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Breathing ?
Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
High blood pressure


 Mind Over Matter:
   An Ongoing Series
    by Barry Bittman MD ©
 A Cure for Terrible Twos: Shaping Society with Pharmaceuticals
 A Deadly Waiting Game: Early Detection is Key
 A Festive Perspective: Support and Friendship
 A Good Night’s Sleep: Without Drugs
 A Great Day: What Does It Take?
 A Healthy Attitude: Food for Thought
 A Healthy Summer: For Overweight Kids
 A New Day: For Wisdom of Choice
 Adolescent Development: Become Your Child's Mentor
 Alternative Medicine: Or Striving for Whole Person Care?
 An Update on Herbs: Natural Isn’t Without Serious Side Effects
 Asthma: Musical Instruments as Medical Instruments
 Baboon + Pig: And the Potential Future of Diabetes Control!
 Basic Freedom: A Wellness Perspective
 Beam me up, Scotty: Technology at a Cost
 Brain Building: Pumping Iron Mentally
 Brittle Bones? Take an Aggressive Stance
 Broken Heart: A Cardiac Risk Factor for Women
 Buyer Beware: This Isn’t What the Doctor Ordered
 Cancer Prevention: What We Need to Know
 Cancer, Weight Gain and Inactivity: Drop the Pounds and Cut the Risk
 Cancer: It's Not All in the Genes!
 Celebrity Medicine: A Rational Approach to Media Hype
 Cloning: Taking Life into Whose Hands?
 Consciousness: Communications Technology and the New Millennium
 Deep Within: Drumming as a Healing Strategy
 Depression and Brain Damage: 2 More Reasons Not to Smoke
 Depression: Key Insights for the Elderly – Part I
 Depression: Key Insights for the Elderly – Part II
 Diabetes and Heart Disease: Reducing the Risk
 Diabetes on the Rise: A Wakeup Call to Change Your Lifestyle!
 Facing Our Fears: Navigating the Path to Wholeness
 Feeling Good: Reaching the Top of Your Game
 Getting Together for the Holidays: Memories Everlasting
 Got Rhythm? The First of a 2-Part Series on Recreational Music-Making
 Got Rhythm? The Second of a 2-part Series on Recreational Music-Making
 Growing Pains: The Challenge of Integrating Medicine
 Guided Imagery: A New Approach for Conventional Healthcare
 Healing: An Individual Perspective
 Healing: To the Beat of an Inner Drummer
 Healthcare: Restructuring a Flawed System
 Healthy Attitude: Survival 101
 Heart Attack Survival in Women: An Unfortunate Stereotype
 Here’s the Code: What’s Next?
 How Would You Introduce Yourself ... to God?
 Inspiring Compliance: A New Rx
 It Keeps on Ticking: Understanding Your Biological Clock
 It's Far More than Music: It's an Idea Whose Time has Come
 Laugh at Yourself: Turn that Frown Upside Down
 Laugh in the Face of Adversity: I'm Not Kidding
 Learning to be: Worry-free
 Little Drummer Boy: A Precious Gift of Inspiration
 Look to this Day: The Challenge of Coping with Cancer
 Lost Generation: Suddenly Found
 Menopause: Insights for Preventing Osteoporosis and Lowering Cancer Risk
 Mental Gymnastics: Couch Potatoes and Alzheimer's Disease
 Modern Day Noah:
 MS: An Early Treatment Strategy Worth Considering
 Music and Medicine The Universal Language of Mind, Body and Soul
 Music-Making: Piano Tuning Insights
 Music: Now More Than Ever
 My Tummy Hurts: A New Elixir for a Frustrating Problem
 Nail Soup: Just Add the Spices
 Never Too Old to Learn: Reversing the Aging Process
 Nurturing Relationships: Hug for Longevity
 On Being Human: The Delinquents
 On Tattered Wings: A Closer Look
 One Happy Family: Notes of Camaraderie
 Onward: As the Dust Settles
 Out of Work Syndrome: Reestablishing Control
 Perspectives: Of Moving Onward
 Preventing AIDS: On the Global Horizon
 Rational Health Choices: Navigating the Sea of Modern Medical Advice
 Recreational Music Making:
Mind-Body-Spirit and Wellness
 Religious Practice: A Spiritual Foundation of Health
 Resolutions for the New Year: Goal Setting 101
 Rhythmaculture: The Roots of Community
 Smoking Prevention: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
 Sound Advice for Health: The Musical Elixir of Our Minds
 Sounds Like Silence: And Chronic Pain
 Stem Cell Research: The Good, the Bad and the Obvious
 Stroke Prevention: Tell Your Wife to Take a Hike
 Survival Perspectives: From Shock Value to Crisis
 Survivors: Who Are They?
 Take Two Music Lessons in the Golden Years: And Call Me in the Morning
 The Carpenter's Lesson: Building your Future with Pride
 The Common Cold: A Mind-Body Perspective
 The Down Side: Employee Absenteeism
 The Elusive Diagnosis: When Dis-ease Leads to Disease
 The Glass That's Half Full: Optimism and Longevity
 The Holiday Season: A Time to Go the Extra Mile
 The Stress-Fat Connection: The Thick and Thin of Your Figure
 Time Out: For Living Life Fully
 Tobacco: A Global Epidemic
 Transforming Work: Into Satisfaction and Personal Empowerment
 Uncertainty: Mixed Emotions and Cancer
 Vigilance: Or Paralysis?
 Virtuoso: Mind, Body and Spirit in Harmony
 Weight Loss for Real: Drop the Pounds Without Dieting!
 Weight Loss Supplements: Losing More than Expected
 Where We Were: And Where We are Going
 Whole Person Cancer Care: An Extraordinary Opportunity at a Critical Juncture
 Whose responsibility? Food for Thought
 WORDSWORDSWORDS: Sharp and to the Point
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