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 Steve Case's Revolution Living Unveils Bold New Name, Logo and Rebranding for Fall Relaunch of Wisdom Media as New Lifestyle Brand and Multimedia Network 
by Healthy News - 7/25/2005
NEW YORK, NY - July 25, 2005 -- Steve Case's Revolution Living unveiled today the provocative new name, logo and rebranding to transform Wisdom Media Group into LimeTM - Healthy Living With A TwistTM. The multi- platform media venture is set to launch this fall and beyond on TV, satellite radio, VOD, broadband, Web, wireless, and DVD.

The newly introduced Lime is part of a larger plan by AOL cofounder Steve Case and his company, Revolution Living, which bought the media group in April as part of its investments focused on a more natural, healthy lifestyle. Lime will provide a fresh perspective on health and wellness, including content related to healthy foods, mindful exercise, alternative healing, and eco-friendly living. Lime will help consumers better themselves physically, intellectually, and spiritually, and help them live in balance, marrying "what's good for you" with "what feels good."

"Consumers want new choices to help them live healthier, more balanced lives," said Steve Case, the Chairman of Revolution Living, which is the majority investor in Lime. "Lime will be the voice that inspires and unites these consumers, and empowers them to make healthier choices for their own lives, for their families, and for our world."

Lime is the first multi-platform media network for all people interested in a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, and for a new generation that naturally gravitates to green. From organic foods to hybrid cars, there is a growing lifestyle trend that is revolutionizing the way Americans live, and Lime is providing an authentic voice for this audience. Leading social indicators point to a shift in consumer behavior towards this expanding category, one that is important to both men and women and cuts across generations. Lime is also positioning itself as the first multimedia vehicle for advertisers to reach this audience, which is already spending $230 billion annually on healthy lifestyles--$20 billion of that on natural and organic foods alone.

"This lifestyle resonates personally for me and for my family," said C.J. Kettler, CEO of Lime. "I soon recognized that others were seeking the same information to help us all lead a life in balance and make conscious choices about what we eat, how we live, what we buy, and what inspires us."

Lime will premiere in the fourth quarter of 2005 with 6.5 million cable television subscribers, VOD platforms, internet-delivered content, and a 24/7 radio channel on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. The cable network will begin with new programming, as well as content from an acquired library containing more than 1,000 hours of material by such well-known figures as Wayne Dyer, James Redfield and Marianne Williamson. Lime is also developing original programming with both widely recognized and emerging talent in 2006. Lime's content reflects the breadth of the category--with programs ranging from yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi, to organic food, to eco-design, to alternative healthcare. The multi-platform approach allows audiences to tap into this content on their own terms and timeframe. Lime Television will entertain, motivate and inspire people to lead more natural, healthy, and more balanced lives. Lime Radio will give listeners an opportunity to connect with America's leading experts on how to enrich your life. Lime Online will offer information, directories and the opportunity to purchase related goods for healthy living. Lime DVD and VOD will allow people to delve more deeply into specific categories with more comprehensive instruction and content. Lime Wireless will interact with people on the go with daily meditations and reminders.

"Lime has been conceived as a new business paradigm that will innovate with programming on every platform," said Lee deBoer, Chairman of Lime. "We're bringing Lime and this lifestyle to audiences whether they're on their cell phone, online, or watching VOD--anywhere they get their entertainment and media. The business will be built on that premise."

Desgrippes Gobé, one of the world's leading design and image strategists, and Truth Consulting brand management guru Linda Ong have worked closely with Lime to create the new name, logo, and signature look and feel.

Steve Case's Revolution Living announced this spring that it had purchased the assets of Wisdom Media Group's television and radio network as an investment that further broadens Revolution Living's portfolio of assets in the natural and healthy lifestyle category. By developing and expanding the acquired property into the new, multi-platform, lifestyle company Lime, Case aims to give a singular voice to the fragmented health and wellness market.

LimeTM ( is a multimedia lifestyle brand with multiple platforms devoted to delivering entertaining and insightful content to the growing worldwide community focused on leading a healthier, greener, and more balanced lifestyle. Lime is currently comprised of Lime Television, Lime Radio, Lime Online, and Lime VOD, with plans to expand to DVD and Wireless. Formerly called Wisdom Media GroupTM, the company was relaunched as Limeâ„¢ in July 2005. Lime is owned by Revolution Living LLC and is headquartered in New York City.

Revolution LivingTM (, a majority investor in Lime, is a subsidiary of Revolution LLC, which builds innovative companies in sectors that are ready for dramatic change. The common theme linking Revolution's businesses is that they provide consumers with greater control, choice and convenience. Revolution partners with companies in the early growth stage and manages them for long-term growth. The Chairman and CEO of Revolution is Steve Case, best known as the entrepreneur who made the Internet accessible to millions of people by co-founding AOL. Revolution's headquarters are in downtown Washington, D.C.

Provided by Healthy News on 7/25/2005
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