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 Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance: Practitioner Search 
Search results below - 116 members found
Welcome to the Acupuncture Alliance Referral Service. The Acupuncture Alliance is a membership organization composed of individuals and organizations who use acupuncture and Oriental medicine principles in their work or lives. This Referral Service is provided as a free public service for individuals who wish to locate a comprehensively trained, state licensed or national board certified practitioner of acupuncture or Oriental medicine.

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
Search Results

Lourdes Alvarez-Alberni
Miami, FL 33176

Shiva Anasseri
Miami, FL 33116

Fernando Bernall
Miami, FL 33165-2458

James Bernat
Miami, FL 33155-2055

Min Bian
Miami, FL 33155

Richard Browne
Miami, FL 33176-2946

Jose Cardentey
Miami, FL 33193

Adrian Castro
Miami, FL 33145

Farrar Celada
Miami, FL 33119-0247

Steven Chasens
Miami, FL 33133

Youwei Chen
Miami, FL 33125-2476

Xiao Fang Cheng
Miami, FL 33186-1570

Linda Chin
Miami, FL 33183-1036

Victor Chin
Miami, FL 33183-1036

Man Li Ching
Miami, FL 33162-4730

Aidan You Yung Chiu
Miami, FL 33162-2303

Wei-Chyun Chung
Miami, FL 33156-7461

Nancy Clark
Miami, FL 33181-3140

Marleen Colangelo
Miami, FL 33176

George Cole
Miami, FL 33161-6358

Juana Cruz
Miami, FL 33155

Lillian Cuebas Goty
Miami, FL 33175

Ralph Dale
Miami, FL 33160-3540

Anastasio Del Rio
Miami, FL 33165-7940

You An Deng
Miami, FL 33162-1220

Shufeng Ding
Miami, FL 33173-3867

Zi Cai Feng
Miami, FL 33157-2164

Anne Fischer
Miami, FL 33173-3512

Ruben Font
Miami, FL 33167-4023

Sri Foster
Miami, FL 33156

Luis Fuentes
Miami, FL 33156-2650

Theresa Galivan
Miami, FL 33176-1137

Berta Garcia
Miami, FL 33177

Gloria Garcia
Miami, FL 33179

Maria Garza
Miami, FL 33145

Karen Gordon
Miami, FL 33143

Isaac Goren
Miami, FL 33143-5502

Robin Grayson
Miami, FL 33156

Jiao He
Miami, FL 33156-1546

Zhong Hong
Miami, FL 33155

Blanca Ivory
Miami, FL 33156

May Jian
Miami, FL 33156

Ma Joian
Miami, FL 33156

Sherry Kagan
Miami, FL 33155

Sara Kane
Miami, FL 33161

Sandra Kaplan
Miami, FL 33179

Terre Larsen
Miami, FL 33162-2931

Cynthia Larson
Miami, FL 33138

Michael Lemus
Miami, FL 33155-4882

Luis Ley
Miami, FL 33165

Amnery Ley
Miami, FL 33155-3355

Zhong Li
Miami, FL 33173

Xiuming Li
Miami, FL 33138-5216

Dong Yun Liang
Miami, FL 33160-1917

Dong Yun Liang
Miami, FL 33156

Sophie Lo
Miami, FL 33156-7461

Denise London
Miami, FL 33183-1336

Ronald Lorenzana
Miami, FL 33176-1264

Wei Lu
Miami, FL 33176-6009

Charlotte Mandell
Miami, FL 33158-1377

Philippe Manicom
Miami, FL 33145-2923

Lionel Mayers
Miami, FL 33157-1350

Rosalee McCurdy
Miami, FL 33157-4129

Zyad Mohammed
Miami, FL 33165

Monica Moreno
Miami, FL 33186-3946

Daniel Nevel
Miami, FL 33162-1632

Justin Newman
Miami, FL 33143

Andrew Ng-a-Foe
Miami, FL 33183

Karin Pappas
Miami, FL 33156-3838

Grace Pau
Miami, FL 33180

Lynn Perrine
Miami, FL 33116

Otilia Poltarack
Miami, FL 33155-3245

Felix Quevedo
Miami, FL 33175-6447

Marcia Rebelo
Miami, FL 33157

Russell Rogg
Miami, FL 33189-1833

Lilleen Rohe
Miami, FL 33157

Melvin Sabree
Miami, FL 33147

John Sacco
Miami, FL 33177

Joann Sachi
Miami, FL 33140

Beatriz Salcedo
Miami, FL 33179

Mary Scholder
Miami, FL 33176

David Schweizer
Miami, FL 33155-6338

Amy Sear
Miami, FL 33138

Susan Seiderman
Miami, FL 33243

Charles Seipp
Miami, FL 33155

Hui Shao
Miami, FL 33156

Tao Sheng
Miami, FL 33156

Whei-Chue Shih
Miami, FL 33173

Santiago Sifre
Miami, FL 33143-7158

Jackie Simms
Miami, FL 33155

Sallie Smithwick
Miami, FL 33143

David Sontag
Miami, FL 33138-2239

Darlene Southey
Miami, FL 33173-5303

Elizabeth Spees
Miami, FL 33143

Tamara Stefanoff
Miami, FL 33157

Lie Liu Sun
Miami, FL 33155-1138

Malgorzata Szwajka-Sroka
Miami, FL 33173

Xiaolin Tan
Miami, FL 33156-2559

Herman Vega
Miami, FL 33134

Corey Victor
Miami, FL 33173-1611

Yu Wei Hua
Miami, FL 33155

David Weinthal
Miami, FL 33138

Karen Weitzman
Miami, FL 33176

Suzanne Wendelkin
Miami, FL 33176-3835

Judith Worsley
Miami, FL 33175-4429

Donnie Wu
Miami, FL 33176-1530

Shan Wu
Miami, FL 33156-1604

Zhenzhen Wu
Miami, FL 33156

Zong Lan Xu
Miami, FL 33186-3959

Tangerine Young
Miami, FL 33176

Ana Young
Miami, FL 33156

Van Nhat Yuan
Miami, FL 33155-3250

Wanda Zeda
Miami, FL 33181

Yuhua Zhao
Miami, FL 33156-7461

Hua Zhou
Miami, FL 33176-5646

James Zhou
Miami, FL 33143

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