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ealthy News Service: Dr. Oz Reveals the Secrets of Food and the Human Body in the Truth About Food from Discovery Health and the BBC

Dr. Oz Reveals the Secrets of Food and the Human Body in the Truth About Food from Discovery Health and the BBC

by Healthy News - 8/22/2007

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–The television event answers age-old questions with novel research and provides the keys for using food to unlock the body’s potential–

(Silver Spring, Md.) – Forget the different headlines you read about the food you eat. Discovery Health and the BBC present a series of landmark scientific investigations that deliver astounding insights on how your diet directly affects your body and mind – and how you can use food to increase the quality of your daily life. A six-hour miniseries event spread over three consecutive days, and hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD is the definitive guide to what you eat – answering lingering questions and busting everyday myths about nutrition. THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD premieres in the United States on Monday, September 17, at 8 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Health.

While its playful tone and stylish production offer pure entertainment, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD is based on hard science – original studies and tests designed specifically for the series. World-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, best-selling author and Discovery Health’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Oz, leads audiences on a journey through more than 30 original, groundbreaking experiments that were captured on film from inception to implementation.

Discovery Health and the BBC worked with leading food scientists from around the world, including more than 50 nutritionists, doctors and experts from more than 20 universities, research centers and hospitals in the United Kingdom, the United States and Denmark. Researchers and scientists recruited more than 500 volunteers, many of whom participated in rigorous testing. To gain a better understanding of how food can impact the human body, these volunteers endured everything from exotic diets and changes in environmental conditions to the latest biomedical sensors and internal body scans.

Through it all, THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD delivers some of the most compelling and groundbreaking nutritional and behavioral science available anywhere. Viewers will see convincing proof of the incredible and sometimes shocking effect of food on the inner workings of the body, from the immune system and appetite to the memory and libido.

A companion book, The Truth About Food: What You Eat Can Change Your Life, by Jill Fullerton-Smith, with a foreword by Dr. Oz, is set to be released by Bloomsbury, U.S.A. on September 4, 2007.

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD premieres on Discovery Health on Monday, September 17, at 8 PM (ET/PT) with the episode, How to Be Healthy. Discovery Health will air two back-to-back one-hour premieres each night for three consecutive nights, starting on Monday at 8 PM and 9 PM (ET/PT), and continuing through Wednesday, September 19. Additional studies and extensive background information on the research is available at


Premiere: Monday, September 17, at 8 PM

What we eat can change our lives. How to Be Healthy follows nine fast-food junkies to an enclosure at a British zoo as they crunch their way through half a ton of raw fruits and vegetables in just 12 days. Join two truckers who have to swallow an unusual pill to get their internal traffic jams moving. Learn how the bacteria in the gut also enjoy our food, and how it can lead to windy side effects.


Premiere: Monday, September 17, at 9 PM
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Provided by Healthy News on 8/22/2007

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