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 Homeopathy: Releasing Fears and Phobias 
Many of us are annoyed, hindered, or even incapacitated by our fears. Perhaps these fears are generated by frightening childhood incidents such as being bitten by a big, growling dog, or being left crying too long by our mother. Many of our patients apologize for their fears and phobias, discounting them as "irrational". As part of our homeopathic interview with our patients, we always ask about any spe- cific or general fears and find that most of us are afraid of something. We are here to be liberated and anything which holds us back from our freedom is best released. There are some instances, of course, where our experience of fear is a warning to protect us from danger and is extremely useful. The fear discussed in this article is the type of fear which is unhealthy and is not in our highest interest. It's one thing to decide not to take an elevator to the 9th floor because you want the exercise or to drive to the East Coast instead of flying because you enjoy the scenery. It's

another if you can't ride in elevators because you become wildly claustrophobic or can't fly in an airplane because you are terrified it will crash. Many of us think we're stuck with our fears and phobias. Read on and you'll see this isn't true.

Where do our fears come from? Through hypnosis it is often possible to regress back to the time when our particular fear first originated. This may be in our recent past, childhood, during our birth experience, in the womb, or in a past life.

Take, for example, the fear of taking tests. One of our patients traced the origin to a previous life as a ten-year old boy in a one room schoolhouse who was unjustly punished for making a mistake in class. Because of his humiliation in that experience, he carried with him into this life an unexplainable performance anxiety. Another of our patients had a terrifying fear of bridges. In hypnotic regression she was able to remember six other lifetimes where she had had fatal or extremely frightening encounters with heights and bridges. It is important not only to recall these prior traumas, but to relive the trauma until it no longer has an emotional charge. These fears can then be released for good.

Phobias in this lifetime can be generated by shocking or startling incidents which make a profound and lasting impression on us. Thereafter, whenever we find ourselves in a similar situation, this impression is restimulated. Bob, for example, had a terrifying near-drowning experience at the New Jersey shore when he was three years old. He was knocked over violently by what he perceived as a huge wave and was under the water, unable to breathe, for several minutes. This left with him a per-sistent fear of water which was overcome only through private lessons with a very patient swimming instructor.

Trauma in the womb or during our birth is a much more frequent cause of fearfulness than most of us remember or imagine, but is widely recognized by hypnotherapists and rebirthers. One of our patients complained of a lasting fear of success and creativity which was traced to her mother's labor being delayed through medications until the obstetrician finished his golf game. Another patient who suffers a generalized fear of people was born to teenage alcoholic mother who told her baby in the womb every day that she wished she would die. Many of us, when we retrace our memories back to the moment of our own births, describe a tremendous fear of leaving the safety and comfort of our mother's body and the light from which we came. Reliving our births in an atmosphere of safety and support can have profound effects on allowing us to release fear and insecurity in the present and future.

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 About The Author
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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