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Which of the following in NOT a direct benefit of a regular walking regimen?
Reduce Stress
Improved immune function
Achieving ideal weight.
Improved sugar metabolism

 Herbal Medicine: Herbal Cancer Therapies 

The following outline covers the therapeutic categories most often recommended in western herbal practice.

Overview of popular herbal protocols:


  • Live foods (purifying diet): wheat grass juice, carrot juice, raw fruits, vegetables; avoid cooked foods
  • Macrobiotic diet: brown rice, millet, other grains, vegetables, mostly cooked; avoid raw foods, sugar Building diet: fish, chicken (20%), whole grains (40%), lightly cooked vegetables (30%), concentrated foods--dairy, nuts, seeds (5%), comfort foods (5%)

"Blood purifiers"
  • Red clover compound
  • Essiac
  • Hoxey formula

Protein-shock (mitogen) therapy
  • Enderlein therapy
  • Mistletoe, poke, venoms, carnivora
  • Compound Q

"Herbal Chemotherapy"
  • Laetrile (vit. B-17)
  • Chaparral
  • Sanguinaria

"Host immune modulators (herbal bone-marrow transplant)"
Astragalus (spleen tonic)

External preparations: Escarotic salves, anti-cancer herbs

Castor oil
Poke oil

With Deficient Conformation:
1. Macro or building diet
2. Protein-shock therapy
3. Host immune modulators

With Excess or Normal conformation:
In younger people, or robust people, usually with excess, warming diet (meat, sugar, stimulants, processed food).
1. Diet: live foods, purifying, then macro
2. Blood purifiers: red clover combo
3. Protein-shock therapy
3. Herbal Chemotherapy
4. Host immune modulators (with caution)

Breast Cancer

Identify and eliminate as many risk factors as possible:
  • sugar
  • Xanthine-containing beverages, foods
  • pesticides, food additives, estrogenic foods, alcoholic beverages, electromagnetic radiation, etc.

Chinese Patent formulas for Breast Cancer:
  • Lithospermum & Oyster Shell (T.K. (blood tonic), Oyster shell, Astragalus (tonify spleen), Lithospermum (dispel blood heat), Peony (blood tonic), Rhubarb, Licorice, Cnidium (blood tonic), Cimicifuga, Lonicera (dispel heat poisoning)]
  • T.K. 16 herb combo
  • W.T.T.C.
  • Major 6 herb combo: ginseng, pinellia, jujube, atractylodes, citrus, licorice, hoelen, ginger. (tonic formula)
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 About The Author
Christopher Hobbs LAc, AHG Christopher Hobbs is a fourth generation herbalist and botanist with over 30 years experience with herbs. Founder of Native Herb Custom Extracts (now Rainbow Light Custom Extracts) and the Institute for Natural Products......more
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