Chakra Number: 3

Sound: ME

Musical Note: E

Chakra: Solar plexus

Governed Parts of Body: Stomach, liver, gall bladder,
spleen, nervous system

Location: Two fingers above navel

Gland: Spleen, pancreas

Body: Mental

Characteristics: Action, activity, success, concentration, creativity, unity, courage, inspiration, occult powers.

Related physical Issue: Upper colon, digestion, diaphragm, abdomen, lymphatic system, liver, allergies, bones, spleen, stomach, gall bladder, aspects of the nervous system.

Source: Yellow foods, fruits, vegetables, clothes, sheets, lights, candles, flowers, jewelry and the sun. These can help release emotions, unwanted habits and increase courage.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: Excellent for enhancing personal power, studying, decisions, clear thinking, intellect and mind. It is helpful for processing concepts, ideas and issues of personal power and emotional sensitivity (also relieves stomach tension and depression).