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Aromatherapy for the Nervous System

© Mindy Green, Kathi Keville

The nervous system provides the intricate connection between mind and body. As a result of mental or emotional responses, a problem in one area of the body may affect another.

For stress in general, try bergamot, chamomile, lavender, melissa, clary sage, neroli, rose or jasmine. For insomnia due to mental agitation or overwork, clary sage, marjoram, ylang-ylang and neroli can help you unwind. Headaches due to nervous tension are also helped by these oils, but keep in mind that headaches can result from many causes, from indigestion to hormonal problems, and should be treated appropriately.

Relaxing/Antidepressant Formula
3 drops lavender
3 drops neroli
2 drops marjoram
2 drops ylang-ylang
1 drop chamomile
2 drop clary sage
1 ounce carrier oil

This can be used as a massage or bath oil.

Neuralgia, or nerve pain, is best remedied by treating the cause, although essential oils do alleviate the pain, especially when used in conjunction with massage.

Neuralgia Relief
5 drops helichrysum
3 drops chamomile
2 drops marjoram
2 drops lavender
1 ounce carrier oil

Combine ingredients and use for massage.

Herbal Adjuncts-Herbs can stimulate or relax the nervous system. A number of plants are relaxing, including California poppy (completely safe, with no addictive alkaloids), hops, valerian, passionflower and catnip.

One of the best tonics to repair the nervous system is wild oats (even eating oatmeal does some good); others include skullcap and vervain. St. John's wort repairs damaged nerves and helps overcome depression.

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About The Author
Mindy Green has 35 years experience in the natural products and health care industries, Ms. Green has served as Program Specialist for the Integrative Resource Center at the University of Colorado Hospital, Anschutes Cancer Center, where she developed and implemented specialized educational programs and resources on complementary therapies for patients and staff. ...more
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