Chakra Number: 4

Sound: FA

Musical Note: F

Chakra: Heart

Governed Parts of Body: Vagus nerve, circulatory system, blood, heart

Location: Center of chest between the two breasts

Gland: Thymus

Body: Astral

Characteristic: Generosity, luck, success, fertility, cooperation, abundance, greed, ambition, money, envy, harmony, peace, health, healing.

Related physical Issue: Heat, blood, circulatory system, bronchial tubes, lungs, immune and endocrine systems.

Source: Green trees, plants, foods, fruits, vegetables, candles, lights, jewelry, clothes and sheets. These can help you feel love.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: Brings balance, love and growth to mind, body and spirit, and peace of mind. Can be helpful for making changes, promoting growth, renewing health and opening your heart.