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 Osteopathy: Smart In Everything But School? 
20/20 Is Not Enough!

Studies show that 20% of school age children have a problem which interferes with learning.

Many people mislabeled as lazy, dyslexic, or attention deficit disorder (ADD) may actually be suffering from an undiagnosed Learning-Related Vision Problem. This may be true even though they have 20/20 sight!

Symptoms of Learning Related Vision Problems

· Loss of place when reading
· Skipping, re-reading, or substituting words
· Confusing similar words
· Difficulty retaining what is seen or read
· Failure to recognize same word in next sentence or page
· Reversal of letters in reading or writing
· Smart but working too hard to keep up
· Poor handwriting
· Short attention span
· Headaches
· Blurred or double vision
· Frequently rubbing eyes
· Achievement below potential

What Should Be Done?

A comprehensive Learning Related Vision Evaluation is the only way to determine if a child or adult has a visual problem which is interfering with learning.

Individualized Diagnostic Approach

The doctors at The San Diego Center for Vision Care - P.C. have specialized training to evaluate vision as it relates to academic achievement.

This comprehensive vision analysis includes an in-depth evaluation of visual tracking, focusing, eye coordination, and the underlying visual-perceptual and visual-integrative abilities necessary for efficient learning.

Individualized Therapeutic Care

Written reports are provided and personal conferences are scheduled so that all concerned will understand the evaluation results and the treatment recommendations.

Treatment may include visual stress-reducing lenses, a program of Optometric Vision Therapy, and the structuring of the classroom and home environment for maximum visual learning.

Optometric Vision Therapy is individually designed to meet the patient's specific visual needs. The length of the therapy program will vary depending upon the type and severity of the visual problem.

What is Optometric Vision Therapy?

Optometric Vision Therapy is a treatment program designed to eliminate visual problems, reduce visual stress and discomfort, and increase visual performance. Optometric Vision Therapy develops the visual abilities necessary for more efficient learning and performance in all areas of life. Scientific research and more than 60 years of clinical experience have proven Optometric Vision Therapy to be extremely effective!

Help At Any Age!

Many of our patients in Vision Therapy are adults with symptoms when reading or with visual problems which make learning more difficult. Symptoms may include slow reading speed, loss of place, visual fatigue, blur, headaches, reduced comprehension and difficulty concentrating.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Communication and inter-referral with other professionals ensure that the patient receive comprehensive care. Reports and specific recommendations help the classroom teacher meet the patient's specific visual needs.

Bright Futures

Optometric Vision Therapy develops better vision for more efficient learning. When the Learning Related Vision Problem is remediated, the child's or adult's vision is more efficient at processing information and learning is easier.

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