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Which of the following health conditions is not directly benefited by breathing exercises?
nternet/Web Based Ad Rates Internet Advertising, the original online healthy living network, is a mission-driven company dedicated to educating and empowering individuals to take more responsibility for their own health, to learn tools for effective self-management, and better understand both the complementary/alternative and conventional healthcare choices. We support the emergence of a "culture of wellness" in the US and worldwide and the continued growth of the field of integrative medicine.

We are a prime vehicle for advertising healthy living products and services. Our advertising programs and our demographics and traffic are outlined below.

Three Promotional Channels
We have developed three channels for promoting healthy living products and services to our targeted consumer population in Web banner advertising (Leaderboard, skycraper, and 300 x 250 rectangles, and 160 x 160 pixel square banners), Product image placement (8 images at the bottom of every page), and our weekly e-newsletter, Healthy Update. We offer advertising in each of the individual channels and will custom design premium sponsorship programs utilizing two of more channels.

Calculation of Rates: All ad rates calculated on CPM (Cost per thousand) basis. For example, 100,000 page views at a $4.95 CPM is calculated as 100 x $4.95 = $495.

Tracking: Advertiser will receive access to password-protected online tracking system to monitor page views and click-through rates for each banner. This enables real-time assessment of the effectiveness of specific marketing messages as well as the ability to test multiple messages.

Leaderboards ads (728 x 90 pixels) are placed in the header at the top of all HealthWorld pages with the exception of the homepage. The minimum order for leaderboards is 100,000 page views of targeted or run-of-site content for 3 months (or 200,000 page views for one month).

Dimension: 728 x 90 pixels
Position: Top of page in header
Format: Jpg, gif, animated gif, Flash

Reduced to 450 px

Leaderboard Rates: (3 month minimum)
Run of site content: $3.95 cpm
Targeted content: $4.95 cpm      (i.e., women's health, nutrition)
Targeted health conditions: $7.95 cpm

View sample leaderboards:
Nutrition Center     Fitness Center

There are 8 product images at the bottom of all HealthWorld pages (except the home page). These products can be targeted to specific content, or display run-of-site. The product images are 80 x 80 pixels in dimension and generate excellent click through rates, well above industry average. There are 3-4 words of descriptive text beneath image (see sample page).

The minimum order for Product Image Ads is 100,000 page views of targeted or run-of-site content monthly for 3 months or 200,000 page views in a one month period.

Product Image Ad Rates: (3 month minimum)
Run-of-site content: $0.95 cpm
Targeted content: $1.50 cpm (targeted content)
Nutrition Center: $2.00 cpm Targeted Health Conditions: $3.00 cpm
View example of Product Images on site: News Center
(Product images at bottom of page)

160x 160 SQUARE ADS

The 160 x 160 square ad is a good value for receiving exposure in HealthWorld at a much lower rate than the 3 standard larger sized ads. The minimum order for skyscrapers is 100,000 page views of targeted or run-of-site content for 3 months (or a 200,000 page views for one month).

Dimension: 160 pixels x 160 pixels
Position: Bottom of left side navigation column.
Format: Jpg, gif, animated gif, Flash

Rates: (3 month minimum)
Run-of-site: $2.00 cpm
Targeted content: $3.00 cpm      (i.e., women's health, nutrition)
Targeted health conditions: $4.00 cpm

View more example of 160 x 160 on site: News Center
(Refresh page to view rotating skyscrapers.)

HealthWorld Demographics - Your Target Market

Gender: 65% women -- 35% men

Age: 58% over forty - 38% twenty to thirty-nine

Marital Status: 61% married or in lifelong partnership - 39% single

Education: 32% college graduates & another 26% has attended some college

User interests: alternative medicine - 75% ; nutrition - 68%; mind/body health - 63%; women's health - 58%; herbs - 57%; weight control - 48%; fitness - 47%; healthy aging - 48%; spirituality - 42%.

For more information on various promotional programs for our weekly e-newsletter, Healthy Update, click here.

For more information on various programs for authors and publishers to promote their new books, click here.

A final option, premium sponsorship programs, are customized promotional packages that integrate the three promotional venues above into a powerful, comprehensive program. These programs will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Let me know a good time to talk so I can better understand your needs and develop the program that will best serve your company.

Best regards,

James Strohecker
President, Co-founder
HealthWorld Online



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