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cupuncture Usage - Dermatology
Current Bibliographies in Medicine
Acupuncture Usage

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Selected Controlled Trials

Belgrade MJ, Solomon LM, Lichter EA. Effect of acupuncture on experimentally induced itch. Acta Derm Venereol 1984;64(2):129-33.

Jerner B, Skogh M, Vahlquist A. A controlled trial of acupuncture in psoriasis: no convincing effect. Acta Derm Venereol 1997 Mar;77(2):154-6.

Lin JG, Ho SJ, Lin JC. Effect of acupuncture on cardiopulmonary function. Chin Med J (Engl) 1996 Jun;109(6):482-5.

Other Data

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Ding LN. 50 cases of acne treated by puncturing acupoint dazhui in combination with cupping. J Tradit Chin Med 1985 Jun;5(2):128.

Ge S. Treatment of alopecia areata with acupuncture. J Tradit Chin Med 1990 Sep;10(3):199-200.

Guillaume G. La pelade. Rev Fr Acupunct 1981;7(26):39-41. (Fre).

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Yang Q. Acupuncture treatment of 139 cases of neurodermatitis. J Tradit Chin Med 1993 Mar;13(1):3-4.

Yu L. Auricular point pressure and acupuncture in the treatment of acne vulgaris: report on 100 cases. Int J Clin Acupunct 1992;3(4):411-4.

Zhang Y. 31 Cases of alopecia treated with needling. Chin J Acupunct Moxibustion 1991;4(2):87-8.

Zhao F, Wang P, Hua S. Treatment of psoriasis with acupuncture and cupping therapy. Acupuncture 1990 Summer;1(2):16-9.

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Current Bibliographies in Medicine - Acupuncture
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