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 Releasing the Inner Barriers to Seeing: Exploring the Mind/Body Connection to Vision (Part 2) 
The following is one in an ongoing series of columns entitled Your Eyesight and You: A Total Mind/Body Understanding of Vision by . View all columns in series
(Read last month’s column for Part One)

For the healing of vision to occur, it's necessary to release the habitual, inner barriers to seeing that first developed during the Vision Transition Period.

Notes one woman, Ruth G., after using The Program for Better Vision, "I found that I was intentionally blurring people once they came into seeing range...This observation has carried the process to new areas and probed the deeper question of why I have hidden behind blurred vision."

One middle-aged stockbroker, Ralph P., who had been unable to see anything without his reading glasses, looked back at his Vision Transition Period — a time when he was losing money in the stock market. He recalled that he had finally reached the point where he was afraid to look at the stock tables for "fear of seeing" how much he had lost that day. The tables had become the "proof" that he was a failure and he didn't want to see this image of himself as "being a failure."

As he let go of that false image, he saw himself as much more than his temporary successes or failures. Very soon, his vision returned to normal and, for the first time in five years, he began to read and work without glasses.

Not seeing clearly is, at least to some degree, an expression of one or more of the following inner decisions:

  1. An emotional decision that we do not want to see some aspect of our self, our life, or our relationship with others.
  2. A desire to pull away or hide from the parts of the world that we find either threatening, confusing or overwhelming.
  3. Negative messages and beliefs that we may have absorbed about seeing. For example, the young child who sees her mother upset and is told, "Nothing's the matter" might learn the subconscious message "I can't trust what I see" or "It's not okay to see the truth of what's going on."
  4. A shutting down of one's intuition or perceptiveness, which also limits our ability to sense what lays ahead in our lives.
The Total Picture
Glasses and contacts only deal with the symptoms of not seeing clearly. Using them does not address any of the underlying factors that may have led to their need in the first place. They do not change the underlying patterns that caused the problem in the first place.

I have witnessed many powerful healings as people explore and release their inner barriers to seeing and being seen. As people move beyond their habitual way of seeing, something extraordinary emerges - an expanded view of who they are and of the deeper potential that lies within.

Along with this inner clarity comes the outer clarity: people improve their eyesight, reduce the strength of their prescriptions or discard their glasses and lenses altogether.

This inner healing is a crucial element. That's why I've found that people who only do eye exercises can be frustrated by their lack of improvement.

Along with releasing the inner barriers to seeing, the other elements of a comprehensive approach to better vision are re-training the brain and eyes to work together properly, reducing stress in the visual system and supplying the visual system with the proper nutrients and supplements.

Better vision means seeing the world in the clearest, most relaxed, easiest and most efficient way possible. Better vision also means having a positive image of yourself, a clear sense of purpose and emotional clarity.

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 About The Author
Martin Sussman, president and founder of the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision and developer of the world's #1 Best-selling Program for Better Vision, is also co-author of Total Health at the Computer. Mr. Sussman......moreMartin Sussman
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