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he Healer Within

Self Applied Massage of the Ears

© Roger Jahnke OMD

The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled The Healer Within by Roger Jahnke OMD. View all columns in series
The traditional systems of medicine from the Asian cultures have always had some type of massage stimulation to the ears. When you work on your ears you will notice that within 4-5 minutes of vigorous massage your ears get hot. This is cause by the increase of blood flow to that area. The Chinese say, "When the blood is increased to an area the Energy (Qi) is increased to that area as well. If you have someone else rub your ears you will notice that your ears are extremely sensuous. This is because the ears are heavily enervated. The combination of the presence of the nerve, the effect of the pressure and the heightened circulation causes stimulation to the reflexes of the Microsystems of the ear. Through this reflex Microsystems all parts of the body can be influenced through pressure massage to the ear.

In the critical disease of addiction to alcohol and to drugs the emerging treatment of choice is acupuncture. This is a wonderful breakthrough because the former treatment of choice was drugs. It is ironic and sad that our best technique to detoxify addicts from drugs was more drugs. The drug treatment happened in extremely expensive treatment facilities; whereas, the acupuncture treatment is effective for most people in a completely out patient setting. This is a revolution in health care.

The acupuncture points for this treatment are all in the ears. I use this example here because it is fascinating to note the extent to which treatment of the ear reflexes trigger powerful healing mechanisms in the human body. Research has shown that at least one way in which the stimulation of ear reflexes works is through the activity of the brain chemistry, specially the neurotransmitters. Acupuncture or pressure stimulation of the ear reflexes stimulates the productivity of important neurotransmitters.

One of our patients at the Health Action Clinic had an unusual pain that was caused by the contraction of his prostate gland. Sometimes this painful contractions would occur after sex.

Occasionally, it would occur spontaneously. It was very painful and would last for hours. He was very much against the use of drugs. He tried relaxation, hot beverages, yoga and shifting to many different positions. He also felt that acupuncture and herbal formulas were helpful in regulating his health, in general. What gave him the most direct relief of the intense pain in his prostate was self-applied massage of the ear. Within 5 minutes of vigorous massage to the whole ear and about two minutes of massage to the prostate reflex the pain would ease and disappear.

Massage of the ear is similar to massage of the foot and hand. Begin with moderate pressure and work over the entire ear on both sides. Notice areas of discomfort. Return and work the uncomfortable areas vigorously. This may not bring immediate results as in the two examples given. Vigilant application of self-applied massage over long periods of time has helped many people to overcome serious health disorders.

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About The Author
Roger Jahnke has been in the health field since 1967 beginning with body therapies, herbal medicine, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation. He turned his attention seriously to Oriental medicine in 1972 with study at the North American College of Acupuncture in Vancouver, B.C., under Dr. Kok Yeung Leung who now has his school in France. In 1975 Roger transferred to the Tai Hsuan School of......more
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