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ental Wellness: Frequently Asked Questions #14
When I chew, I have pain. What should I do?

© Jacob Trager DDS

Pain is an important diagnostic tool and can be a powerful ally in the fight against dental disease. However, we live in a pain phobic society. Hyped many times a day to drugs that allay pain, we often lose the powerful message pain can bring.

I look at pain as an intensity of feeling, not to be feared, but looked at as a guide and as a messenger for what the body is trying to tell us. Painful chewing is usually the result of prolonged imbalance especially from incorrect chewing. This induces stresses and strains beyond the normal resilient limits the mouth possesses.

Another big factor is poor dental work, where filling, crowns and bridges don't fit properly and interfere with normal chewing and function.

Another problem is that pain may be referred from one area of the body to another.

Working with a sensitive professional is usually indicated to help interpret and discern the message of pain. Look at all the causes before treating the pain symptom, or you may miss a golden opportunity to truly get to the core of the disease.

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