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Breast Cancer?
More than three-quarters of women who get breast cancer are over whtat age?
over 40 years
over 45 years
over 50 years
over 55 years


 Healthy Computing Tips:
   An Ongoing Series
    by Erik Peper PhD ©
 Breathe Effortlessly
 Give Your Laptop a Raise
 Give Your Laptop a Raise
 Healthy Computing: Air Out Your Vocabulary
 Healthy Computing: Another Microbreak
 Healthy Computing: Armrests
 Healthy Computing: Assume Goodwill
 Healthy Computing: Back Flexibility
 Healthy Computing: Bathroom Break
 Healthy Computing: Beer Budget Ergonomics
 Healthy Computing: Blink and Breathe
 Healthy Computing: Body Sensations
 Healthy Computing: Breathe As You Reach
 Healthy Computing: Calm Your Thoughts
 Healthy Computing: Change your Breath
 Healthy Computing: Chest Stretch
 Healthy Computing: Chuckles
 Healthy Computing: Circle Your Eyes
 Healthy Computing: Clean Air
 Healthy Computing: Clean the Air
 Healthy Computing: Clear Vision
 Healthy Computing: Correct Height
 Healthy Computing: Could It Be Me?
 Healthy Computing: Create Mousing Space
 Healthy Computing: Daily Athlete
 Healthy Computing: Desk Height
 Healthy Computing: Do the Opposite
 Healthy Computing: Drop Your Shoulders
 Healthy Computing: Eight Components
 Healthy Computing: Eight Components
 Healthy Computing: Ergo Creativity
 Healthy Computing: Exercise Time
 Healthy Computing: Eye-Neck Relaxation
 Healthy Computing: Foot Ball Massage
 Healthy Computing: From the Heart
 Healthy Computing: Get Energized
 Healthy Computing: Get Swinging
 Healthy Computing: Grounding Stretch
 Healthy Computing: Have a Ball
 Healthy Computing: Hold the Phone
 Healthy Computing: How to Incorporate the Eight Components
 Healthy Computing: How To Take Frequent Breaks
 Healthy Computing: If It Is Just Ergonomics, Why Do My Employees Still Hurt?
 Healthy Computing: Increase Energy
 Healthy Computing: Integration Breaks
 Healthy Computing: Keep It Warm
 Healthy Computing: Keep Them Short
 Healthy Computing: Keystrokes
 Healthy Computing: Laptopitis
 Healthy Computing: Leg and Foot Room
 Healthy Computing: Leg and Foot Room
 Healthy Computing: Let Us Know
 Healthy Computing: Life After Five
 Healthy Computing: Like the British
 Healthy Computing: Make It Readable
 Healthy Computing: More Keystrokes
 Healthy Computing: More Relief
 Healthy Computing: Move and Sway
 Healthy Computing: Oppositional
 Healthy Computing: Optimal Distance
 Healthy Computing: Play With Your Feet
 Healthy Computing: Rediscover Fine Control
 Healthy Computing: Regenerate While Waiting
 Healthy Computing: Relax and Breathe
 Healthy Computing: Relief
 Healthy Computing: Relief and Pamper Time
 Healthy Computing: RIS
 Healthy Computing: Scotch Tape Reminder
 Healthy Computing: See
 Healthy Computing: Shoulder and Arm Stretch
 Healthy Computing: Shoulder Rolls
 Healthy Computing: SIS
 Healthy Computing: Split Keyboard
 Healthy Computing: Squeeze
 Healthy Computing: Stability Ball
 Healthy Computing: Stretch Your Abs
 Healthy Computing: Take a Walk
 Healthy Computing: The Wave
 Healthy Computing: Too High or Too Low
 Healthy Computing: Transpose to the Future
 Healthy Computing: Trim and Fit
 Healthy Computing: Use a Headset
 Healthy Computing: Use Your Interruptions
 Healthy Computing: Vertically Challenged
 Healthy Computing: Wall Slide
 Healthy Computing: Wiggle and Reach
 Healthy Computing: Work Area
 Healthy Computing: Working Postures
 Healthy Computing: Workstation Condition
 Healthy Office: Improve The Air
 Healthy Office: Web Sites and Resources
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