Chakra Number: 7

Sound: TI

Musical Note: B

Chakra: Crown

Governed Parts of Body: Right eye, upper brain

Location: Top of the head

Gland: Pineal

Body: Ketheric

Characteristic: Wholeness, purity, generosity, spirituality, sincerity, truth, expansion, prophesy, innocence, respect, expressiveness, cleaning, clairvoyance and universal healing.

Related physical Issue: Hair growth.

Source: White candles, flowers, sheets, clothing, foods, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, lights, and morning sunlight. These will help protect you from others' emotions.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: Self-realization, calmness, spiritual growth and artistic expression. It can help clear the mind and emotions, drive away despair and gloom, and evoke wisdom, truth and understanding. Integration with God.