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Lead in Children

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Is Your Child Leaded or Unleaded?
Your child's next physical should include heavy metal testing. Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now recommends that all children under age 6 be tested for lead toxicity? That's because even low level lead exposure can cause learning disabilities, growth retardation and hyperactivity. A child's developing brain is at least ten times more sensitive to lead poisoning than an adult brain, and the effects of even minor exposure can be devastating for your child.

In a recent collaborative study of randomly picked American, German and Mexican children, American children were found to have average hair lead levels double that of German children. Mexican children had the highest levels. In American kids, average lead levels exceeded the safe reference ranges until age 11, when the average lead levels dropped to within safe levels. Hair mineral testing is most sensitive

Hair mineral test is the best method available for heavy metal testing, and reflects long term exposure. By contrast, blood levels of lead rise only during the first 12 hours after exposure. As the brain and other tissues absorb lead, blood levels fall back to normal within 24 hours. while organ and hair levels rise.

A 1987 study by Blaurock-Bush on hyperkinetic children found an interesting trend in hair mineral samples: Nearly all of the children studied had elevated levels of toxic lead, mercury, and cadmium. Thirty percent showed low levels of the protective elements zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper. Nutritional therapy is good chemistry against bad chemistry

The good news is that hair mineral testing can detect these problems early. Proper nutrition can help detoxify tissues and restore normal behavior. The antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, along with selenium, protect nervous tissue from toxic exposure and aid in detoxification. Zinc and vitamin C reduce damage from lead, nickel, and cadmium. Vitamin A can prevent the frequent infections that plague children with heavy metal overload. Herbs and sulfur containing amino acids support liver detoxification and helps speed recovery. To find out if your child is leaded or unleaded, call for a consultation and testing today.

Blaurock-Bush E., Mineralstofftherapie in der Behandlung verhaltensgestorter Hyperkinetiker. Naturheilpraxis Oct. 1987.

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