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 Homeopathy: A Case of Recurrent Cystitis 

Gail, age 27, was suffering from a case of acute pyelonephritis when she first came to see us one year ago. She had short brown hair, delicate features, and was soft-spoken. She was on antibiotics at the time. She had experienced six episodes of cystitis over the past year, every two months. She had seen four different doctors without relief. The symptoms of the pyelonephritis included extreme dysuria (3), nocturia "every five minutes" (3), chills (2), nausea (2), and faintness (2). She had profuse hematuria (3) and her kidneys ached (2).

At the time of the initial onset of the cystitis, one year previously, Gail had been laid off from her department store sales job. She had just begun a new sexual relationship and had frequent sex after a period of sexual inactivity. At that time she experienced a sense of urgency, urinary frequency, urethral pain during urination, and sandy urine.

Gail had a happy childhood. She was sexually active for the first time at 14. She married at 20. Her husband was 14 years older. She knew it wasn't right before she married. He had been fired from a job because of drug abuse, which she did not know at the time. After they married, she attended art school and worked full time to support both of them. She kept telling herself, "If I love him enough and take care of him enough, he'll take care of me."

They moved to Alaska. He continued to be out of a job and she threw herself more and more into her work. He eventually got a job in a porno shop. She didn't find out where he was working until they filed their tax return. He lied, used drugs, drank, and probably had affairs. She kept trying to make things work. He became increasingly threatening and intimidating.

After five years of marriage, Gail was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia. Her Pap smear was a Class III. She had a lot of resentment at the time, but still wanted to prove to her father that the marriage could last. She didn't want to abandon her husband. Six months later, she had a Class IV Pap, which was treated with conization. She remained on oral contraceptives the entire time. After another eight months, the Pap remained unchanged. She had laser surgery. At that time she discovered Love, Medicine, and Miracles, which inspired her to leave her husband.

She remained with him for two more years, but had a lover. She eventually moved out secretly because she feared retaliation. Her husband became violent when he realized she was leaving him.

Gail felt guilty after she left her husband. She visited him regularly because he would lament about how lonely he felt. She went to counseling with him because she felt he needed help getting his life together. During this time he continued to go through her possessions and take money. While he was sorting through her things, he discovered she was seeing another man.

The next time she visited her husband, she encountered a thunderstorm. Lightning hit the tree in front of her. The tree caught fire and she became terrified. She was still guilty about abandoning the marriage and felt she owed it to her husband to talk to him again. Her husband pulled out a gun and began to assault her. She let him do it because she feared he'd kill her. He tried to rape her. Even after this episode, Gail continued to go out to dinner with him occasionally.

She began to attend Al-Anon meetings and moved to another state without leaving a forwarding address. She found a new lover who treated her very well. It was hard to believe how good he was to her. She still feared her ex-husband would find her and kill her new boyfriend. She continued to feel very anxious whenever she saw a car like his.

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 About The Author
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND, MSWJudyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, DHANP, MSW is a licensed naturopathic physician board certified in homeopathic medicine. She graduated with a degree in ...more
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