral vaccine
       antianxiety drugs
       antiarrhythmic drugs
       antiarthritic drugs
       antiasthmatic drugs
       antiasthmatic inhaler
       antibacterial cleaning products
       antibiotic overuse
       antibiotic prophylaxis
       antibiotic resistance
       antibiotic safety
       antibiotic treatment
       antibiotic-associated diarrhoea
       antibody testing
       antibody tests
       anticancer diet
       anticancer drugs
       anticancer effects
       anticancer programme
       anticancer treatment
       anticancer treatments
       anticandida diet
       anticandida diets
       anticandida treatments
       anticholinergic drugs
       anticoagulant drugs
       anticot death devices
       antidepressant drugs
       antidiabetic drugs
       antidiabetic treatments
       antidiarrhoea drugs
       antidiuretic hormone
       antiepilepsy drug
       antiepileptic drugs
       antifungal drugs
       antifungal treatment
       antifungal treatments
       antihistamine use
       antihypertensive drugs
       antihypoxia devices
       antimalarial drugs
       antimalignin antibody in serum
       antimicrobial creams
       antimigraine drugs
       antimosquito creams
       antinausea drug
       antineoplastic drug
       antineoplastic drugs
       antinuclear antibody tests
       antioxidant properties
       antioxidant vitamins
       antiparasite treatments
       antiparasitic drugs
       antiphospholipid syndrome
       antiplatelet drugs
       Antiplatelet Trialists’ Collaboration
       antipsoriatic drugs
       antipsychotic drug
       antipsychotic drugs
       antiretroviral drugs
       antiretroviral therapy
       antirheumatic diet
       antisocial behaviour
       antispasmotic drugs
       antistroke drugs
       antithyroid drugs
       antituberculosis drug
       antiulcer drugs
       antiulcer treatments
       antivaccination websites
       antiviral drugs
       antiwrinkle cream
       antiwrinkle face creams
       antiwrinkle treatments
       anxiety disorder
       anxiety/hyperventilation syndrome
       Aplastic anaemia
       appendix removal
       appetite suppressants
       appetite suppressors
       apple juice
       apple juice and oil flush
       apple juice gallstone flush
       apple-cider vinegar
       application refusal
       applied behaviour analysis
       approved list of drugs
       Apraxia of eyelid opening
       apricot kernels
       aquaporin functioning
       arachidonic acid
       Argent Nit
       arginine-rich foods
       argon laser trabeculoplasty
       arithmetic tests
       Arnica cream
       aromatase inhibitor
       aromatase inhibitors
       aromatherapy oils
       Artemisia annua
       arterial disease
       Arterial Disease Clinic
       arterial plaque
       arthritis in Italian
       arthritis prevention
       arthritis treatments
       arthroscopic surgery
       artificial colours
       artificial flavouring
       artificial flavourings
       artificial heart valves
       artificial joints
       artificial lenses
       artificial sweeteners
       artificial tears
       asbestos deaths
       asbestos in food
       asbestos insulation
       ascorbic acid
       ashwaghanda powder
       Asian children
       asian diet
       Asperger’s syndrome
       aspirin resistance
       aspirin resistance/failure
       aspirin studies
       aspirin therapy
       aspirin-induced asthma
       assessing pain
       assisted conception
       assisted reproduction
       assisted suicide
       associated conditions
       Association for Post-Natal Illness
       Association of American Feed Control Officials
       asthma deaths
       asthma drug
       asthma drugs
       asthma inhaler
       asthma management
       asthma prevention
       asthma rates
       asthma treatments
       asthma-related deaths
       ATAC Trial
       atherosclerosis mortality
       athlete's foot
       athlete’s foot
       Atkins diet
       atopic allergies
       atopic diseases
       atopic eczema
       Atrial arrhythmia
       atrial fibrillation
       atrial stunning
       Atropa belladonna
       atropine sulfate
       attention deficit
       attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
       attention deficit disorder
       attention deficit disorders
       attention deficit hyperactive disorder
       attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
       attention deficit/hyperactivity
       attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
       attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder
       attention-deficit hyperactive disorder
       attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
       attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
       atypical antipsychotic drugs
       atypical antipsychotics
       auditory research
       auricular therapy
       Aurum met
       Australian Bush Flower remedies
       Autistic People Against Neuroleptic Abuse
       auto exhaust
       autogenic training
       autoimmune disease
       autoimmune diseases
       autoimmune disorder
       autoimmune disorders
       autoimmune hepatitis
       autoimmune response
       autoimmune risk
       autologous blood
       autologous blood transfusions
       autologous transfusions
       automated blood pressure measurements
       autonomic nervous system
       Aveno Powder
       avian flu
       avian flu vaccine
       aviation industry
       avocado oil
       avoidance regimes
       awake/alert patients
       Ayre's spatula
       Ayurvedic herbal medicine
       Ayurvedic herbal remedies
       Ayurvedic medicine
       azelaic acid

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