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hat Doctors Don't Tell You

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Last week, we had a query from a mother whose teenage daughter has recently developed psoriasis on her face. The reader is so worried about her daughter being bullied at school for this that she has decided to teach her at home instead. But before she resorts to this drastic measure, she may want to try one of the many suggestions sent in by other readers to treat psoriasis. Firstly, topical creams may help _ but be sure they are free from chemicals that could otherwise worsen the condition. Try Chickweed or Stellaria cream, suggests a homeopath. There is also available on the NHS the Elena's Nature range of creams developed to treat a variety of skin problems including psoriasis, eczema and acne ( Several readers, including a WDDTY team member, have managed to treat their skin troubles with Elena's products. Other options include propolis cream, aloe vera or olive oil. One reader says a friend of hers who had suffered psoriasis for years and had unsuccessfully tried several medical treatments finally got rid of her problem with good quality extra virgin olive oil. She applies the oil after a bath and has remained symptom free for nine months now. Other solutions that have helped psoriasis sufferers heal their condition include sunlight (although moderation is the key when it comes to the sun), Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) capsules, Kombucha tea, . One reader suggests that the child's psoriasis could be due to a distressed emotional state and taking her away from school will only reinforce the negativity of the problem and aggravate the condition even further. Instead, try relaxation techniques or get her into yoga. Diet may also play a crucial role in managing psoriasis. Cut out all refined foods such as white flour, white rice, white pasta and white sugar. Eliminate all processed snacks, cereals, foods containing artificial flavourings or preservatives. Try a strict macrobiotic diet for at least six months to allow the toxins to work their way out of her system. Make sure there is plenty of fresh fruit and veg, but avoid nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and aubergines. Drink plenty of water. Boost the child's dietary intake of 'good' oils such as black currant, evening primrose, hemp or fish. To learn more about the disease and natural alternatives to healing psoriasis, go to
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