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 Homeopathy: Sore Throat 
The information provided here is not only applicable to children but to most people with a sore throat.


Homeopathic medicines are often effective in treating the acute symptoms of a sore throat, though professional constitutional care is usually necessary to cure chronically recurring sore throats. Children with much pain from a sore throat or those who have difficulty opening their mouth or swallowing should receive a culture to determine if they have strep.

ACONITUM: Consider this medicine during the initial onset of the sore throat. The symptoms come on suddenly, often after exposure to a cold air. There may be some burning in the throat and a red, dry, swollen throat.

APIS: These children have a red, inflamed throat with swollen tonsils, which is aggravated by warm drinks or food and relieved by cold drinks or sucking on an ice cube. This remedy should be considered when the throat hurts even when the child isn't swallowing. The throat not only looks red, it looks shiny. There is dryness in the throat with a burning, stinging pain. They have constrictive feeling in the throat. The inner and outer throat is swollen, and the uvula which hangs from the upper throat is also swollen. These children may have a sensation of a fishbone caught in the throat and may have difficulty swallowing. They may experience hoarseness in the mornings and cannot stand to have anything around their neck.

Arsenicum: When children have a burning pain in the throat that is relieved by warm food or drinks and aggravated by cold food or drinks, this medicine should be considered. The child's condition may begin with a nasal discharge and then go into the throat. The pains are usually worse on the right side. There may also be dryness of the mouth with a great thirst for frequent sips of water.

BELLADONNA: This medicine is the most common remedy for acute tonsilitis. It is also commonly given at the early stages of other types of sore throat. The tonsils are noticeably red, usually scarlet red. There are burning pains and a constant desire to swallow, despite the fact that it hurts to do so. There is a constricting feeling in the throat, which causes difficulty even swallowing water. They have a tendency to desire lemons or lemonade. There is a tickling in the larnyx. If these children have a fever, it will usually be a high one. Characteristically, their head is hot, though their extremities are cold.

Ferrum phos: This remedy is common for acute, non-violent tonsillitis. The inflammation does not begin suddenly, and the pain is not severe. The throat is red and swollen, especially on waking. They have pain on swallowing, usually a burning pain, which is better from cold applications. They may also have hoarseness. This remedy should be considered for sore throats in children who sing a lot.

Hepar sulph: When children experience a sensation as though there was a stick in the throat, or when a sore throat starts after the child is exposed to cold, this medicine should be considered. The tonsils are enlarged, and they have throbbing pains. There is usually a radiating pain to the ears on swallowing. Hot drinks provide some relief. These children are hypersensitive to touch and cold and are highly irritable.

Ignatia: The distinguishing symptom of children who need this medicine is sore throat pain that is relieved by swallowing foods and is aggravated by empty swallowing (Lachesis children also have this symptom). These children may experience throat pain even when they don't swallow. They tend to have a lump in the throat, sometimes related to the suppression of some strong emotion. They sometimes have hoarseness or a complete loss of their voice. An emotional state is also evidenced by their tendency to take deep breaths or to sigh frequently.

(Excerpted from Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants ISBN: 0874776929)
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