(or why would I want to buy the book when I already have all this swell stuff for free)

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True, you already have alot of swell stuff for free right here in this game, but think about it, if it's for free, I'm only going to give you a taste to tempt you, to whet your appetite.

You will learn a simple way to recognize when you are feeling stressed. Your body has a very direct way of talking to you to tell you that it is stressed. Do you understand it when it talks to you? (Many people are stressed so much of the time that they think that this stressed out state of being is normal.)

You can see which games work best for you with the "Stress Check " that is on the cover of each copy of "Rainbow Stress Reduction." The Stress Check is a temperature sensitive biofeedback chip that allows you to check your current level of stress. The Stress Check is approved by The American Heart Association.

As wonderful as these games are, you haven't even begun to play with the color purple yet. Purple is at your "third eye" and is your sixth chakra. The purple games include: "Decisions," "Face Your Fear", "Love" "World Peace" and Peace of Mind" just to name a few.

You haven't had the opportunity to play with just one color for a whole day. This is really fun!

I cannot even begin to tell you how all of your chakras enjoy being played with together.

The hidden treasures you'll discover are unique just like you are. They won't even work for anyone else.

This game guides you to create your very own personal healing art.

If you order it today, you'll get it at a special discounted price.