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 Solving the Antioxidant Question in Aids 
by Health Supreme - Sepp Hasslberger - 3/26/2007

The immune deficiency seen in Aids is caused by excess cellular oxidation brought about by external factors and the cure is entirely within our means - simply supplying the antioxidant nutrients necessary to reverse the oxidative overload. That is the gist of Beldeu Singh's recent article which you can read in its entirety below.


Glutathione - key to reversing Aids

Vitamin C, a heavy antioxidant, together with some amino acids and a mineral, are the principal arms we need to defeat the syndrome. The cocktail of anti-retroviral drugs normally prescribed is not only useless - it makes things worse than they would be without. The "side effects" of those drugs are practically indistinguishable from the symptoms of the illness they are supposed to slow down.

I only want to add one piece of pertinent infromation to what Beldeu Singh explains below. He mentions Fe2+ and Fe3+, two forms of iron in the blood. Iron is contained in hemoglobin, the red blood pigment. Normal hemoglobin contains Fe2+ and altered hemoglobin also called methemoglobin contains Fe3+. The most important function of hemoglobin is the transport of oxygen in the blood stream. But once it is turned into methemoglobin, it no longer is able to carry oxygen. Aids patients have a high percentage of methemoglobin, that is, their blood contains the oxidized form of iron that is Fe3+. Consequently their cells are starved of oxygen and they die ... unless the over-oxidation can be reversed, that is. And this is where anti-oxidants come into the picture.

It goes without saying that Aids patients are almost never given an analysis of their level of methemoglobin, and neither are they supplied with the simple nutrients that could reverse their condition.

Knowing this, does it make you as mad as it makes me, when we are treated to "scientific studies" such as the one published some time ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association, that say "stay away from antioxidants - they may be bad for you". Now who would have an interest in making nothing of a perfectly good cure for all those people suffering from Aids?

And coming to think of it - the solution has been right in front of our eyes for more than a decade: See Glutathione Helps Aids Survival and An Underlying Factor In AIDS Is Suggested.

Yes, you are right - there may be a very dirty war going on for your health, or rather for your very profitable sickness. Certainly the solution, which antioxidant nutrients offer us, isn't being advocated by those who say they are fighting the epidemic.

Here is a comment sent to Beldeu Singh today:

Practically, this mechanism [of hemoglobin/methemoglobin], together with the oxidation hypothesis, explains Aids way better than the virus hypothesis and what's more - it opens a door to a simple, effective cure by giving glutathione or its precursors. Selenium works because it is a catalyst for the production of glutathione in the body. Aminoacid supplements work because they provide necessary raw materials for glutathione production. Vitamin C works because it reverses oxidation.

- - -

Beldeu Singh

Dr. Rath cited a study by Harvard Medical School researchers that showed dietary supplements slow the progression of AIDS and resulted in a significant decline in viral count. [New England Journal of Medicine 351: 23-32, 2004] 'Harvard researchers responded by saying vitamin therapy is important but may not replace anti-viral drug therapy'.

Dr. Rath is reported to recommend 4000 milligrams of daily vitamin C to patients. The amount of oral vitamin C that a patient can tolerate without diarrhea increases proportionately to the severity of their disease. [Med Hypotheses 18:61-77, 1985] AIDS patients often don't exhibit any diarrhea with extremely high-dose vitamin C therapy. Diarrhea may occur among healthy individuals following high-dose vitamin C therapy depending upon how much vitamin C is consumed at a single point in time. Divided doses taken throughout the day minimize this problem. However, the use of vitamin C in therapy may be curtailed Codex. Codex may establish a 2000 mg upper limit for vitamin C as previously proposed by the National Academy of Sciences, or as low as 225 mg which was recently established by German health authorities.

This battle over vitamin supplements may be a foretaste of what will happen later this year when a worldwide body called Codex Alementarius will meet to establish upper limits on vitamin and mineral supplements. Fixing the upper limit is a fallacy because of the antioxidant nature of vitamin C and because:

1. Natural vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that can recharge alpha-lipoic acid, glutathione and other antioxidant molecules in the body’s natural antioxidant network system,

2. After it is spent as an antioxidant in free radical scavenging activity, the stable ascorbate radical can pass the blood-brain barrier and enter the iron-based antioxidant system in the brain where it recycles Fe2+ into Fe3+ that can scavenge the superoxide in the brain and protect the brain from oxidative stress,

3. The spent ascorbate may be converted into other molecules for the body’s use such as in the formation of collagen.

Anyone can understand that simple fact that different people have different amounts of free radical and secondary radical populations in the disease states that depend on age, amount of fatty tissue, nutritional status and the extent of disease sites and free radical chain reactions occurring in the body, drugs being consumed etc., and require different amounts of L-ascorbic acid to quench the varying amounts of superoxide in various patients. It is not a question of dosage but amounts that are adequate for free radical scavenging activity and the actual amount required may be customized as in personalized medicine.

Antioxidants, when they are in slight excess, they readily scavenge the superoxide and the hydrogen peroxide formed in the cells and tissues and when the function of the antioxidant network system declines as with age or during oxidative stress or under chronic malnutrition, there is a build up of the super oxide radical and there is insufficient glutathione and catalase to spontaneously convert hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. This is an “intelligent biochemical system” that converts toxic submolecular species and toxic hydrogen peroxide into useful molecules essential for life – water and oxygen but a decline in the functioning of this system allows the superoxide to build up along with the hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is not very toxic but when the superoxide reacts (within micro seconds to nanoseconds) with hydrogen peroxide, the very highly reactive hydroxyl radicals are produced that can oxidatively damage cell membranes, destroy the cytochrome enzyme system, deplete coQ10 and subtract hydrogen atoms from fatty molecules and DNA molecules. In the mitochondria, there can be destruction of mDNA. It can precipitate fatigue, chronic fatigue and muscle wasting and other symptoms associated with cell wall integrity and ATP output and ATP utilization.

That free radical mechanism explains Dr. Peter Duesberg’s assertion that it kills or inhibits all DNA synthesis. One of the symptoms observed in AIDS patients is muscle wasting, chronic tiredness and mDNA depletion. This means that the genetic material in mitochondria (the power house of the cell), is destroyed or depleted or its multiplication is inhibited and the energy output drops and the affected person feels muscle pains and fatigue. Over time, AZT came to be associated with interference with DNA synthesis in mitochondria just as in AIDS (see Beldeu Singh: The AZT Label).

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine describes the muscle wasting caused by AZT and compares it to muscle wasting, called "myopathy", presumed to be caused by HIV. Their comments in the abstract are shocking: "We conclude that long-term therapy with Zidovudine can cause a toxic mitochondrial myopathy, which... is indistinguishable from the myopathy associated with primary HIV infection..." That finding is exactly what Glaxo Wellcome puts as a warning in large, bold-faced, capital letters at the start of the section in the 1998 Physician's Desk Reference that describes AZT (brand name Retrovir or Zidovudine):


A study on cardiovascular toxicology reports “AZT treatment increases superoxide (oxygen free radical) production” and “the effects of AZT on endothelium-dependent relaxation are eliminated by pretreatment with a free radical scavenger” (anti-oxidant) which proves that AZT toxicity is due to its free radical generating capacity. This study also provides the scientific inference that AIDS can be caused by excess superoxide free radicals and oxidative stress. In fact, AIDS is a free radical and oxidative stress induced condition that appears more easily in people with malnutrition associated with low organic selenium intake and in people exposed to chemical stressors.

The immunotoxicity of AZT has been solidly documented. Azidothymide (AZT) and AZT monophosphate (AZT-MP) in concentrations as low as 10 and 50 microM, respectively promote oxidation. This prescription drug for AIDS patients is a very toxic medication that promotes free radical generation in a cell free system and in the body.

It is not surprising that a British study found that AZT prophylaxis decreased survival and induced the wasting syndrome, cryptosporidiosis, and cytomegalovirus infection, and the American MAC study shows that AZT increases the risk of pneumonia, one of the AIDS defining diseases.

AZT has effects of toxicity in animals and humans. “It produces excruciating headaches; severe nausea; muscular pain; wasting of the muscles; damage to kidneys and nerves; excruciating pains in the legs; encephalitis; severe anemia requiring transfusions to stay alive; lymphoma (cancer); cancer in 49% of cases, versus 2% incidence in non AZT group; liver damage; nail dyschromia (fingernails turn black); insomnia; impotence; dementia; mania; ataxia (failure of muscular coordination); seizures; alopecia (hair falls out). It is a fairly well established fact that AZT was designed to kill the bone marrow. It causes neutropenia or leukopenia (loss of white blood cells) or bone marrow aplasia and bone marrow toxicity. White blood cells are the basis of the immune system. T cells, granulocytes, those are all parts of the immune system. You kill those with AZT and the immune system is gone,” Harvey Bialy, Research editor Bio/Technology Science Journal.
Dr Peter Duesberg, Professor of molecular and cell biology, University of California at Berkeley says that it is not arrogant for him to say that AZT is AIDS by prescription because it is "the most toxic drug that has ever been licensed for long term consumption in the free world ... AZT is a prescription drug and according to the manufacturer itself it causes symptoms that are indistinguishable from AIDS”.

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Provided by Health Supreme - Sepp Hasslberger on 3/26/2007
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