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 Osteopathy: Eyesight 
What is Eyesight? What is Vision?

Eyesight, which involves the ability of the eye to distinguish small details, is only one component of eye vision.

Guide to Classroom Vision Problems

Vision is the result of the child's ability to interpret and understand the information that comes to him through his eyes. Many children can demonstrate 20/20 sight and still have a critical and interfering vision problem! It has also been shown that the informed parent and/or teacher make the very best "screening instruments" for identifying those vision problems that tend to cancel the teacher's efforts in the classroom.

Vision and Learning

Many children and adults continue to struggle with learning in the classroom and the workplace.

It has been estimated that 75% of all classroom learning comes to the student via the visual pathways. If there is any interference with these pathways, the student will experience difficulty with learning.

Learning is accomplished through complex and interrelated processes C one of the key aspects is vision.

What Visual Skills Are Needed For School Achievement?

Vision is a fundamental factor in the learning process. People at risk for learning-related vision problems should receive a comprehensive optometric evaluation.

The role of the optometrist when evaluating people for learning-related vision problems is to conduct a thorough assessment of eye health and visual functions, and communicate the results and recommendations.

The three interrelated areas of visual functions are:

1. Visual pathway integrity including eye health, visual acuity, and refractive status;
2. Visual efficiency including accommodation (focusing), binocular vision (eye teaming), and eye movements;
3. Visual information processing including identification and discrimination, spatial awareness, memory, and integration with other senses.

Eye Movement Control (Eye Tracking Ability)

Eye movements require the highest level of movement precision. Well-integrated eye movements allow for rapid and accurate shifting of the eyes along the lines of print in a book, quick and accurate shifts from desk to chalkboard, and sure visual tracking in sports.

Inadequate eye movement control will cause an individual to lose their place when reading, have difficulty copying from the blackboard, and skip or omit small words when reading.

Accommodation - Focusing Ability

Rapid and automatic visual focusing is essential to efficient performance. Visual focus is also directly related to the ability to sustain visual attention.

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