The Rainbow Art

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Each game has its own special and original rainbow colored illustration. These illustrations integrate what I have learned into a unique and healing art form. I call it "Kinesthetic Art." Art that through its conceptual images and special pastel colors has the ability to stimulate your senses and energy centers to help you balance and heal yourself, art that creates a sense of well-being and "Peace of Mind."

Every illustration is a healing tool in itself. An original healing message is combined with pastel colors that have been specially selected for their abilities to stimulate and balance your specific energy centers/chakras. Multiple colors are often combined in a single illustration to allow you to affect several chakras with one game.

The colorful healing message helps you to relax and have a more playful, childlike attitude towards your stress. This helps you to become more aware, accepting and loving of yourself and "who you really are." Self-awareness, self-acceptance and self love are very healing.

To fully experience the healing qualities in each illustration and game, sit down in a comfortable position (unless a specific game has other instructions).

Now, take one deep breath. Fill your stomach with air first, and then your chest. Hold your breath, clenching your fists and tightening your body as tight as you can. Exhale and relax completely. Do this three times.

Next, stare at the illustration for about a minute. Allow your eyes to be like a camera lens, taking in what you see with no thoughts or judgments.

Now, take a deep breath and concentrate on one color in the illustration at a time. If there is more than one color, concentrate on the color with the lowest number. Go in order from the lowest number to the highest number. (These numbers are listed under the title of each game along with their corresponding chakra, color, representative sound and body location.)

Find the chakra or energy center that corresponds to the color you are focusing on. Breathe deeply into the chakra by concentrating your attention in that area of your body. Imagine it filling with the color as you inhale. Then exhale. Make the "sound" of the color as you breathe out.

After you have experienced each color in the illustration, sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. Notice how you feel and go on with the game.