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tevia and Weight Management
Stevia and Weight Management

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Stevia users have long insisted that the leaves (usually ground and used in tea bag form) and concentrate reduced their appetite and their craving for sweets and fatty foods, thus being a very effective aid in weight loss.

Research now underway suggests that natural Stevia may be beneficial for people who are overweight. It is believed that a defect exists between the stomach and the hypothalamus in many people who are overweight, which fails to "turn off' hunger sensations when the person is actually full. It appears, from the initial research, that Stevia may correct this defect and actually reset the hunger mechanism, thus "turning off' hunger sensations when satiation has occurred.

If this proves to be correct, Stevia may be one of the most important aids to weight management ever discovered. One would simply add Stevia leaves, whole or pulverized, or the natural dark concentrate or the tablets to the daily diet. The concentrate and the leaves, either whole or ground to a powder, are excellent in cooking and baking.

The new Stevia concentrate tablets are intended to be used as a true dietary supplement. Each tablet is equal to 30 drops of the water-based Stevia concentrate and should be swallowed with water.

People who use Stevia Concentrate to help balance blood sugar levels have reported that they have found 30 drops of the Stevia concentrate, taken two or three times a day to be useful in helping to manage their condition. Some doctors have recommended 6-8 drops six times a day.

People looking for help in managing weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and simply nourishing the pancreas, as well as 'lust naturally" reducing their craving for sweets and fats are enthusiastic about the new tablets. Although the tablets offer great convenience, people interested in using Stevia for healing skin problems will either want to continue to use the liquid concentrate, or have both of them and use each one for its own specific benefits. Some experts suggest that Stevia is destined to be known as one of the most important nutritional discoveries of our century.

In our fast paced -- I want it now! -- society, many people are not willing to take the time required to prepare and drink these remarkable health tonics, no matter how effective they are. The new concentrated tonic tea tablets will offer natural healing and energizing benefits to people who just couldn't take the time to prepare and drink effective tonic teas or use the concentrate in other foods and beverages.

FDA Disclaimer: The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products mentioned herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For medical advice, always consult your health care professional.

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