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Wellness Inventory Certification Training
     September 16-December 16, 2014
     Teleclass, CA USA
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From Fatigued to Fantastic
Lower Your Cholesterol—Naturally
It is important to recognize that even though cholesterol gets a lot of attention, it is not necessarily the most important (or even an especially significant) factor in preventing heart disease. Other...  more
The Nut Gourmet
Buddy Up with Nuts
Nuts - you’ve just gotta love ’em. They’re the friendly food that brings you many more benefits than you expected. Be a good buddy to nuts, invite them to breakfast, lunch, or dinner and discover the...  more
Healthy Hair
To shampoo or not shampoo that is the question
It is important not to be fooled by natural claims by shampoo manufacturers, as most shampoos are highly synthetic and are really closer to a detergent - the same stuff you use to wash your clothes! It is...  more
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March 21, 2011 - Vol. 21, Issue 10

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Become a Certified Wellness Coach - Training Starts April 6
Register & Reserve Your Space Now!

Wellness Inventory The goal of the Wellness Inventory Certification Training is to accelerate your own personal growth process, while creating wellness coaching skills and competence in delivering the Wellness Inventory ( program to your clients, patients, or employees, and supporting them in creating sustainable lifestyle change. The next training will begin in April 6, 2011.
Level I of the training runs for 14 weeks. Level II, the Holographic Coaching Practicum, is 7 weeks. Graduates of the two levels of the training receive the designation of Certified Wellness Inventory Coach.

Developed for wellness and life coaches, health, wellness and spa professionals, the training is delivered via a live phone teleconference. The trainings are approved by the International Coach Federation for 42 CCEs, as well as for 42 hours towards the Board Certifed Coach (BCC) credential. Daytime and evening classes. Payment plans available.

Certification Training Testimonials Interview Facebook
For more information contact Jim Strohecker at 310-823-9553 or


American College of Emergency Physicians Slams Blame to Patient Trend
Aiming to stop a trend in which emergency patients are blamed for the nation's high health care costs, Dr. Sandra Schneider, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), today issued a statement reporting that emergency care amounts to only 3 percent of all the health care spending each year in the United States, and that focusing on emergency care as a source of waste in the health care system is counterproductive, as are efforts to keep a small subset of emergency      View more

Military Calls for a New Holistic Paradigm for Total Force Fitness
Admiral Michael Mullen, the Chairman to the Joint Chiefs of Staff has called for a "21st century definition of fitness that recognizes the importance of a more holistic paradigm that balances performance and readiness with health and well-being." The result is in a special supplement to Military Medicine, "Total Force Fitness for the 21st Century: A New Paradigm." The Wellness Inventory received a two page profile as the first of four "exemplar" assessments featured in the article, "A Survey of MultiDimensional Health and Fitness Indexes."      View more

Audio Interview with Wellness Inventory Coach Certification Training Co-Creators, Jim Strohecker and Bobbie Burdettt
This one hour interview was part of the Coaching Niche Telesummit. The interview covers focuses on the Wellness Inventory Certification Training and Holographic Coaching Practicum, and covers the trainings wellness philosophy, the Wellness Inventory, the unique wellness coaching process, the holographic change process, and practical details about the trainings.      Listen to Interview      More about the Certification Training

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Contact or 310-823-9553.

More health news...
To keep up-to-date with news in the world of health and medicine, visit Healthy News and the Healthy News Archive.

WEBINAR: "CREATING WELLNESS" - March 16, 2011  (7-8 ET)

Are you ready to focus on creating wellness rather than focusing on disease and risk management? Are you looking for an innovative, holistic approach to wellness?

Learn how the Wellness Inventory program (, a whole person model for sustainable lifestyle change, can support your clients, patients, or employees in improving their level of overall personal wellbeing. We will also discuss our coach certification training. Health practitioners, nurses, social workers, wellness and life coaches, as well as fitness, spa, and wellness professionals welcome.

To register, contact:

For more information, contact or call 310-823-9553.

When: Wednesday March 16, 2011 - 7:00-8:00 pm ET   (6-7 CT, 5-6 MT, 4-5 PT)
Cost: Free

Presenter: Jim Strohecker, President, HealthWorld Online, & co-creator, Wellness Inventory Certification Training


ASEA: What Your Body Craves
Get Your Free Samples Now

FOR THE ATHLETE IN ALL OF US: Yoga and Fitness Focused,
Work-Out Moms, Weekend Warriors, Serious Athletes and Pros

Redox Signaling: Two words that are key to more energy and vitality, increased performance, endurance, recovery, and high-level fitness. You may not know what these words mean but for those who do it has changed their lives for the better, and made the difference between winning and losing, or personal best. To get your free samples, click here:

To learn more about how this amazing scientific breakthrough can greatly enhance your health, life, and athletic performance, go to: and


Continuing our Wellness Journey -"Commununicating"
This week our journey focuses on the power of Communicating, the 9th of 12 keys to wellness drawn from the Wellness Inventory whole person assessment program. This section focuses almost exclusively on verbal communication, exploring the dynamics of how people talk to themselves and one another. It also looks at the breakdowns in communication that can occur. As you come to understand and appreciate this process, you may simultaneously understand and appreciate yourself. The clearer the channel (you), the better the possibilities for a meaningful encounter--a dynamic energy exchange.      View more

Simply Well - "Cultivate Sanity through Silence" - John W. Travis, MD, MPH
The noise pollution of modern society grows more strident every year. Rest and quiet are necessary when you are healing from illness, as well as when you simply want to renew yourself. In "Cultivate Sanity through Silence" John W. Travis, M.D., M.P.H., offers you helpful hints for how you can nourish yourself in a quieter home by eliminating some unnecessary noise.      View more

Staying Healthy Tips - "10 Tips for Eating Healthy at Work & School" - Elson Haas, MD
Everyday choices impact the quality of your health. In "10 Tips for Eating Healthy at Work & School" Elson M. Haas, M.D. addresses how to effectively change habits to those that support your health, vitality, and optimum weight.      View more


Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetener - 0 Calories,
0 Glycemic Index - The Natural Choice

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to SweetLeaf Sweetener made from stevia, the naturally sweet South American herb that is 30 times sweeter than sugar and has 0 calories, and is safe for diabetics.
SweetLeaf SteviaPlus Packets, great for sweetening hot drinks, has ZERO calories, ZERO carbohydrates, ZERO Glycemic Index and ZERO chemicals! Or, you might prefer SteviaClear liquid sweetener or one of the 12 Liquid Flavors, including Vanilla Cream, English Toffee, Valenia Orange, Root Beer, and more.
Join the stevia revolution - start sweetening beverages and cooking with stevia!

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From Fatigued to Fantastic - "Iodine Deficiency — An Old Epidemic is Back" - Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
The issue of iodine deficiency will be growing in importance over the coming decade. This is occurring for a number of reasons. The current RDA for iodine is ~ 150 mcg/day. Much of this comes from iodine added to salt. Unfortunately, most of the salt used in food processing does not have iodine, and people are using less salt at home (the stuff that is iodized) because of the misguided medical advice (except in those with heart failure) to avoid salt. People who eat more salt live longer.      View more

Dr. Christine Horner's Natural Secrets for Breast Health - "Breast Health Tip #6: Vitamin D"
Most famous for making bones and teeth strong by helping the body to effectively use calcium and phosphorous, vitamin D has another notable talent. In "Breast Health Tip #6: Vitamin D" Christine Horner, M.D., F.A.C.S explains how vitamin D protects against and fights breast cancer. How it helps to make a woman's breast cells more resistant to toxins, decreases the ability of breast cells to divide, stops tumor cells from growing, causes the death of tumor cells, prevents new blood vessels from growing into a tumor, and boosts the immune system.     View more

Integrator Blog - "Integrative Medicine and Integrated Health Care Round-up_#41: March 2011"
Nutrition Business Journal estimates size of integrative practitioner market by discipline ... Patients of general practitioners who use CAM cost less and live longer than those of conventional doctors in Netherlands study ... Clinicians note: NCCAM's 3rd strategic plan begins to honor "real world" mandate ... CAHCIM changes name of 2012 research conference ... Palmer-Rand-Samueli group receives $7.4 million for study of chiropractic in the military readiness ... Sebelius in strong endorsement of chiropractors ...      View more

"The Integrator Blog" offers News, Reports, Opinions and Networking for the Business, Education, Policy and Practice of Integrative Medicine, CAM and Integrative Health Care, from Publisher/Editor John Weeks. Find an Herbal Medicine Practitioner
Looking for a practitioner specializing in herbal medicine? Search the Herbalism section which includes the American Herbalists Guild member database in HealthWorld's Find a Practitioner Network. The network contains searchable directories with over 17,000 professionals from 20 leading professional associations in complementary/alternative and integrative medicine.
Find an Herbal Medicine Practitioner             Find a Practitioner Home


Mind Power Rx - Optimal Mind Support
Mind Power Developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D., bestselling author of Mind Boosters: Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood, Mind Power Rx helps improve mental alertness and wakefulness along with boosting mental stamina. Many people notice being more focused and able to concentrate better. The dozen or more herbs and nutrients found in Mind Power Rx support neurotransmitter function, improve blood flow to the brain, support enzymatic and metabolic function in nerve cells, and act as neuronal antioxidants. If you have tried single brain nutrients or combinations that left you unsatisfied, overstimulated, or on edge and restless, it is time you do yourself a favor and try Mind Power Rx, a highly popular and respected, doctor-formulated formula with 18 different herbs and nutrients balanced delicately to provide smooth and healthy mind support.
View more.


Raw Food Materia Medica - "Pomegrate" - Brigitte Mars
"Flax Oil: Eat Like the Roman and Exhibit Strength, Stamina, Mental Clarity and Beauty!"

Pomegrate is a member of the Henna Family. It is sweet and sour and considered a yin tonic that builds the kidneys, liver, blood and bladder. Scientists have evidence that pomegranate has anti-aging properties, can help prevent cancer and hardening of the arteries. It is used therapeutically for arthritis, bladder infection, diarrhea, intestinal worms (especially tapeworm), weak gums, liver congestion, mouth sores, and helps to encourage creativity.     View More      Full Raw Food Materia Medica View

The Nut Gourmet - "Cool Quinoa Salad" - Zell Allen
A delicious, eye-appealing salad for a hearty family meal or the buffet table, this colorful medley of quinoa, broccoli, black beans, and fresh dill counts on toasted pecans to add the finishing touch. Serve it warm, immediately after preparation, or chill it and serve later.      View More


The Healer Within - "Self-Applied Massage of the Feet" - Roger Jahnke, OMD
Every original culture on the planet earth has a system of "hands on" healing. In western cultures this is generally called massage. As the movement toward alternatives to drugs and surgery progresses, massage will emerge as one of our primary new, while actually ancient, therapeutic modalities. Hospitals, and even corporations, are hiring massage therapists to help with healing and to prevent the negative impacts of stress. In "Self-Applied Massage of the Feet" Dr. Roger Jahnke explains how to do self-applied massage to the feet.      View more

Mind-Body Health: "Rx: Halting Time Pressure" - David Sobel, MD
For most of us, the modern-day world seems to be spinning faster and faster. Computers, faxes, pagers, car phones and automated tellers, far from saving time, seem to add pressure. According to a Harris survey, in 1990, the average American had 37% less leisure time than in 1973. "Leisure" time is crammed full of activities, commitments, and responsibilities. Even our children feel the pressure of a chock-full day: school, music lessons, soccer practice, and homework, reports Dr. David Sobel in "Rx: Halting Time Pressure."      View more


A Holistic Approach to Employee Wellness & Performance
Are you ready to focus on creating wellness rather than focusing on disease and risk management? Are you looking for a fresh and innovative approach to employee wellness? The Wellness Inventory is a holistic assessment and life-balance program designed to help individuals to gain personal insight into their state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The program then offers guidance and tools to transform this new awareness into lasting changes in their lives, and a renewed sense of health and wellbeing.

Created by wellness pioneer John W. Travis, MD, MPH, and e-health pioneer, HealthWorld Online, the Wellness Inventory is licensed in by companies and organizations in the corporate, healthcare, educational, and government sectors. Are you ready to create a "culture of wellness" in your company or organization?

Overview for Employee Wellness                                      Facebook 

Contact Jim Strohecker: 310-823-9553 or


Wellness Inventory Kick the Caffeine Habit This Year - Destress with Teeccino Caffeine Free Herbal Coffee
Coffee drinkers may be surprised to learn that herbal coffee actually has nutritional benefits which help nourish and keep the body healthy. Coffee, on the other hand, only supplies the drug, caffeine, which stimulates your adrenal glands but does not provide energy - actually it could deplete the body's energy reserves. Teeccino, the first herbal coffee on the market, is a blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted, ground and brewed just like coffee. Dark, rich, and full-bodied, Teeccino brings you all the satisfaction of a robust brew with no caffeine reaction. Teeccino tastes mildly sweet from dates and figs, with only 15 calories per cup.      View more.


Wellness Training at the National Wellness Conference (NWC)
Wellness Inventory Wellness professionals can choose from more than 15 certification and intensive programs during the 36th Annual NWC, hosted by the National Wellness Institute, July 16-21, 2011, in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Receive certifications in worksite wellness or coaching, or participate in Intensive trainings in Motivational Interviewing, Spring Forest Qigong, and water workout leadership to coaching, stress management, mental fitness training, and more. During the Main Conference (July 18-21), you'll experience one-of-a-kind wellness training (65+ breakout sessions to choose from!), community building opportunities, and unforgettable personal renewal. Save when you register for the Main Conference by March 15! Plus, enter code NWC36HN to SAVE $50 more off your full Main Conference online registration. Visit, e-mail, or call 715.342.2969 for more information or to register.

Licensing Wellness Inventory Certification Training Visit us on Facebook

For more information contact Jim Strohecker at 310-823-9553 or

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  • The Natural Standard: The Authority on Integrative Medicine


    Featured Event

    36th Annual National Wellness Conference
    Growing Wellness
    July 18-21, 2011
    Pre-conference Workshops - July 16-17, 2011
    University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
    Stevens Point, WI USA
    National Wellness Institute
    Web site:

    Presented by the National Wellness Institute (NWI) -- formed in 1977 to realize the mission of providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth -- the Conference is a "wellness immersion" built upon the premise that professional development and personal growth are interdependent and should be enhanced equally.

    The Conference environment is a special place where wellness professionals can participate in "best practices" learning opportunities and intensive skill-building programs, and develop networking communities. It is a place where messages for hope, peace, and optimal living are shared with a unique blend of people from all walks of life. Inspiring and rewarding, participants leave with the tools for change.

    Medical Wellness Forum March 16-17, 2011
    San Francisco, CA USA
    Medical Wellness Association
    Web site:
    Phone: 281-301-3040

    Come learn and network with leading medical, health care, wellness, health fitness professionals for developing integrated wellness strategies, nutrition & obesity programs to improve health and well-being. More program info on website. Register now & join us in San Francisco for the Medical Wellness Forum on March 16th. Special student daily rates are available now.

    Wellness Inventory Certification Training
    14 Week Teleclass (Live phone teleconference)
    April 6- July 6, 2011

    Three new Wellness Inventory Certification Trainings is scheduled to commence on February 15-17, 2011. The classes will run for 14 weeks and be conducted via a live phone teleconference. The goal of the training is to accelerate your own personal growth process, while creating wellness coaching skills and competence in delivering the Wellness Inventory program to your clients, patients, students, or employees, and supporting sustainable lifestyle change.

    Developed for wellness coaches, nurses, social workers, health practitioners, therapists, and fitness, spa, and wellness professionals, the training is approved by the International Coach Federation for 28 CCEUs. Daytime and evening classes. Payment plans available.
    For more information or to register, call 310-823-9553 or email

    For more leading health events visit



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