Chakra Number: 2

Sound: RE

Musical Note: D

Chakra: Sacral

Governed Parts of Body: Reproductive system

Location: Three fingers below navel

Gland: Lymphatic, gonad

Body: Emotional

Characteristics: Stimulation, joy, friendship, control, attraction, enthusiasm, intellect, adaptability, receptivity.

Related physical Issues: Asthma, emphysema, pancreas, kidneys, lower colon, cramps, lower gall bladder, emotions, energy.

Sources: Orange clothes, sheets, flowers, foods, fruits, vegetables, candles, lights, and jewelry. Theses help release unwanted habits and emotions and increase energy.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: Awareness of emotions is intensified, as is celebration, openness to new ideas and awareness of appetite. Cramps are reduced. Orange can help balance your mind and emotions when you feel as if you are being pulled in two directions at once. It can also counter feelings of depression, restriction and limitation. It governs attitudes in relationships, sex and reproduction