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romatherapy Materia Medica

(Ferula galbaniflua)

© Kathi Keville, Mindy Green
 (Excerpted from Aromatherapy)

Resembling a giant fennel plant, galbanum was used in the ancient world as incense. Native to the Middle East and West Asia, it is cultivated today in Iran, Turkey, Lebanon and Afghanistan. It was used in pharmaceuticals, but now it is mostly known as a food flavoring and a perfume fixative.

Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)
Extraction: Distilled from oleoresin, collected by incising the stem base. Persian oil is solid; the Levant type is liquid. Galbanum has a green, woody, spicy odor.
Medicinal Action: Galbanum soothes aches in the hands, feet, muscles and joints. It treats indigestion, respiratory disorders, asthma and poor circulation.
Cosmetic/Skin Use: Promotes cell regeneration, and tones mature or irritated skin. It was once used to dress inflamed and abscessed wounds.
Emotional Attribute: Galbanum relieves emotional tension.

Associated Oils:
Galbanol --This type of Ferula galbaniflua has had most of the terpenes removed, making it more water-soluble.
Asafetida (F. asafoetida) --This East Indian herb substitutes for garlic in cooking and sometimes in medicine. Its name is from the word "fetid," and yes, it really does stink. Therefore, it is seldom used in aromatherapy, even though it is highly antiseptic.
Zalou Root (F. hermonic) --This is considered an aphrodisiac in Beirut.
Musk Root (F. sumbal and F. gummose) --This species is from the Caucasus region of southeastern Europe.
Silhion (F. species) --One of the most valuable trade commodities in ancient Greece. Before it became extinct from overharvesting, this herb was used as a contraceptive.

About The Author
Kathi Keville has studied herbs since 1969. Her attraction to fragrant plants led to an involvement in aromatherapy. Her other books include Herbs for Health and Healing;......more
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