Chakra Number: 6

Sound: LA

Musical Note: A

Chakra: Third eye

Governed Parts of Body: "Third eye," ears, nose, left eye, nervous system, lower brain

Location: Center of the forehead just above the eyebrows

Gland: Pituitary

Body: Celestial

Characteristic: Wisdom, dignity, pride, independence, ambition, psychic ability, intuition, protection, idealism, power, progress and honors.

Related physical Issue: Ears, earaches, eyes, hair growth, cuts and poor circulation.

Source: Purple flowers, foods, fruits, vegetables, candles, lights, jewelry, clothing and sheets. They assist spiritual growth.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: Promotes overview, higher comprehension, intuition and ESP. It clears the mind and kills germs and infections. It is helpful for self-discipline, emotional control, controlling pain, healing and enhancing psychic ability. It is the color of royalty and spiritual guides or masters. It is useful to promote spiritual growth and to understand life's higher purpose and the higher planes of existence.