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ealthy News Service: Acupuncture Provides Benefits for Hypertension and Stroke

Acupuncture Provides Benefits for Hypertension and Stroke

by Healthy News - 5/12/2006

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According to TCM, Hypertension occurs when the body, especially the heart, must work harder to perform daily functions. This is often times subtle and without any viable symptoms, which is why Hypertension is sometimes referred to as a "Silent Killer." Of the 50 million Americans who have it, 35 percent are unaware. The simplest and easiest way to see if you are at risk or have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked regularly by a doctor or TCM physician. Acupuncture is becoming more widely known as an alternative therapy for curbing high blood pressure as well as aiding those recovering from a stroke.

In a study at the Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California Irvine conducted by Dr. John C. Longhurst, clinical studies of the effects of Acupuncture on Hypertensive rats were initiated. The results supported the link between endorphin release with decreased heart activity and lower blood pressure levels. Needles charged with low frequency electrical stimulation were also proven effective.

One particular Acupuncture treatment of Stroke that has been known to be greatly efficacious in the improvement of motor and cognitive skills is that of Scalp Acupuncture. Much of the current method was developed and popularized by Professor Ming Quing Zhu, a 1964 graduate of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this treatment, needles are inserted directly into the scalp according to a map of brain functions. The needles alter blood and hormone levels that effect brain activity and blood flow to portions of the brain related to other body parts damaged from Stroke. They can be left in for anywhere from two to seventy-two hours. In addition, manual movements of the affected area of the body or visualization accompanied by Qi-Gong breathing exercises are prescribed while the needles are in place under the skin.

It has been noticed that Stroke victims are often times affected more on one side of the body than the other. Their facial features sometimes can appear frozen or locked. This is directly connected to which hemisphere of the brain the Stroke occurred. The release of endorphins from Acupuncture can help to relax the muscles and tissues of the face and the rest of the body. Tension in the muscles and tissue hinders the free flow of moisture, blood, and other bodily fluids. It is especially important in cases of Stroke that Qi flow be restored as everything follows in its path. Acupuncture along with conscious participation of the patient can help expedite this process.

For more information on the benefits of acupuncture for hypertension and stroke please contact Pacific College at (800) 729-0941 or visit

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Provided by Healthy News on 5/12/2006

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