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 Magnetic Therapy : The Eastern European Experience with Medical Magnetics 
The purpose of this presentation is to summarize some of the results of research on magnetic fields, conducted over 30 years in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europeans have been using various forms of magnetic fields for number of medical conditions over at the least a 30 year period of time. They have written in their own languages about their experiences. This literature has been translated by Dr. Jeri Jerabek and compiled into English in a book called "Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: a review of 30 years of research " by Dr Jerabek and me. This is still the most extensive review of clinical research literature available on clinical magnetic fields in published form in English. This work forms the basis of a considerable body of evidence for the many beneficial effects of various kinds of magnetic fields in humans and animals.

While there have been many kinds of studies performed, there have been numerous studies performed in a controlled fashion. Some of the areas studied this way, include:

Brain neurosecretion
Breast fissures
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic bronchitis
Controlled Studies Animals
Corneal trauma
Femoral artery surgery
Increased circulation
Infected skin wounds
Ischemic heart disease
Limb grafts
Liver function
Post-ischemic injury
Post-partum breast engorgement
Post-partum uterine involution
Pre-op healing
Reduced clotting
RNA synthesis

This summary will encompass a review of some of the findings published in this book for various diseases and/or body systems.

Peripheral vascular diseases
Peripheral vascular disease is a very common consequence of atherosclerosis of the blood vessels. Atherosclerosis begins often in 40-year olds and obviously extends into late adulthood. It is generally crippling, restricts activity and may require major surgery. Extensive atherosclerosis is especially common in diabetes. In one placebo-controlled trial, 12 to 15 exposures for 20 minutes, either too, the lower thoracic spine or locally to the lower extremities, objective measures of walking distance were studied. Other objective measures were also examined. The severity of restriction of walking, is indicative of the severity of vascular blockage. 30 to 40% of the treatment groups responded to the therapies, at a better level than the placebo group. Local exposure produced the best results. Even better results were found with the use of a therapeutic exercise, and the magnetic fields. Lee's results were true even patients with diabetic neuropathy, with the fields applied locally to the lower extremities.

When sinusoidal feels were compared to static magnetic fields, applied for 20 minutes over 25 sessions, the benefit was dependent on the stage of the disease at presentation. 87% versus 81% of the sinusoidal treatments over the static field treatments were beneficial. Several of the static field patients actually continued to worsen. Patients with advanced disease had that no subjective or objective improvement in their symptoms. Relief was reported from eight to 10 months following the treatments.

Microcirculation improvement is seen as one of the basic mechanisms of action for many of the results seen on circulation and vascular conditions. Edema is often associated with vascular disease and other conditions. Edema frequently contributes to difficulty in improvements of tissue circulation and healing. Significant edema often leads to tissue breakdown with the development of ulcers. A very common finding with magnetic field therapies is the reduction of edema and often rapid tissue healing. Vascular flow can improve by as much as 15% in some patients, indicative of vascular tone improvement. In one extensive series of studies in over 3000 individuals, with exposures last thing tens of minutes up to 30 times, with either static or pulsed magnetic fields, to the cervical spinal area produced an increased number of open capillaries in the nail beds of even the hands. One of the actions that may have contributed to some of these benefits was a reduction in coagulation parameters, due mainly to suppression of platelet function. Increased numbers of exposures led to continued improvements.

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 About The Author
William Pawluk, MD, MSc, is an Asssistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He is a board certified family physician with training in acupuncture, nutritional/herbal medicine, homeopathy, hypnosis and body......more
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