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Revici Therapy

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Dr. Emanuel Revici has developed an original approach to the treatment of cancer. His nontoxic chemotherapy uses lipids, lipid-based substances, and essential elements to correct an underlying imbalance in the patient's chemistry. Lipids-organic compounds such as fatty acids and sterols-are important constituents of all living cells. They are a separate, critical system in the body's defenses against illness, according to research conducted by Dr. Revici early in his career.

The Romanian-born physician, who practices in New York City, has applied his wide-ranging discoveries for over sixty years to the treatment of cancer as well as many other disorders, including AIDS, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, chronic pain, drug addiction, schizophrenia, allergies, shock, and burns. The great majority of his cancer patients are in advanced stages of the illness. Five, ten, sometimes twenty years after receiving treatment, some of these patients are in remission with no signs of active disease.

Revici, in his mid-nineties, is fiercely dedicated, still makes occasional house calls, and has patients call him at home. To critics, his approach is far too complex, too theoretical, and inconsistent in its results. Even friendly critics within the alternative health field say he cures very few cancer patients. But to admirers, he is a man who has saved the lives of cancer patients pronounced hopeless by orthodox doctors, a scientific genius who has opened up whole new vistas and whose theories and discoveries may serve as a principal basis for future medicine.

Commenting on Revici's 1961 book, Research in Physiopathology as a Basis of Guided Chemotherapy With Special Applications to Cancer, Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer a leading authority on selenium, wrote, "I came to the conclusion that Dr. Revici is an innovative medical genius, outstanding chemist and a highly creative thinker. I also realized that few of his medical colleagues would be able to follow his train of thought and thus would be all too willing to dismiss his work."1

Dr. Revici views health as a dynamic balance between two opposing kinds of activity that occur in all living systems. One process, the anabolic, or constructive, fosters the growth and build-up of natural patterns. The other process is catabolic, or destructive, involving the breakdown of structure, the liberation of energy, and the utilization of stored resources. According to Dr. Revici, a long-term predominance of either activity leads to abnormality and disease.

In his "guided 1ipid" therapy with cancer patients, Revici has found two basic patterns of 1ipid imbalance-one, the result of an excess of sterols, and the other, the result of an excess of fatty acids. Sterols are solid unsaturated alcohols such as cholesterol. In treating cancer, Revici first determines whether the anabolic or catabolic phase of activity is currently progressing unchecked. Then he administers lipidbased compounds to renormalize the balance between the body's opposing forces.

Revici describes the body's overall defense system as consisting of four successive phases. When an antigen, or foreign substance, such as a virus or microbe, enters an organism, it activates the defense system. In the first phase, the antigen is broken down by enzymes. This is followed by the lipidic phase, followed in turn by the coagulant antibody phase, and succeeded finally by a phase mediated by globulinic antibodies able to fully neutralize the antigen.

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