Chakra Number: 5

Sound: SOL

Musical Note: G

Chakra: Throat

Governed Parts of Body: Throat, thyroid, lungs, vocal and bronchial apparatus

Location: Throat

Gland: Thyroid

Body: Etheric

Characteristic: Health, wisdom, truth, inspiration, judgement, immortality, kindness, loyalty, devotion, serenity, fidelity, sincerity, patience, harmony, peace, harmony in home.

Related physical Issue: Cuts, burns, vocal cords, lymphatic system, bronchial tubes, lungs, poor circulation, thyroid, headaches, toothaches, allergies, rashes and metabolism

Source: Blue candles, lights, clothes, sheets, foods, fruits, vegetables, flowers and jewelry. Being near water brings qualities of universal healing.

Effects of Color on Energy Center: Excellent for healing, self-expression, creativity and communication. It is good for relaxing and soothing frazzled nerves, meditation, peace, devotion and sleep. It is a good color to help you look inside yourself.