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 Theory and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
by Healthy News - 2/6/2007
A balanced diet is more than just peas and carrots, but a thorough balance of warm and cool energy; the yin - cold, dark, and passive - and the yang - heat, light, and active - are combined in the forms of food to create balance and harmony within the body. Hot versus cold (yin vs. yang) are the two most important oppositions in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Nutrition may be directly applied to achieving overall health. Food serves to provide a source of balance and equilibrium for the flow of life energy (qi); an imbalance in yin and yang energy manifests itself into a number of forms, including pain, sleeplessness, tumors, and blood loss. The application of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to foods can help prevent illness, thwart pain, and achieve longevity and overall health in the body.

Traditional Chinese Nutrition puts a great emphasis upon hot and cold foods. This does not refer to the temperature of the foods, rather, to the food's effect upon the body. Cold foods provide low-energy and help balance hot foods. Examples of cold foods include vegetables, fruit, and grains. All of these should be consumed daily to promote internal balance. Hot foods provide greater energy for activity, are higher in calories, and are used to treat pallor and weakness. These foods are often used in winter to warm the body.

Eating too many hot or cold foods will create imbalance in the body's life energy, resulting in a number of ailments. Those who consume too many hot foods may feel overly warm, anxious, constipated, and be consuming too many high-calorie foods. Those who consume too many cold foods experience diarrhea, weakness, and depression.

While Traditional Chinese Nutrition is a complex system best explained by your acupuncturist or herbalist, much wisdom can be gleaned from its principles. Those wishing to restore inner balance should eat a variety of foods, observe food's effect upon the body (observe energy levels and temperature), and get enough exercise. Eating a variety of foods with a range of colors, flavors, tartness, and spiciness is not only good for balancing your body's energy, but also for making meals more interesting.

For more information on Traditional Chinese Medicine please contract Pacific College at (800) 729-0941 or visit

Provided by Healthy News on 2/6/2007
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