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Medicial Mistakes Quiz
How many people each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death after a hospital visit?
ealth Hint #49

Excerpted from "A Year of Health Hints"
365 Practical Ways to Feel Better and Live Longer

Some people wear mittens and heavy socks all year round, even in warm weather, indoors and out. Their hands and feet are always cold.

Supersensitivity to cold may be due to Raynaud's disease. Or the problem may occur in the wake of frostbite, during work that uses vibrating equipment (like a jackhammer), as a result of taking certain medications,or because of an underlying disease affecting blood flow in the tiny blood vessels of the skin. Stress may also increase sensitivity to cold in the hands or feet.

Symptoms to look for are:

Fingers or toes turning pale white or blue, then red, in response to cold.
Tingling or numbness.
Pain during the white phase of discoloration.

If wearing gloves and wool socks and staying indoors where it's warm is a nuisance or doesn't help, try these other warm-up tips.

Don't smoke (it impairs circulation).
Avoid caffeine (it constricts blood vessels).
Avoid handling cold objects. (Use ice tongs to pick up ice cubes, for instance.)
With fingers outstretched, swing your arms in large circles, like a baseball pitcher warming
up for a game. This may increase blood flow to the fingers. (Skip this tip if you have bursitis
or back problems.)
Wiggle your toes; it may help keep them warm as a result of increased blood flow.
Practice a relaxation technique, such as biofeedback (described in Tip 160 in chapter 6,
Success over Stress).

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