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 Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance: Practitioner Search 
Search results below - 100 members found
Welcome to the Acupuncture Alliance Referral Service. The Acupuncture Alliance is a membership organization composed of individuals and organizations who use acupuncture and Oriental medicine principles in their work or lives. This Referral Service is provided as a free public service for individuals who wish to locate a comprehensively trained, state licensed or national board certified practitioner of acupuncture or Oriental medicine.

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
Search Results

Johanna Alper
Boulder, CO 80301

Marc Arnold
Boulder, CO 80304-0461

Bertrand Babinet
Boulder, CO 80302

Alexander Ballard
Boulder, CO 80304

Wolf Becker
Boulder, CO 80301-1208

David Bent
Boulder, CO 80304

Jason Blalack
Boulder, CO 80303

Barbara Blunt
Boulder, CO 80304

Marc Brinkman
Boulder, CO 80304

Carol Cannon
Boulder, CO 80302

Susannah Carleton
Boulder, CO 80302-7707

Charles Chace
Boulder, CO 80301

David Chagala
Boulder, CO 80304-0759

Angela Cicero
Boulder, CO 80301-1360

Jane Cohen
Boulder, CO 80301-5434

Ellen Dale
Boulder, CO 80302

Jeffrey Dann
Boulder, CO 80305

Qiang Dong
Boulder, CO 80301-3339

Jan Dunn
Boulder, CO 80303

DeBritt Ealey
Boulder, CO 80301-3729

Una Echt
Boulder, CO 80301

Beth Emming
Boulder, CO 80302

Erik Flatland
Boulder, CO 80303

Thomas Fowler
Boulder, CO 80301

Douglas Frank
Boulder, CO 80304

Jake Fratkin
Boulder, CO 80303

James Galbiati
Boulder, CO 80304

Terrence Goergen
Boulder, CO 80302-6321

Amelia Greacen
Boulder, CO 80304

Gina Gulino
Boulder, CO 80302

Imetai Henderson
Boulder, CO 80304-1238

Andrew Henderson
Boulder, CO 80302

Elizabeth Holmes
Boulder, CO 80304-0834

Pao-Chin Huang
Boulder, CO 80304

Wendy Humphrey
Boulder, CO 80304-3749

Susanne Jones
Boulder, CO 80305

Marybeth Keigher
Boulder, CO 80304

Mark Kelleher
Boulder, CO 80301-3128

Stephanie Kelsey
Boulder, CO 80302-5005

Lee Knowlton
Boulder, CO 80306

Gerri Korri
Boulder, CO 80306-4013

Lori Laingor
Boulder, CO 80302

Cynthia Lam
Boulder, CO 80304

Marco Lam
Boulder, CO 80304

Carla Leftwich
Boulder, CO 80304

Marc Leveque
Boulder, CO 80301-6005

Karen Levine
Boulder, CO 80301

Rosina Leysath
Boulder, CO 80302

Sandra Lillie L.Ac.
1321 5th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303/440-3492 
Affiliation: AOMALLIANCE Professional Member
Signer of the Seattle Statement: Emotional Disorders, Five Element, Japanese Acupuncture
: Seattle Statement Supporter

Yong Liu
Boulder, CO 80303-4229

Yun-Tao Ma
Boulder, CO 80301

James Macritchie
Boulder, CO 80301

Barbara Mahler
Boulder, CO 80304

Janine Malcolm
Boulder, CO 80303-1244

Mary Malkiel
Boulder, CO 80304

Andrew Maloney
Boulder, CO 80302

Rebecca Maret
Boulder, CO 80301

Maureen McNicholl
Boulder, CO 80302

Eric Meleney
Boulder, CO 80304-3532

Mary Ellen Metke
Boulder, CO 80301

Ty Miller
Boulder, CO 80304

Kimberly Millison
Boulder, CO 80306

Lynn Norberg
Boulder, CO 80301

Stephen Oakley
Boulder, CO 90301-1036

Erin Pass
Boulder, CO 80305

Robert Pasternak
Boulder, CO 80304

Ken Paul
Boulder, CO 80301

Julie Rae
Boulder, CO 80301

Nancy Rao
Boulder, CO 80304-0562

Grady Reaves
Boulder, CO 80306

Johannah Reilly
Boulder, CO 80301-1244

Thomas Ripoll-Bunn
Boulder, CO 80304-1852

Elise Sachs L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.&CH
3405 Penrose, Suite 103
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303/ 931-8272 Fax: 303/ 442-0746
Affiliation: AOMALLIANCE Professional Member
Signer of the Seattle Statement: Digestive Disorders, Emotional Disorders, Women's Health

Michael Sasnow
Boulder, CO 80303

Mary Saunders
Boulder, CO 80304

David Scrimgfour
Boulder, CO 80302-5054

Alicia Segal
Boulder, CO 80301

Jae Shim
Boulder, CO 80304

Carol Sidell
Boulder, CO 80302

Paul Smiddy
Boulder, CO 80302

Leonard Socolov
Boulder, CO 80301-1014

Kathleen Spellman
Boulder, CO 80301-2148

Lori Springer
Boulder, CO 80302

Rita Stanford Dipl.Ac., L.Ac., CMT
3000 Pearl St., Ste. 200
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303/759-2671 
Affiliation: AOMALLIANCE Professional Member
Signer of the Seattle Statement: Digestive Disorders, Allergies/Environmental Disorders, Women's Health, Pain

Eva Stanley
Boulder, CO 80301

Anna Stedman
Boulder, CO 80301

Bradley Stephens
Boulder, CO 80302

Scott Storrie
Boulder, CO 80302

Lisa Temple
Boulder, CO 80302

Lora Terres L.Ac.
1350 Pine Street #5
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-449-9800 
Affiliation: AOMAlliance Professional Member

Robert Tozzi
Boulder, CO 80304-3620

Emilia Vilensky
Boulder, CO 80301

Lawrence Welsh
Boulder, CO 80304

Ann Wolman
Boulder, CO 80304

Mary Wright
Boulder, CO 80302

Pei Yan
Boulder, CO 80303-4229

Robin Zdravkovic
Boulder, CO 80302-5868

Jiayu Zhang
Boulder, CO 80301-1433

Hui Zhang
Boulder, CO 80301-1306

Mingying Zhou
Boulder, CO 80301-1024

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