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 Holistic Pediatric Alliance: Practitioner Search 
Search results below - 3 members found
Welcome to the Holistic Pediatric Alliance (HPA) Membership Directory. The HPA is a non-profit, educational membership organization. Our members are holistic practitioners who work with children and are dedicated to an approach to pediatric care that focuses on the principles of health, wellness, and the safe resolution of illness.

The HPA has not verified the credentials or claims of its members. We encourage parents to interview practitioners to determine whether any individual health care provider will meet your needs and expectations. If you do not find a practitioner right away, please check back since we are adding new members regularly.

If you are a practitioner and would like to join the HPA and be listed in this directory, please visit

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Holistic Pediatric Alliance
Search Results

Christine Hardy
655 Du Bois, Suite F
San Rafael, CA 94518
Phone: 415-257-3099 
Status: Students

Areas of Specialization: I am a Holistic Nutrition Educator who utilizes vitamins, herbs, and whole foods to heal clients, child-adult. I also do guest speaking at parent groups, work as a nutrition advisor at Elephant Pharmacy, and I as a clinical nutritionist at Metabolic Nutrition in San Rafael where health is determind by proper ph balance.

Modalities Used: nutrition

Philosphy/Description: The lifestyle of Holistic Nutrition is vital for the health or our planet and our children. I believe that good nutrition begins in the womb-this is the foundation that the child will build on from their entire lives. This comes with empowering parents through nutrition education so that they may make healthy food choices for their children to prevent malnutrition and disease.

Education: MA in Holistic Nutrition, Certified Nutrition Educator: AA degree and B.S. degree completed.

Oded Herbsman MD
49 Crestwood Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 809-9163 
Status: Licensed

Areas of Specialization: Pediatric Hospitalist

Modalities Used: Acupuncture, allopathic treatment

Philosphy/Description: Integrative medicine

Education: Duke University school of medicine/ Academy of pain research acupunture and herbal courses: MD

Dr. Barbara Newlon DO
818 5th Avenue, Suite 202
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone: (415) 459-2522 
Status: Licensed

Areas of Specialization: Pediatric Osteopathy incorporating the cranial concept; classical homeopathy; pregnant and post-partum women

Modalities Used: cranial manipulation, homeopathy, osteopathic manipulation

Philosphy/Description: Cranial Osteopathy releases restricted motion of bones, membranes, fluids, organs, ligaments and muscles. It treats colic, failure to suck, reflux, misshappen head, torticollis, chronic ear infections, speech impediments and poor sleep patterns.

Education: Metropolitan State College, Denver; Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville, MO: B.S., D.O.

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