Chakra Number: 1

Sound: D

Musical Note: C

Chakra: Root or base

Governed Parts of Body: Spinal column, kidneys

Location: Base of spine

Gland: Adrenal

Body: Physical

Characteristics: Love, life, sex, passion, health strength, energy, magnetism, vitality, will power. Can be impulsive, fiery, conceited.

Related Physical Issues: Blood, circulation, bladder, reproductive organs, hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps, physical strength, low sex drive, sensuality.

Sources: Red clothes, sheets, foods, fruits, vegetables, cranberry juice, red rose tea, red candles, lights, flowers and jewelry. These can stimulate your survival needs and self-preservation instincts.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: It promotes warmth and can increase body temperature. It can help you tune into the "here and now," physical strength and healing of reproductive area. It counters depression. It helps to vitalize and increase passion, sensuality and strength, and it can release adrenaline in your body. (Red can strengthen anger so it is not recommended for waiting rooms, and it can increase your appetite so it is often used in restaurants.)