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Medicial Mistakes Quiz
How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
egetarian: Healthy Recipes

Great Healthy Recipes for Vegetarian


 Black Beans with Marinated Tomatoes - Vegetarian Recipe
 Black Chana with Mustard Oil
 Red Beans and Rice

 Coconut Milk-Watermelon Shake
 Homemade Coconut Milk

Breads & Muffins
 Hazelnut Bread
 Jalapeno Cornbread

Breakfast Foods
 Avocado-Apple Yogurt with Flaxseed
 No-Cholesterol French Toast
 Super Oatmeal

Cakes & Pies
 Chocolate Cake

 Baked Onions with Lentil-Zucchini-Mash
 Lentil-Zucchini Mash with Nigella Seeds and Roasted Sesame Oil
 Mungbeans & Rice with Veggies
 Onion-Green Chile Bake

 Curried Peas
 Hot and Spicy Cauliflower
 Pakora Curry

 Baked Bananas with Sweet, Sour, and Spicy Sauce
 Coconut-Apple Sorbet
 Dairy Free Banana-Apple Ice Cream
 Delectable Dessert Crepes
 Fabulous Apple-Rhubarb-Pie with Oats
 Keeper Key Lime-White Chocolate-Cheese Pie
 No-Bake Mint Chocolate Cheesecake
 Rose Petal Pears with Maple-Lemon Sauce
 Sizzling Cinnamon Apple Slices

Dips & Sauces
 Khalsa Salsa
 White Bean Dip with Lemon and Garlic

 Moroccan Vegetable Couscous

Healing Foods
 Garlic - The Stinking Healer!

Rice Dishes
 Sweet and Sour Almonds on Rice
 Triple Chili Veggie Pilau

 Cole Slaw
 Orange and Black-Eyed Pea Salad

Side Dishes
 Celeriac Fries

 Baja Borscht
 Beet And Nori Soup with a Touch of Licorice
 Creamy Carrot Soup
 Garlic, Miso and Parsley Soup
 Quick Black Bean Soup - Vegetarian Recipe
 Santa Fe Special Soup
 Tomato and Lentil Soup

 Black Olive Mash
 Hummus Sandwich Spread
 Onion Cream
 Sweet Potato Mash with Lemon and Baked Garlic
 Tomato Cream

 Aromatic Carrots and Beets
 Blissful Beets
 Simple Beet Recipes
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